The real estate market will prosper, when the auction of unsecured land plots in Thu Thiem is restarted…

Information from the Conference "Dialogue between businesses and city authorities" about the fact that the departments and branches of Ho Chi Minh City are reporting to the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City for approval of the plan, then will publicize the progress and make the announcement. The re-auction of land plots in Thu Thiem is receiving much attention from the public.

Previously, at the end of 2021, Ho Chi Minh City successfully auctioned 4 Thu Thiem land lots with an auction amount of more than 37,000 billion VND, of which plot 3.12 per square meter won a record of 2.4 billion VND. . However, then, in turn, all four winning businesses dropped their stakes, and the land plots did not have a new owner. Currently, Ho Chi Minh City is studying to continue the re-auction.

Sharing with the media at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Toan Thang, Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ho Chi Minh City, said that through the auction in Thu Thiem, Ho Chi Minh City directed the review to build a plan. plan, have a specific plan and auction route as well as check the order and procedures closely, to ensure that the enterprise will put the winning land plots into use in accordance with the approved planning. .

Positive signal for the real estate market, when re-auctioning unsecured land plots in Thu Thiem

The People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City is finalizing the plan to re-auction 4 plots of land in Thu Thiem that have been unsecured.

In addition to the above 4 land lots, Thu Thiem New Urban Area has 51 plots of land with an area of about 79.3 ha that are eligible for auction, of which 6 land lots are located in zone 2C of functional area No. 1, including 2 plots. The planning of the Convention and Exhibition Center and Lot 7.1 is planned for a qualified resort hotel that can be put up for auction in early 2022.

It is hypothesized that if successful, this auction will be a premise for the auction of the remaining land lots of Thu Thiem and other land lots in the city such as Binh Quoi - Thanh Da, the resettlement area. Thu Thiem, Saigon South area, Northwest area, export processing zones, industrial parks...

It can be said that land auction strengthens confidence in the land use right auction method to select investors, which is expected to bring transparency to the real estate market. Looking at the master plan, the re-auction with closer research and review from the government will be more suitable with reality as well as contribute to the stable and sustainable development of the real estate market. .

In order to realize the goal of planning to become the new Central Area of Ho Chi Minh City, including the goal of becoming an international and regional financial center, Thu Thiem must attract the leading foreign investors in the industry. has prestige and potential from modern industrialized countries in the world. Therefore, a more suitable land price will facilitate the attraction of foreign investment capital by "leading cranes" to realize this goal.

A day full of experiences at The Global City with the event on July 10, 2022

The re-auction information has also created a boost for the Thu Thiem real estate market in particular and the East in general. With its position as the "nucleus" of economic, financial and cultural development, possessing a lot of development potential, District 2 (former) is also the place where many large-scale projects are developed from investors. leading domestic and foreign investors such as Keppel Land (Sport City project), Capitaland, Lotte, Dai Quang Minh, Dat Xanh Group, SonKim Land, Masterise Homes (The Global City project)…

The scale of investment as well as the quality of the facilities of the projects are recognized by the market quite synchronously, through many factors such as the quality of design, the idea to the internal utilities that are carefully cared for by the investor. , is a bright spot in the context that the market is almost exhausted of land funds with beautiful locations.

Positive signal for the real estate market, when re-auctioning unsecured land plots in Thu Thiem

Dat Xanhhomes Riverside will link directly with surrounding projects, which is expected to complete the appearance of the area.

New information on the restart and implementation of projects has also contributed to increasing the heat of the real estate market here. Typically project Datsinhhomes Riverside project, has just revealed new images with impressive design and appearance. With a scale of 6.7 hectares, the project will provide to the market 12 34-storey buildings with 3,200 apartments, a total floor area of ​​more than 380,000 m2.

Dat Xanhhomes Riverside Quan 2

Or The Metropole Thu Thiem has just handed over The Galleria, the first subdivision of the project as well as The River Thu Thiem project about to be handed over in August 2022, which is being positively received by the market.

Or the latest information about the Eco Smart City Thu Thiem project will be ground-breaking by investor Lotte on September 2. Located in functional subdivision 2a of Thu Thiem urban area, An Khanh ward, City. Thu Duc, this is a high-density complex divided into 3 subdivisions, 2a, 2b and 2c with large constructions such as the Observation Tower, stadium, multi-purpose stadium, school and administrative center. local.

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