Location Masteri Lumiere Riverside apartment is located at the front of Hanoi Highway, adjacent to Masteri An Phu, in An Phu ward, District 2, HCMC.


Residents will fully enjoy the luxurious, synchronous, and self-contained 5-star high-class facilities at Masteri Lumiere Riverside District 2.


Masterise Parkland with a breakthrough, high-class, sophisticated design, is always leading and ahead of its time. All apartments receive wind and natural light.


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Căn hộ Masterise Homes Masterise Homes Apartment in District 2 is about to open for sale in the second quarter of 2019 at an attractive price. Masterise Parkland Q2 project of investor Masterise Group built and developed following the success of Masteri Lumiere Riverside branded projects

  • Tên dự án : LUMIÈRE Riverside
  • Project location: 628A frontage of Hanoi Highway (Adjacent to Masteri An Phu), in An Phu Ward, District 2, City. Ho Chi Minh City
  • Investment unit: Masterise Homes
  • Design unit: Masterise Homes
  • Construction general: Updating
  • Management and Operation: Updating
  • Type: Apartment, Shophouse, Officetel
  • Project scale: Updating
  • Utilities:Gym, tropical garden, BBQ garden, restaurant, cafe…
  • Expected distribution F1: Thuan Hung Real Estate Trading Joint Stock Company


Lumiere Riverside is located at 628A Hanoi Highway, An Phu Ward, District 2, City. HCM. The total area of the project, located adjacent to Masteri An Phu - belongs to the successful residential community area - where a series of the most high-class projects in Saigon are concentrated, which can be mentioned flourishing works such as: Masteri Thao Dien, Masteri An Phu, Gateway Thao Dien, The Vista, The Nassim, City Hourse urban area…

The convergence of mega-projects shows the attractive location that Masterise Homes Parkland owns, along with the potential for price appreciation and open liquidity. Because most of the big projects, when choosing the "capital" location, are the first concern about the construction location.


Masterise Lumiere Riverside is developed under the Masteri luxury apartment brand of Masterise Group (Thao Dien Investment), so it has all the utility features of the previous project chain (of course there are some outstanding advantages thanks to “learn from experience” from completed works). In general, Masterise Homes Parkland is basically fully invested in the following internal utility items:

  • Masteri Lumiere Riverside gym is modern, equipped with the most advanced health equipment, to serve the needs of movement and comprehensive physical training for residents.

  • Overflowing swimming pool, Jacuzzi lake help residents have more relaxing and entertaining space, not only close to nature but also bring endless refreshing feeling.

  • The tropical garden with thousands of blooming flowers is a poetic vegetation that helps "purify the air" for the living space at Masterise Homes. This is also a place where residents can take a stroll and explore the vast green area around them.

  • Masteri Lumiere Riverside BBQ Garden, is the venue for exciting weekend parties, filled with fun and laughter. With a large garden area, families can gather to cook and socialize without fear of affecting anyone…

Masterise Group apartment utility project - Masterise Homes project - Masteri Center Point

In addition, Masterise Parkland also inherits facilities such as:

Dự án Lumiere Riverside sở hữu mạng lưới tiện ích ngoại khu đắt giá hàng đầu Sài Gòn, vì nằm trong trung tâm quần thể các dự án căn hộ cao cấp. Một số tiện ích ngoại khu liền kề bao gồm:

– Hospital: VinMec, Family Medical Practice, AIH…

– Trade centers: Estella Palace, VinCom Mega Mall, Big C…

– International schools: AIS, BIS, TAS…

– Other facilities: Rach Chiec Sports Center, Metro Line 7 stop Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien…

Convenient regional link of Masterise Lumiere Riverside

– 3 minutes to connect to Binh Thanh, via Hanoi Highway and Saigon Bridge.

– 5 minutes connecting to Thu Duc, District 9, via Hanoi Highway and Rach Chiec Bridge.

– 5 minutes to connect to Long Thanh Dau Giay Expressway, via Mai Chi Tho route (An Phu intersection).

– 10 minutes connecting to Thu Thiem District 2, via Mai Chi Tho line.

– Lumiere Riverside 10 phút kết nối đến Quận 1, thông qua tuyến Xa Lộ Hà Nội à Cầu Sài Gòn.

Masterise Group apartment utility project - Masterise Homes project - Masteri Center Point



Masterise Parkland Apartment is a project that follows the successful chain of the famous Masteri brand, invested by Masterise Group. The project owns a golden land fund on the frontage of Hanoi Highway, promising to be a safe haven for business people and also a desirable house for those who are looking for an ideal place to live.

Currently, the project has officially received reservations and is expected to open for sale in 2021, interested customers can learn more about Masterise Homes Parkland, to make the best decision at the right time frame.

With a high-end price - quite friendly compared to the current market, with perfect facilities and a prime location - Masterise Parkland will definitely "sold out" right after the opening event.

Masterise Parkland Investor - Masterise Homes


There is no detailed planning information about Masterise Homes yet. However, looking at previous projects Masterise Group (Thao Dien Investment) has implemented on the Masteri line, it is possible to briefly predict the layout and design of Masterise Homes Parkland - that is to follow the current architectural style. modern, towards green living and elegant interior.

Masterise Parkland apartment in District 2 ( Masterise Homes )
Masterise Homes - Masterise Parkland District 2


Masterise Homes Parkland is expected to start construction in 2020 and open for sale in the third quarter of the same year. Currently, the Masterise Parkland model house is being developed inside the Masteri An Phu project and will open in 2021 (before the official announcement of the project).

However, right now, customers who are interested in Masteri Lumiere Riverside can contact to book early to have the opportunity to own the apartments located in the best location, with the best price and many incentives. interesting.

Theo các chuyên gia, giá bán căn hộ Lumiere Riverside - Masterise Homes Quận 2 sẽ nằm trong khoảng ? triệu đồng/m2. Đây là mức giá tương đối phù hợp với mặt bằng giá chung của khu vực và thị trường.

It can be seen that, compared with projects in the surrounding area, and the values that the project brings, the selling price of Masterise Homes apartments is quite competitive, can completely bring great profits to investors if properly exploited.

As for information on discount, incentive and payment policies, there is currently no official information. We will update as soon as we have the latest news


Masterise Homes officially topped off the LUMIÈRE RIVERSIDE project on March 1st
Masterise Homes officially topped off the LUMIÈRE RIVERSIDE project on March 1st
Masterise Homes officially topped off the LUMIÈRE RIVERSIDE project on March 1st
Masterise Homes officially topped off the LUMIÈRE RIVERSIDE project on March 1st
Masterise Homes officially topped off the LUMIÈRE RIVERSIDE project on March 1st