Grand Marina Saigon, Bason is the perfect combination between two giants of Real Estate International, Masterise Group and Marriott International. The Grand Marina branded apartment project in District 1 will help customers "Experience the world's high-class international standard every day - a true world standard that exists in Vietnam".



Grand Marina Saigon is located at BaSon port, by right at the city central, No. 2 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1


Masterise Ba Son have "4 in 1" views: view of Saigon River, Bitexco building, Botanical Garden “Thao Cam Vien”, and in last viewing the Landmark 81 Vietnam welcomes Marriott's largest branded real estate project as investors are betting heavily on this amazingly growing Southeast Asian country. Marriott International is making a foray into Vietnam's branded real estate sector, starting with Grand Marina Saigon.


Vietnam’s real estate market is emerging as a bright star, promising growth and opportunities for foreign investors Grand Marina Saigon is a project has a prime golden position, unique and rare, potential for value increase. • The apartments are intelligently designed, optimized for use area, all apartments have view of the Saigon River, park, Vinhomes Ba Son Villas. • Grand Marina owns a modern design, following 5*star international standard internal-outside utilities that no urban area has yet. • Having only nearly 6000 apartments, resonate with the Terminal 3 (Metro Line 1 Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien ecological area, so the project is the best opportunity for living and investment (High liquidity, High rental efficiency in the heart of Saigon)


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Grand Marina Saigon introduction video


A Unique Global Asset

Grand Marina Saigon project is the first Branded Residence with Marriott and JW Marriott brands in Vietnam, contributing to creating an important mark in the development of the country. The project is considered a symbol of longevity and prosperity for owners at a prime location on the Saigon River in the heart of District 1.

Thương hiệu Marriott Grand Marina Saigon


Grand Marina Ba Son project is designed and planned to become a closed high-class complex in accordance with the planning of the Department of Planning and Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. According to the plan, Ba Son port subdivision will take full advantage of the Saigon riverbank to form green parks, entertainment and community spaces.

Overlooking the northern banks of the Saigon River, this grandiose project accounts for a sprawling 10 acres of the most exciting real estate in District 1. To execute construction of its “first branded residence in Vietnam” Marriott turned to Masterise Homes, a renowned developer in Saigon best known to international property buyers for luxury residences like Lumiere Riverside. Masterise Homes’ latest effort consists of 8 glitzy residential towers crisscrossed by a network of private parks and plazas, anchored by an 850m promenade that puts the Saigon River on residents’ doorsteps. Be great pride in creating exquisite real estate developments to impeccable standards, These first Marriott-branded residences in Vietnam [will be] located at the heritage landmark of Bason — where water meets land. Being this one-of-a-kind project to the World market.”


Tiện ích Grand Marina Saigon 3
Location: No. 2 Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh.
Investment unit: Masterise Homes - Member of Masterise Group
International Partners: Marriott International, AB Concept, Atkins, Aurecon, HBA, Mace
Định vị sản phẩm: The first branded residences in Vietnam, offering 365 days of experience at a 5-star Marriott International hotel
Construction general: Delta& Newtecons
Management and Operation: Marriott International
Distributor: Thuan Hung Group
Type of apartment: Studio, 1PN , 1PN+ , 2PN, 3PN, DualKey, Penhouse
Rroject scale:  10hecta, including 8 towers with more than 4,200 super luxury apartments
Project Legal:  Full legal
Ownership: Vietnamese own long-term, foreigners (NNN) own 50 years.
Project status: Open for sale at Sea, Lake, Cove
  • Lake Tower: 14,000 - 16,000 USD/m²
  • Cove Tower: 17.000 - 18.000USD/m²
  • Sea Tower: 18.000 - 20.000USD/m²


Grand Marina Saigon is located at No. 2 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCM City. Masterise Ba Son is a part of Ba Son port, which is one of the three largest ports in Saigon (named as Tan Cang, Ba Son, Khanh Hoi) with 2 frontages of Nguyen Huu Canh road intersecting with the frontage of Ton Duc Thang road and Saigon River.

It can be said that the Grand Marina Saigon Apartment owns a unique location in developing the landscape for urban area, where high-rise buildings, office buildings, and new residences area along the Saigon River are concentrated in the city center


All residents of the Masterise Homes Ba Son and the city will enjoy fresh atmosphere on the side of Saigon River with low construction density and quality standards as ”five stars in the Masterise Homes brand”.

Especially Grand Marina Saigon District 1 owns The first-class external utility systems in the city center are important functional areas of Commerce - Finance - Services - Culture - Entertainment that have gone down in history such as (Financial Street, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc.) , Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Zoo and Botanical Garden, City Theater, City People's Committee, City Post Office, ...)

Grand Marina Saigon with series of the most modern handover

Masterise Ba Son project has a total area of ​​​​more than 10 hectares stretching across the Saigon River. Ba Son Port is one of the three largest ports (Tan Cang, Ba Son, Khanh Hoi) of the city. HCM remains.

Grand Marina Saigon is applied a series of strictest international standards: sound insulation according to STC 55 standard, fire protection standard ASTM (Lake building) and NFPA (Cove, Lagoon, Sea), glass frame system 2 class according to 5-star hotel standards, building mainternance unit building maintenance system, central ceiling air-conditioning system cooled by steam, ... and many of the most prominent modern standards only at Grand Marina.

dự án tien ich tiện ích căn hộ Masterise Group - dự án Masterise Homes - Masteri Centre Point
dự án tien ich tiện ích căn hộ Masterise Group - dự án Masterise Homes - Masteri Centre Point

Masterise Ba Son with elite privileges

In near future, Masterise Bason complex project will become a premium one having apartments & offices for rent right at HCM center. This project promises to be world-class urban area called Masterise Homes, invested and developed by Masterise Group.



Masterise Homes
Masterise Homes, a member of the Masterise Group, is a pioneer in the development, operation, management of premium real estate products and services. We constantly apply high-class standards to our development and commit that only providing the best quality in both products and services in order to bring customers great experience. - A MEMBER COMPANY OF MASTERISE GROUP

Masterise Homes Investor Introduction Video

With the goal for steady development and commitment to The customers about both of the best quality & luxury products in order to build up the classy living space for residents at Masterise Ba Son, We have chosen to cooperate with reputable units to ensure the “comprehensive, continuous, timely” implementation: Those are the construction contractor (Coteccons Corporation), the supervision consultant (French Artelia Group), the architectural design consultant Ngo Quang Hien, the interior design consultant DWP, the Design consultant PTW. They are the big names in construction field, having experience in executing large-scale projects, high quality with domestic and international partners.

chủ đầu tư Grand Marina Saigon masterise ba son

Marriott International & Masterise Homes: Start building Branded Residences in Vietnam

Vietnam is an attractive destination to invest by Multinational Corporations and Worldwide Enterprises.

Along with that development is the rapid increase of the wealthy class in domestic and this is an opportunity for the rich not only to own international-branded real estate but also affirm their position in Vietnam, over the world as well. Marriott International — the world’s leading hotel operator with some 750 properties situated across Asia — the upcoming Grand Marina, Saigon is breaking new ground. Situated at the epicentre of the Vietnamese capital, the eponymous development is poised to set new standards in elevated living: bringing one of the world’s most desirable names in branded residences to wealthy locals and understanders in Vietnam’s growing market for luxury real estate.

Maximize your power

Masterise Homes and Marriott International have just signed a Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement for a long-term strategy to build the Branded Residences Product-- "Brand Real Estate" in Vietnam.

As the Worldwide Hotel Corporation, Marriott International will cooperate with Masterise Homes to maximize the strengths and experiences of the two sides, jointly creating the Branded Residences Project in Vietnam. It is also a Largest Branded Residence Project under the Marriott Brand. This is a prominent spotlight for Vietnam's real estate market in particular and the regional market in general, raising Vietnam to become a global spot.

“The historic handshake” between Masterise Homes & Marriott International have brought the world's largest Branded Apartment Project to Vietnam The Cooperation Agreement between Masterise Homes and Marriott International will bring the luxury brand in Marriott's product line, The Ritz Carlton, to the Vietnam Market. Besides, the other two of high-class product lines, Marriott and JW Marriott, will bring to customers unprecedented experiences at Branded Residences. The developed projects promise to become the timeless icons with standard quality being comparable to any other Branded Apartments in the world.

Progress from life quality to property value

Around the world today, the Branded Residences areas almost spent a decade to growing rapidly. Over the past 10 years, the number of branded apartments has increased by 170%, adding more than 52,000 units across 370 projects. International hotel brands also join this trend as a leader, Marriott International is a top developer of world branded residences. All projects on over 17 nations have been operation under Masterise Group. And step by step expanding portfolio over the world

Representative of Marriott Corporation visited Grand Marina, Saigon

Grand Marina, Saigon is the combination and close work between Masterise Homes and Marriott International to create the group's first luxury real estate complex in Vietnam. Recently, representatives of Marriott International visited the project, including Ms. Jennifer Cronin, Deputy General Manager of Global Development; Ms. Amanda Altree, Vice President of Development and Marketing Communications Residential Real Estate; Ms. Penny Trinh, Senior Development Manager for Asia-Pacific and Ms. Anna Le, Marketing Communications Manager for Senior Residential Real Estate Asia-Pacific.

Grand Marina Saigon Bason - phối cảnh đẹp


Each apartment at Grand Marina, Saigon is a paradise with sophisticated, unique and distinctive design for the owner. Large living space with high quality materials such as marble, wood, glass and stone. The large marble bathroom is fitted with appliances from Kohler and Gessi, while the kitchen design ranges from a calm minimalist aesthetic to a magnificent floral style. Each space is perfectly designed to bring absolute comfort for a lifetime for residents.

Going beyond the definition of luxury life, the LEGACY Collection offers a new choice of a different class of life for its owners. The LEGACY collection represents the pinnacle of prestige for wealthy and sophisticated homeowners. Offering the very best, these residences are a symbol of wealth for the global elite - to be passed on to future generations.

With the LEGACY collection, owners have a wide choice of residences across five unique towers Lagoon Tower, Cove Tower, Sea Tower, Spring Tower and Bay Tower – plus the integrated luxury care services of Marriott Residences.

With a wide range of space designs, from spacious apartments to penthouses, each apartment in the collection is furnished to the highest standards, has luxurious interior design, stunning views of the city. panoramic view of Saigon river and majestic city from private balcony. Offering the ultimate in living experiences, these top-of-the-line residences will become a valuable asset, an iconic legacy of today for future generations.

Mat bang tong the Grand Marina Saigon

47-storey building

  • 04 basements
  •  02 floors of shops
  •  02 utility floors

Link Google Drive fully designed Cove Building:

47-storey building

  • 03 basements
  • 02 utility floors

Link Google Drive fully designed Lake Building:

45-storey building

  • 04 basements
  •  02 floors of shops
  •  02 utility floors

Link Google Drive fully designed Lagoon Building:

47-storey building

  • 04 basements
  • 02 floors of shops
  • 02 utility floors

Link Google Drive thiết kế đầy đủ Tòa Sea:

Immersing in the philosophy of "Contemporary first-class", Grand Marina Saigon uses architecture way being meticulously invested in living space; maximizing the harmony between people and nature; concurrently enhancing the high-class service quality with the Goal that every resident's Living Moment is a perfect experience.

Due to the talented hands of people, they have created a living environment in harmony with nature; residents can relax and enjoy life and in order that all senses are awakened.

JW Marriott offers the perfect services, delicately designed according to strict standards; making residents feel extremely comfortable


The average selling price of Grand Marina Saigon apartments is about 15,000 to 20,000 USD/m2. Specifically, a 1-bedroom apartment is 17 to 20 billion VND, a two-bedroom apartment is from 25 to 30 billion VND, a three-bedroom apartment is from 35-55 billion VND, and a 4-bedroom apartment is about 86-100 billion VND.

Currently, Grand Marina Saigon, the world's largest Marriott branded complex, has appeared in Saigon - Vietnam, attracting many people's attention.

  • Unit price: 15,000-20,000usd/m2.
  • Techcombank supports a loan of 70%
  • Offer 0% interest rate and grace period up to 24 months. Support for liquidation of early repayment completely free of charge.
  • Free 36 months management fee
  • Free Marriott Bonvoy Platinum / Gold Elite membership card
  • Booking method: 500,000,000 VND/booking
  • First come, first served: Pre-booked customers have the right to choose the unit in the day of sale event.

Payment policy for: Lake, Cove, Lagoon and Sea buildings valid from August 1, 2022 to September 18, 2022

>>Payment policy<<

Chính sách hỗ trợ cho thuê đặc biệt dành cho toà Lake áp dụng từ ngày 01/08/2022 đến hết ngày 18/09/2022: >>Payment Policy<<


Grand Marina Saigon progress updated October 2022

Grand Marina Saigon is a brand name real estate project – and home to many of the highest quality projects. In which the project is a combination of wisdom, experience, vision of the investor, the cooperation units and the huge investment cost in all aspects. Therefore, this project promises to be a magnet to attract the super-rich and homebuyers who want to experience a high-class living space.

See more quality projects but priced from only 1.2 billion: Diamond Boulevard Thuan An Binh Duong project

Masterise Homes

Masterise Homes, a member of Masterise Group, is the pioneer of in bringing excellence to the development, operations and management of luxury real estate products and services in the domestic market and in the region. We relentlessly apply world-class standards to our developments, and are committed to delivering unrivalled quality in all products and services for the ultimate in customer experience, contributing to the community and promoting sustainability, in Vietnam and beyond.













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Hotline: 0911 525454



No. 2, Ton Duc Thang,

Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, TP, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam