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The Global City is invested by Masterise Group (Masterise Group) and developed by Masterise Homes. It is known that The Global City project is implementing the subdivision of commercial townhouses - Shophouse and adjacent townhouses SOHO at The Global City in front of Do Xuan Hop street - Song Hanh Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. . Thu Duc, HCMC.


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Commitment to rent at The Global City

Commitment to rent at The Global City

Masterise Homes has just announced a very HOT support policy for customers buying SOHO townhouses at The Global City new center: COMMITMENT TO RENTAL AT THE EQUAL PRICE OF DISTRICT 1 CENTER for 12 months, expected rental profit UP TO 2 BILLION/YEAR.

The tenants are all famous F&B and retail brands from Singapore, and the owner is also supported by the owner to complete the basic interior, without having to worry and waste time finding tenants. Not to mention, the income from rental income is enough for SOHO buyers to pay for other financial expenses.

History of the land fund of Saigon Binh An project developed by Masterise Homes into The Global City

Ecosystem Masterise Group has mobilized more than 1 billion USD of bonds since the beginning of the year, just acquired the Saigon Binh An (The Global City) project of more than 117 hectares in Thu Duc city from Him Lam.

A big transfer is taking place at Saigon Development and Investment Joint Stock Company (SDI Corp), the investor of the 117.4 hectare Saigon Binh An project in the former District 2 now Thu Duc city. , Ho Chi Minh City which used to belong to Him Lam Group.

Three enterprises including Hoa Phu Thinh Joint Stock Company, Hoang Phu Vuong Joint Stock Company and Osaka Garden Joint Stock Company have just issued bonds of VND 3,130 billion, VND 4,670 billion and VND 3,400 billion respectively.

Notably, the bond lots have the same purpose, which is to finance the transfer of a part of the Saigon Binh An (The Global City) project. Collateral is movable property, property rights related to a part of the project and shares owned by SDI Corp shareholders.

In all three issuance deals, the consulting organization is Techcom Securities Joint Stock Company (Techcom Securities), the collateral recipient is Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank).

Thus, the three fledgling enterprises Hoa Phu Thinh, Hoang Phu Vuong and Osaka Garden have the same common ground at SDI Corp, including in terms of share ownership and interest in the Saigon Binh An project (The Global City). ).

On the side of SDI Corp, the business registration changed on July 30, 2021, showing that the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors has been transferred from Mr. Bui Duc Khoa to Ms. Mai Thi Kim Oanh. Ms. Oanh is known as the Head of Supervisory Board of Masterise Group.

History of The Global City

This is a detail that makes people relate the shadow of an emerging real estate company to the acquisition of Saigon Binh An urban area (The Global City).

Up to now, the total value of bonds mobilized to serve the transfer of a part of Saigon Binh An project (The Global City) has been announced up to 11,200 billion VND.

Over the years, Masterise Homes has risen to become a new force in the real estate industry. This company has purchased a series of projects with prime locations, especially in Ho Chi Minh City to serve its strategy of developing high-end and luxury real estate.

The Global City

Project size

Old trade name Saigon Binh An
New trade name The Global City
Project location Ho Chi Minh City highway frontage. Ho Chi Minh City Long Thanh – Dau Giay, An Phu Ward, District 2, City. Ho Chi Minh City ( Eastern HCMC  )
Investor Saigon Development and Investment Joint Stock Company (SDI Corp) (member of Masterise Group)
Design British company (Foster and Partner)
Construction general contractor Expected Delta, An Phong..
Construction of pile foundation Delta, An Phong
Management and Operation Atelia
Total area 1,174,221.9 m2
Building density 30%
Type of investment High-class apartment, SOHO Commercial Townhouse, Service, Office, Shophouse, Officetel
Project size Updating
The Global City Utilities Swimming pool, kindergarten, medical clinic, commercial center, supermarket, gym & yoga room, spa services, golf course, marina, park, landscape lake, BBQ garden...
Starting construction Year 2021
Expected handover Year 2024
Juridical House ownership certificate
  • Vietnamese: Long-lasting
  • Foreigners: 50 years under current law
Contact a consultant Hotline 24/7: 0911 525 454 ( Thuan Hung Company )

Location The Global City

Location of The Global City project is located in a particularly prime location on An Phu ward, District 2. Thanks to its convenient location in the 4-side area of the project, adjacent to the arterial traffic system Along with the best facilities outside the area such as: To the east is Do Xuan Hop street 32m wide, so it is a safe and large traffic route to quickly connect with central districts in Saigon such as District 1, District 2 , district 5…

Location The Global City

Next, the apartment to the west is adjacent to the Saigon Sports City project (Rach Chiec sports complex) creating favorable conditions for connecting external utilities for residents to exercise as well as relax outside of the city. working time. Him Lam apartment on the south side is Song Hanh street, Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway, located a continuous route connecting with districts for commercial exchanges and more and more utilities.

In addition, the North of the apartment is conveniently adjacent to the Rach Chiec river. As a result, each apartment in the project receives the sun and the cool wind, making the air around the project always cool and fresh, creating comfort for residents living in the apartment.

Regional link The Global City Do Xuan Hop

The location of The Global City project in District 2 is highly appreciated by experts and investors because of the advantages of being near-range, near-sighted and near-road. In addition, the living environment near the river gives homeowners the elements of prosperity, good fortune. Moreover, most projects near the river are easy to buy, sell, transfer, and have excellent liquidity, which are favored by most customers.

The perfect connection value from The Global City project in District 2 to the surrounding external utility system is as follows:

  • Easy connection to the system of public schools, Thanh My Loi market, Cat Lai market, District 2 General Hospital, Saigon Star International School, Mango market within a radius of 1 to 3km
  • Distance from Vinatex Supermarket, Phu My Bridge, Phu Huu Church: about 3km
  • Distance from ACG International School: about 4km
  • Distance from Hue Nghiem Pagoda: more than 5km
  • Metro supermarket, Big C, Parkson Shopping Center: about 6km
  • Distance from Saigon Bridge to the center of Binh Thanh District and Vinhomes Central Park urban area: about 7km
  • About 8km from Thu Thiem tunnel connecting Vo Van Kiet Boulevard to central areas such as District 1, District 5, District 6:
  • About 9km . from Crescent Mall, Phu My Hung urban area in District 7:
  • From Thu Duc Golf Course: about 14km.
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International Partner FOSTER & PARTNERS

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Established in 1967 with extensive experience in design, Foster + Partners cooperates with international real estate developers to build sustainable, modern, yet cultural mega-urban projects. local culture, and above all create a proud living environment for the resident community.
Let's admire the mega-urban projects that have made Foster & Partners' name - The "giant" in the architecture industry will shake hands with Masterise Homes to launch The Global City urban area.
  • Masdar City (Abu Dhahi, UAE) – Dubbed “the world's first zero-carbon city”, an urban area that integrates technology but is still environmentally friendly.
  • Ellinikon Masterplan (Athens, Greece) – Urban masterpiece that blends with nature, with an architecture that blends Mediterranean breath and Athenian indigenous culture.
  • South Sabah Al-Ahmad (Southern Kuwait, Kuwait) – A green and modern mega-city with a “huge” scale in the heart of the desert.
  • And there are many other great projects in the world.

Top-class facilities in Southeast Asia

Utilities of The Global City urban area are invested and built by a famous investor in the real estate market, Masterise Homes. In order to bring the best life and safety to customers located here, the apartment is designed to bring high-class internal facilities such as resort-standard swimming pool, Spa; Beautiful – Salon, Gym, BBQ, Supermarket, Children's Playground… gives residents the best life with everything right at their fingertips.


In addition, the apartment is also built with a system of trees to cover the maximum of the project to bring fresh and cool air to residents in this area. Security around the project is always guarded 24/24 to bring safety to your family's sleep.

In addition, because The Global City urban area is located in the planning area of the east of the city with a system of villas and high-class apartments. The most convenient location in the center of District 2, the apartment owns the best external facilities such as: Schools, international hospitals, supermarkets, sports centers, administrative centers, super system dense markets such as Coopmart Thu Duc Aeon mall district 9, Vinmart, Metro An Phu, high-tech zone in district 9, university of transportation, college of finance and customs, British International School, University of Economics, AIS, Fulbright University, …

Unique design of SOHO

The detailed floor plan of The Global City urban area is designed to bring residents the most airy and cool atmosphere in the area with airy air, making a great contribution to improving the spirit of refreshment, wellbeing and health for you. client. The apartment here is a combination of Vietnamese quintessence and meticulousness with a commitment to maximum quality. Surely the apartment will bring your family safety for a safe and happy life, satisfied with a high-class, luxurious and brand new life in the green urban area of The Global City.

Shophouse subdivision, Soho Global City townhouse has a design divided into 15 subdivisions, a total of 915 products including 9 layout templates for products including 1 ground floor 4 floors with an area of 92 - 140m2:

  • 1A: 146 apartments, area 95m2
  • 1B: 215 apartments, area 95m2
  • 1C: 199 apartments, area 95m2
  • 1D: 164 apartments, area 95m2
  • 2A (corner unit): 6 units, area 133m2
  • 2C (corner unit): 34 apartments, area 133m2
  • 3A (corner unit): 5 units, area 141m2
  • 3C (corner unit): 12 apartments, area 139.5m2
  • 4A (corner unit): 11 apartments, area 92m2
Location The Global City

About Masterise Group Investor – The Global City

Masterise Group, ie Masterise Group Joint Stock Company (formerly known as Thao Dien Investment) is one of the very famous Real Estate Investors in Ho Chi Minh City, with its product line of high-end apartments located in the prime locations. "prime" location in the Center of Ho Chi Minh City (mainly the East Area of Ho Chi Minh City).

As a diligent pioneer in the construction of residential real estate, Thao Dien Investment is never satisfied with the current achievements but always aims for superior breakthroughs. Accordingly, Thao Dien Investment transformed into Masterise Group - a private economic group in the field of real estate; At the same time, officially launched Masterise Homes, a real estate development company that will manage and develop all of Masterise Group's residential real estate brands in the future.

This strong transformation marks an optimistic start and is a strong lever for Masterise Homes to conquer the mission of "bringing customers sustainable value-added residential solutions over time and providing high-quality living standards." The entire value chain lives with a comprehensive real estate ecosystem of international standards”.

Masterise Homes

With the philosophy of "Customer is the focus" that has accompanied the corporation for many years, Masterise Homes always listens and deeply understands the needs of customers in each moment to constantly create and innovate in quality. quality and service, in order to develop housing products that meet the needs of settlement and bring the best living experience to customers.

With the agility to grasp the world's strong technology transformation trend, Masterise Homes is committed to investing and applying an advanced technology platform to increase living convenience and create class-worthy values.

Besides, Masterise Homes will continue to build solid trust with customers by committing to construction progress, handover, strict compliance with service, care, management, security and maintenance systems. landscape, infrastructure according to international standards as well as organizing customer gratitude and community engagement activities such as: The Master of Festivals and The Master of Symphony.

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In the upcoming journey, Masterise Homes will always listen and constantly change every day to exceed all limits, in order to bring experiences that meet customer needs, contributing to building a prosperous community of residents.

With sincerity and practical contributions, Masterise Homes is always aware of and aims to build human values, contributing to creating a sustainable living environment for the future.

Selling price and sales policy

About the selling price

Currently, the investor Masterise Homes is selling the product line of commercial townhouses - Shophouse and townhouses in the Soho subdivision. Estimated selling price is about 36-40 billion VND/unit, which is about 350-400 million VND/m², the average land area is from 85 - 120m², 95m² at most.

The Global City townhouse is designed with 1 floor, 3 floors and 1 rooftop, with elevator, rough delivery inside and finishing on the outside.


About sales policy

  • Payment according to the progress of 10 installments, each installment 10%

  • Quick payment 8% discount

  • Preferential loan policy for loan packages worth up to 50%-70%-80% of the product value. 0% interest rate within 24 months (not exceeding December 31, 2023). This program is only applicable to customers who sign a sales contract from February 25, 2022 to April 30, 2022

  • Customers who have made an initial deposit of 1 billion will be transferred to any project of Masterise Homes group (valid until September 30, 2022).

  • All successful contracts will receive a 0.8% insurance package from Manulife brand.

Model House - SOHO Townhouse Interior

The Global City model house

Tiến độ dự án The Global City Tháng 8 /2023


SOHO subdivision owns the advantage of crowded traffic thanks to its proximity to Do Xuan Hop and Lien Phuong arterial roads, one of the factors attracting many investors and tenants.

By the end of July 2023, the construction of The Global City urban area has reached the 100% mark of SOHO townhouses that have officially topped out, marking an important milestone in the development of a vibrant international standard commercial area. at the new center. Masterise Homes is also closely monitoring the contractor team to accelerate the completion of the inside and outside of the townhouses, in time to start handing over at the end of 2023. Construction of internal roads and public utilities. pellets are also started.

Cập nhật tiến độ tháng 8_2023 The Global City

The Global City also continuously attracts retail and F&B businesses to sign cooperation agreements through regularly held events, providing profitable business opportunities for business owners. Currently, there are many domestic and international brands that have prepared to be present at SOHO when this subdivision is officially put into operation. With the attraction of SOHO's real potential, the portfolio of F&B and retail brands will expand in the coming time.

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Cập nhật tiến độ tháng 8_2023 The Global City

The Global City model house opens at the end of 2022

Selling price and sales policy

Giá bán nhà phố The Global City:

Giá bán nhà phố The Global City dao động từ 42 – 80 tỷ/căn 1 trệt 4 lầu (giá bán khác nhau giữa căn thường và căn góc), giao thô bên trong, hoàn thiện bên ngoài và bao gồm thang máy.

Chính sách:

Chính sách Booking:

  • Booking có hoàn lại: 500 triệu VND
  • Booking không hoàn lại: 250 triệu VND (Khách hàng được sử dụng để thanh toán cho các dự án của Masterise Group trước ngày 31/03/2024)

Chính sách thanh toán linh hoạt:

  • Chiết khấu: 8%
  • 10 đợt thanh toán bao gồm 10 đợt 10%/ đợt (Đợt 1 cách 7 ngày kể từ ngày XNĐK)
  • Đợt 2 cách 180 ngày kể từ đợt 1, các đợt sau cách nhau 90 ngày/đợt: 7-180-90-90-90-90-90-90-90- Thông báo bàn giao & sổ hồng


Chính sách thanh toán theo tiến độ:

  • Chiết khấu: 12%;
  • 9 đợt thanh toán bao gồm 7 đợt 10%/ đợt (Đợt 1 cách 7 ngày kể từ ngày XNĐK, các đợt sau cách nhau 30 ngày/đợt: 7-30-30-30-30-30-30-TB Bàn giao-TB Làm sổ hồng);
  • Thanh toán nhanh: chiết khấu 16%.

Chính sách vay 80%:

  • Chiết khấu: 3%;
  • Gói vay: 80%;
  • Thời gian hỗ trợ lãi suất 0% đến 31/12/2024;
  • Thời gian cố định lãi suất 9.5% từ ngày 01/01/2025 đến 31/12/2025;
  • Thời gian ân hạn nợ gốc từ ngày giải ngân đến 31/03/2025 (đối với mua sỉ là 30/6/2025);
  • Phí trả nợ trước hạn trong chương trình là 0% (không vượt quá ngày 31/12/2024).

Chính sách vay tối ưu:

  • Thời gian hỗ trợ lãi suất 0% đến 31/12/2024;
  • Thời gian cố định lãi suất 9.5% từ ngày 01/01/2025 đến 31/12/2025;
  • Thời gian ân hạn nợ gốc từ ngày giải ngân đến 31/03/2025 (đối với mua sỉ là 30/6/2025);
  • Phí trả nợ trước hạn trong chương trình là 0% (không vượt quá ngày 31/12/2024).

Đặc quyền chuyển đổi:

  • Dành cho KH Chọn gói vay tối ưu 100%;
  • Khách hàng đặt cọc 500 triệu trong vòng 7 ngày;
  • Ngân hàng giải ngân 10% trong vòng 30 ngày sau thời gian đặt cọc và KH ký VBTT;
  • Ngân hàng giải ngân 10% trong vòng 30 ngày sau thời gian đặt cọc và KH ký VBTT;
  • Ngân hàng giải ngân 10% trong vòng 30 ngày sau thời gian đặt cọc và KH ký VBTT.

Không nhận chứng thư bảo lãnh:

  • Chiết khấu 0.35% trên giá bán thuần (chưa bao gồm VAT và PBT, sau các chiết khấu khác).

Chương trình dành cho khách hàng thân thiết:

  • Chiết khấu 1.5% trên giá bán thuần (chưa bao gồm VAT và PBT, sau các chiết khấu khác);
  • Dành cho khách hàng đã mua và còn giữ bất kỳ sản phẩm nào của Masterise Homes.

Frequently asked questions

Is the legality of The Global City project complete?

Customers can completely trust The Global City legally:

  • Approved 1/500;
  • Investment approval;
  • Construction permit;
Does the project have a model house for customers to visit?

Currently, the investor Masterise Homes is building Soho townhouses, and there will be actual sample apartments for customers to visit.

Which bank is associated with The Global City?

The project is implemented in association with Techcombank to perform financial management of the project and provide suitable financial solutions for individual customers when participating in transactions at The Global City.

Can foreigners buy townhouses at The Global City project?

Individuals and organizations can buy and own products at The Global City. For Vietnamese people who are long-term apartment owners, foreigners are allowed to buy and own 50 years. All types of commercial and service apartments are 50 years old.