Masterise Group: "Good leaves" raise the step of "vigorous legs"

Receiving a scholarship of 20 million VND from the "good leaf" Masterise Group, Nguyen Thi Trang touched the audience watching the program "The couple of loving leaves" with the promise that one day she would become a leaf herself. to take care of difficult situations.

Masterise Group: "Good leaves" raise the step of "vigorous legs"

Moved by Thuy Trang's story, Masterise Group gave the scholarship as a small gift to encourage her studious spirit.

Lifting the step of "powerful legs"

Each story in "Love Couple" - a program that connects disadvantaged people who are in need of help and support with sponsors is very special. In it, "Your Feet" is the pure and inspirational friendship between two 10-year-old girls in Duy Ninh commune, Quang Ninh, Quang Binh.

Despite having unhealthy legs, Trang overcame her guilt thanks to her extraordinary energy to always be an excellent student. Tram considers it a natural thing to bring you to school in the rain and sunshine every day and insists that it will continue no matter how many years pass, simply because "I need to be there to protect you".

Trang's story is a cure for those who are running out of faith and hope. In the letter to the two children, Masterise Group, as a good leaf, awarded a scholarship of 20 million VND to accompany Trang to overcome difficulties, replacing all those who were inspired by the stories of the two children. I say thank you.

“We admire what they have done for each other so carefree and together they have excelled in their studies. Thank you Tram for helping Trang overcome her inferiority complex. Thank you Trang for being a strong example of courage so that out there, people with difficulties will have more motivation, never give up before fate," quoted a paragraph in the letter from the Group sent to Trang.

After the story of Tram and Trang was broadcast, Thang Fly Comics drew a 1-page comic for the two children. When receiving this unexpected gift, the two children were overjoyed and burst out, "happy because I can't believe it's me in the picture".

The magical friendship story has received the response and spread of the online community.

Masterise Group: "Good leaves" raise the step of "vigorous legs"

Give Love - Sow the seeds of miracles

Beyond material values, the most wonderful thing about the journey of "good leaves covering torn leaves" is sowing a seed of love, then it will flower and bear fruit in successive reciprocals.

In a well-written letter to the recipients of the scholarship, Trang clearly outlines her plan to use the gift to support her studies and daily activities. In the letter, the 10-year-old girl boldly affirmed: "I promise that one day I will become a good leaf to cover the torn leaves."

Masterise Group: "Good leaves" raise the step of "vigorous legs"

Trang's touching letter to Masterise Group.

The love wrapped in the letter and the scholarship gift that Trang received has given me great motivation. Then I also want to be able to bring help at the right time, to the right people who need it. Surely with that noble desire in her heart, Trang will be stronger and stronger moving forward, overcoming all obstacles and circumstances to achieve her goals. It is also the greatest encouragement for the benefactors to continue their humanitarian journey.

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