It is not an exaggeration to say that the Investor at Masterise Homes in 2020 is a Wise Investor…

In 2020, many people believe that, the difficult economic situation due to the outbreak of the disease again causes the demand to buy real estate for living and investment to decrease, businesses will "strongly" reduce the prices of houses and apartments. However, some businesses have proven otherwise.

Deputy Prime Minister agrees to establish Thu Duc City - Masterise Homes projects benefit?

Deputy Prime Minister agrees to establish Thu Duc City - Masterise Homes projects benefit?

Opportunity for investors who know how to seize "opportunities"

Director of Real Estate Company in District 9 ( Saigon East Area ) said that, in the past, apartments priced at less than 50 million VND/m2 were considered as middle-class housing, for middle and low-income people; 70 million VND/m2 is a high-class apartment, for people with money.

But, now that "price" no longer exists. The real estate market currently has no apartments for middle-income people, less than 50 million VND/m2; There are also no high-end houses priced at 70 million VND/m2, but increased to 80-100 million VND/m2.

According to Mr. Nam, when the second wave of COVID-19 appeared in some provinces such as Da Nang, Quang Nam, Hanoi, and Hai Duong, many people thought that the real estate market would "reach the bottom", so they should be careful. waiting to "catch the bottom" of real estate, waiting for real estate businesses to reduce prices. However, Mr. Nam said that real estate prices are now reasonable, and it is difficult to reduce prices.

Experts say home buyers shouldn't wait for discounts

"The second wave of COVID-19 has returned to affect the psychology of customers, so many people, despite the great demand, still have a "searching" mentality. However, the concept of "bottoming out" in real estate is very difficult to shape and is always a conundrum. The most obvious answer can only wait until the end of the crisis cycle to have a full basis for determining the bottom price. Currently, whether the real estate market is considered a crisis or not and where the recession cycle begins is still a big question mark.

Therefore, for investors, the most important thing at the moment is to show customers good products, enthusiastic consultants, and convey the spirit of the product. As for the buyer, if you feel that the product is suitable, make a decision immediately," he said.

The "money down" in this period can be a smart move

According to reports from market research companies, Q12020 is the quarter with the lowest new supply and lowest consumption since 2015 until now.

According to investors, one of the reasons for the recent increase in apartment prices is due to low inventory and scarce supply, the total primary supply of the apartment market has decreased by about 42%. , reaching the lowest level in the past 5 years.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha - Chairman of the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association said that the supply of real estate at this time is very difficult, because businesses are waiting for the policy to be removed. For example, the issue of bidding for land use rights in projects distinguishes between land allocated to investors and public land. The former does not exist, but the latter has different points.

This shows that, although the real estate market has suffered a serious decline in transactions, due to the limited supply and the fact that real estate is still a profitable and safe investment channel, the cash flow will still continue. continue to pour into this segment.

Therefore, investing as soon as possible has advantages, because people with real housing needs and investors can buy houses at a reasonable price. In the coming time, when the market recovers, real estate prices will definitely tend to increase gradually according to the law.

Experts asserted: "Decrease money" in this period can be a smart move, because many preferential policies are implemented to help buyers benefit more than before.

The destination of investors in the apartment real estate segment is the Masterise Homes line of Masterise Group in Ho Chi Minh City

Owner Masterise Group spends more than 50% of the area for building utilities and green areas to serve residents to the maximum. The highlight of Masterise Homes is the model of a theme park city and an ecosystem based on the elements of smart operation, smart safety, smart community and smart apartment. The utility system is invested very methodically, with the largest scale in Ho Chi Minh City, bringing the highest living value. Create a premise for super products to add value in the future, when the project is handed over.

Masterise Marina Central plan

Masterise Marina Central plan

With sufficient scale and facilities at Masterise Homes District 9, but Masterise Group is expected to announce a very competitive price in the area compared to its next-door neighbor Vinhomes Grand Park (60 million/m2) when only from 50 million/m2. This is considered a good point of customers when investing here. Because Masterise Group's product strategy is always about the user, not the product. Customers have been verified through the Masteri product lines of Thao Dien Investment (the current Masterise Group) through: Masteri District 2, District 4….

Project contact information: 

Masterise Group - Logo

Masterise Homes – Logos

Hotline: 09087 13135



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