End of 2022 – Real estate in Thu Duc city, HCMC continues to lead the market

The East area of Ho Chi Minh City continues to maintain its leading position in supply and new consumption in the high-end apartment segment. In particular, the old district 2 became the gathering center of many luxury projects from reputable domestic and foreign investors.

The supply of apartments at the end of the year is concentrated in Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh City

Real estate in the East of Ho Chi Minh City continues to lead the market

In the first 6 months of the year, the East area of Ho Chi Minh City continued to maintain its leading position, accounting for 90% of new supply. The primary selling price level increased by 3% - 5% over the same period last year. As an area with the most potential for economic development, District 2 (old) is not only invested in building modern infrastructure, synchronous transportation system but also has many high-class real estate projects.

It can be seen, right after TP. Thu Duc has been urbanized by the Government in the direction of becoming a financial and knowledge-based economic center, and the real estate market in this area is becoming more and more exciting. Thu Duc has many advantages to develop residential real estate such as: a large land fund, planning policies are being implemented synchronously and key traffic works are gradually being completed.

The Thu Thiem 2 bridge across the Saigon River opened to traffic at the end of April and the Metro line 1 connecting Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien is about to go into operation from 2022, continuing to bring a bright spot to this area.

Notably, the old district 2 with its position as the nucleus of economic, financial and cultural development of the new city is assessed as an area with great development potential. This area gathers many large-scale projects developed from leading domestic and foreign investors such as Keppel Land, Capitaland, Lotte, Dai Quang Minh, Dat Xanh Group, SonKim Land, Masterise Homes

The Global City

As noted, located in the heart of An Phu ward developed by Masterise Homes, the project The Global City has a scale of more than 117ha, with low-rise housing segment being introduced with prices from 150 million VND/m2. Regarding the apartment segment, according to the writer surveyed through brokerage units, the selling price of the apartment is expected to be from 120 million VND/m2; Saigon Sport City project includes high-class housing, commercial and service area and sports area of Keppel Land investor with a scale of up to 64 hectares with an expected price from 110 million VND/m2. Thao Dien area; Thao Dien Green Tower project has a rumored price of phase 3 from 140 million VND/m2.

As for the core of Thu Thiem center, the Empire City project of the investor Keppel Land costs from VND 160 million/m2, The Metropole Thu Thiem project costs from VND 168 million/m2, the Lotte Eco Smart City project has a projected price from 150 million VND/m2, The River Thu Thiem costs 130 million VND/m2, Grand Marina has an introductory price of no less than 260 million VND/m2,…

District 2 real estate,

Hunted even in challenging economic times thanks to its beautiful location and strong growth potential in the East Saigon area.

In terms of investment scale, as well as the quality of utilities of projects, the market is recognized as quite reasonable, when buyers of low-rise houses or apartments in large-scale project areas can be provided with convenient facilities. almost full benefits. The quality of the design from the concept to the interior is also carefully taken care of by the investors with a highlight, while the market is almost exhausted of land resources with beautiful locations.

Dat Xanhhomes Riverside Quan 2

For a recent example, project Datsinhhomes Riverside (formerly known as Gem Riverside), Dat Xanh Group has also revealed new images with extremely impressive design and appearance, which are expected to join The Global City, Saigon Sport City and Palm City to create a classy urban complex. level and busiest in Thu Duc City in the near future.

Or The Metropole Thu Thiem has just handed over The Galleria, the first subdivision of the project as well as The River Thu Thiem project that is about to be handed over in August 2022, which has continued to contribute to increasing the heat of this area and other projects. Preparation for deployment in the region is also being positively received by the market.

“The recovery of the economy has led to an increase in real estate demand in all segments, from apartments to offices for rent, factories, retail real estate… Especially, in the supply situation. Tightened for many reasons, the increase in real estate prices in the coming time is something that can be taken into account. Buying a house to live in during this 'hinge' period will make the most of the advantages and credit and price ground," the Vietnam Association of Realtors (VARS) said.

Many industry experts also share that,

They always look at the market positively, favoring the medium and long term. Currently, the demand in the market is as good as even better than before the epidemic.

The government is also stimulating public investment of 113 trillion dong, developing infrastructure everywhere, GDP growth is good (forecast 7%), while inflation is only at 4%... Thus, there are many factors. positive for the market as the macro is supporting, the policy is also loosening… In fact, many people are still very interested in real estate, and the market is in the resting stage.


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