Why is LUMIÈRE Boulevard "rare goods" of special interest to investors?

"Super product" LUMIÈRE Boulevard (located in Vinhomes Grand Park) is forecasted to make the bustling Thu Duc real estate market even hotter. With many advantages from location to design, landscape, utility system, this magnet can create a new record in the southern market.

Lumiere Boulevard - Vinhomes & Masterise Homes

Green focal point in the middle of the big city

Real estate developments in Thu Duc City are showing unprecedented heat. According to statistics of some market research units, real estate prices in this area at the end of the first quarter, depending on location, have increased by 10-15%. This increase according to experts is understandable, because this "city within a city" is a "funnel" to attract a series of key projects such as Thu Thiem 2 bridge, Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien metro line, and Long Thanh expressway. – Dau Giay, the new Eastern bus station and many arterial roads.

An important cause of heating the market here is the appearance of many large-scale projects, the most significant of which is Vinhomes Grand Park, which is likened to a "new center" in Thu Duc City.

A series of recent records of the Thu Duc real estate market have all come from this focus. The projects and subdivisions born from this great city are very "hot". If before there were hot names like The Rainbow, The Manhattan, The Manhattan Glory, The Origami, The Beverly, etc., in May, The Beverly Solari stormed with the first 6000 apartments registered for rights. Owned after only 11 days – a new record in the southern real estate market.

Lumiere Boulevard - June progress: 2022

LUMIÈRE Boulevard promises to be a super product that extends the sales record at Vinhomes Grand Park.

As the latest name just announced, LUMIÈRE Boulevard according to investors will be a super product that extends the record at Vinhomes Grand Park, especially after the "handshake" between Masterise Homes and Vinhomes in quickly bringing this super product. market in the shortest possible time.

LUMIÈRE Boulevard is considered as the leading 3D green architecture project in Vietnam right in the middle of Vinhomes Grand Park. Owning 24 green gardens running along the vertical of the buildings, the green density covers up to nearly 4 hectares, combined with 20,000 square meters of green trees on the water surface in the area, LUMIÈRE Boulevard offers a multi-dimensional green living space near close to nature.

The green color will be even more replicated with the diamond location of LUMIÈRE Boulevard in the heart of Vinhomes Grand Park, surrounded by green ecosystems from 36ha park, landscape lake, Dong Nai river, Tac river.

Enjoy the resort right at home

LUMIÈRE Boulevard was created by Masterise Homes to create a resort-like living space every day without having to go far. Here, the whole family can take a relaxing walk together under the green trees, watch dozens of colorful flowers, and it is a moment to calm down after a long day. A few steps down the herb garden, the whole family will have an interesting picnic when caring for and harvesting vegetables and fruit trees together.

Policy Lumiere Boulevard 2

Utilities towards true resort value at LUMIÈRE Boulevard.

In particular, right within the LUMIÈRE Boulevard area, residents can enjoy international standard facilities such as: Olympic standard spaceship swimming pool combined with hydro spa jacuzzi pool, water playground area and children's pool, etc.

In addition, the outdoor sports area is fully equipped with facilities and an indoor gym or virtual reality sports center to help residents exercise and bring many exciting experiences every day.

Particularly for families with young children, children's swimming pool space, kite flying area, playground, fountain, paper boat race, etc. will be a space for children to enjoy and play every day.

Project Lumiere Boulevard

Children's water playground at LUMIÈRE Boulevard (Vinhomes Grand Park).

With high-class and different facilities, a resort-standard living space is what is expected from LUMIÈRE Boulevard. Especially, as part of Vinhomes Grand Park, resort life will become even more complete and modern with Vingroup's "all-in-one" ecosystem including: 36ha park with 15 parks theme park, Vincom Mega Mall, Vinmec hospital, Vinschool, 45-storey office tower, Manhattan Glory marina,...

Combined with a flexible financial policy, many great supports (support 80% interest rate up to 24 months, grace period up to 48 months, free 3 years management fee), LUMIÈRE Boulevard is being considered by the industry as a magnet that will make waves in the market.


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