Factors affecting the decision to buy the latest apartment

To choose a satisfactory apartment that fully meets the needs of living and living is not easy. Homebuyers need to consider many factors, including choosing area, price, location, and utilities.

Small area is no longer optimal

In the years 2014 - 2015, small apartments are the choice of middle-income people in Ho Chi Minh City because of easy access to the right people. Apartments with an area of ​​about 40 - 50m2 are prioritized for selection with a price of about 1 billion VND.

However, in the past few years, small apartments have revealed some limitations after buyers moved in. Many inadequacies have been shared by homebuyers.

Specifically, on the Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Forum, Mr. Minh Dang shared: “When buying a house, it was only about 1 billion, so I chose to buy a 50m2 apartment in Thu Duc, so now I feel a lot of inconvenience. The furniture looks neat, but when it comes to living, there is really no room to manage. Furniture did not dare to buy more because there was no place to put it. Everything is hung up because the house is too small. Now that the family has more children, it is even more cramped. At night, the living room also turned into a bedroom when my mother came in to take care of the children. I advise people to try to borrow more to buy a bigger house for convenience.”

According to Ms. Tran Thi Hang, deputy general director of 3C Real Estate Company, said: "Customers prefer small houses because they are affordable and if borrowed, the loan is also small. Therefore, apartments with a small area sell out quickly. However, only a short time after handing over the house, many customers have sent it for sale to find an apartment with a larger area.

Masteri Center Point - Masterise Homes luxury apartment project in District 9

Masteri Center Point – Masterise Homes luxury apartment project in District 9

Surveying on the current market, many projects have also begun to limit small apartments, especially in the mid- and high-end segments. For example, the LDG Sky project of LDG Group invested in Binh Duong, although in the suburbs, this unit still invests in apartments with a large area to ensure living space for homebuyers. Popular area from 56 - 60m2 / 1-bedroom apartment and from 64m2 - 78m2 / 2-bedroom apartment, the price is around 2 billion VND / unit with construction materials handed over completed in the high-end segment.

An Gia's West Gate project in Binh Chanh is similar, instead of apartments with an area of ​​about 50m2, this unit designs apartments from 60 - 70m2, the price is around 2.5 billion VND. /apartment.

Currently, most investors have banks to lend support and homebuyers' incomes have also increased compared to before, so transactions of large apartments have also increased and are more selective.

Account Nhung Vu shares "secrets" on the Home and housewives forum: "Try to choose an apartment with a little larger area, the sisters will save their brains on tidying up the house. . If you want to buy an apartment, it's better to choose a bigger one and it's convenient to live, but if you've bought a small apartment, you can only change houses. The apartment is about 1.5 - 2.5 billion, then it's fine. Feel free to lend me a loan. Borrowing can still be paid, but buying and changing houses is a hundred difficult things."

Consider the price

In addition to the issue of area, price, the story of choosing which project's apartment in dozens or even hundreds of projects is the problem. The factors of proximity to work (location), proximity to the center, and around many amenities are always concerned.

Highly rated apartments are often located near the center, near the workplace. The closer the project is to the center or in the inner city districts, the higher the price. Currently, the price of apartments in Thu Duc, District 9 is around 35-40 million VND/m2. Projects in the high-end segment from Grade B and above have higher prices, ranging from 45 – 50 million VND/m2. The further into the city, the higher the price.

In Binh Duong area, located further than Thu Duc, according to market research, in the mid-range segment, the Bcons project has just announced to open for sale at a price of about 29 million VND/m2. New Galaxy apartment area costs about 34 - 37 million / m2

In the high-end segment, LDG Sky apartments have a price of about 30 million VND/m2. This price is quite soft compared to the surrounding apartments.

Masteri Waterfront project in Hanoi

Another factor to consider is the surrounding amenities. In the inner city areas, medical, educational, commercial and entertainment facilities are all around. However, the more you go to the suburbs, the less utilities you have. Therefore, the more utilities the investor is equipped with, the more they are selected to buy.

Normally, every project has a commercial center in the podium, but the new scale is decisive. The project has a concentrated commercial area, a large park, a swimming pool, near schools and hospitals, so homebuyers should choose for the convenience of later life.

In general, apartments are still the preferred segment of homebuyers today. However, many factors affecting the decision to buy a house need to be considered, not just based on liking and feeling. If homebuyers pay attention to the above factors, they will limit dissatisfaction with housing, change houses and face many troubles once they move in.


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