Masterise Homes cooperates with Vinhomes to deploy the Lumiere Boulevard project, organize an F1 agent training event

Masterise Homes officially cooperated with Vinhomes to deploy a new project as well as the most beautiful subdivision in the urban Vinhomes Central Park, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City with the commercial name of Lumiere Boulevard in the afternoon of June 7, 2022. At the event, Vinhomes will train F1 agents and train all the most complete Lumière Boulevard apartment sales staff.



Masterise Homes and Vinhomes will make the most of the available advantages from both sides to jointly create the best values ​​for customers and investors at the LUMIÈRE Boulevard project.

With this strategic cooperation, Masterise Homes will focus its resources on the construction and quality management of the project to ensure that residents have a perfect green living experience of international standards. The right to play a role in bringing the LUMIÈRE Boulevard project to market quickly.

An unprecedented opportunity to easily own LUMIÈRE Boulevard – the largest 3D green architecture in Ho Chi Minh City & enjoy the full utility system of the Vingroup ecosystem at Vinhomes Grand Park!

Masterise Homes and Vinhomes cooperation event at Lumiere Boulevard project

Vinhomes - F1 training event & Lumiere Boulevard project training ceremony on 6_6_2022

Decoding the charms of LUMIÈRE Boulevard

Right from the market launch, LUMIÈRE Boulevard has created the attraction of a high-end green project with outstanding sales policies from the developer Masterise Homes.

As part of the LUMIÈRE series, after the success of LUMIÈRE riverside in District 2, Masterise Homes continues to launch the new project LUMIÈRE Boulevard with many outstanding advantages.

Created by a famous branded real estate developer

Masterise Homes is one of the leading real estate developers in Vietnam, focusing mainly on the luxury and luxury segment. Masterise Homes' concept of developing green projects satisfies three main criteria: bringing fresh air, taking care of mental and physical health, and spreading the spirit of green living to the community.

Internal utilities of Lumiere Boulevard 1

Masterise Homes leads the way in creating a new green lifestyle at LUMIÈRE Boulevard

With its experience and reputation, Masterise Homes has cooperated with the world's leading partners: exterior design construction Tange Associate (Japan), interior design HBA (USA), landscape design Land Sculptor (Thailand), MACE supervisory consultant (UK); These are reputable names that guarantee the world-class quality of the project.

Not only the quality of the project, Masterise Homes also has a real estate management company Masterise Property Management to provide future residents of LUMIÈRE Boulevard with outstanding service experience in a world-class living space. .

Lumiere Boulevard Masterise

Outstanding location with unobstructed 360-degree view

LUMIÈRE Boulevard has a direct view overlooking Ba Di canal, Tac river, Dong Nai river, green parks in the area and spreading to the skyline of the city. HCM. From each apartment, the owner of LUMIÈRE Boulevard can watch the sunrise and sunset every day on the river, enjoy the green atmosphere from the gardens on the building's premises or zoom out into the green parks. in the big city.

Residents of LUMIÈRE Boulevard also enjoy hundreds of facilities inside the vast metropolis such as 15 theme parks, the largest commercial center in the South, an international hospital, leading shopping and entertainment areas, and international schools and high-class office space for residents to fully enjoy the convenience of a closed urban area. In this perfect ecosystem, all luxury amenities are just a few steps away.

Green cover area up to 4 hectares provides 125 million liters of oxygen/year

Green coverage area up to 4 hectares provides 125 million liters of oxygen_year-compressed

The green patches cover the family-friendly living space

Global consulting firm RLA has predicted that the green real estate segment is the trend of the world real estate market. Home buyers are willing to pay a fair price for an apartment that helps them improve their health.

Understanding this need of customers, Masterise Homes has developed living spaces with physical and mental health care facilities. The highlight of LUMIÈRE Boulevard is 24 unique aerial gardens surrounding the buildings, the total green area of ​​the compound is up to 4 hectares, equivalent to 125 million liters of oxygen supplied each year for future residents. .

Besides, eco-friendly resort-standard facilities are hidden in green gardens. The system of public water purifiers can be drunk right at the tap, sorting waste "Reduce - Reuse - Recycle", as one of the sustainable solutions contributing to environmental protection.

This demonstrates Masterise Homes' ambition to not only create a green living space but also apply a truly green lifestyle for future residents.

Lumiere Boulevard Beautiful Banner Perspective

3 layers of green cover the whole fresh living space

The green element at LUMIÈRE Boulevard is developed in all three respects. From the external utilities, the inner landscape and the human spirit.

Located in a large urban area, next to a large 36ha park, LUMIÈRE Boulevard has a large green belt covering the outside, shielding dust, pollution and noise.

The second belt is located inside the landscape of the project with a system of tens of thousands of trees at LUMIÈRE Boulevard to help people immerse themselves in nature in a natural and relaxed way.

Finally, the green element covers the spirit of future residents. People can immerse themselves in a civilized community, find a well-balanced living environment for health and emotions, increase their sense of love, and protect their own living environment.

Eco-friendly utility system is human-centered

The classy green lifestyle at LUMIÈRE Boulevard is reflected in the exclusive utility system. This is a closed compound, residents also enjoy the privilege of dozens of internal facilities such as Jacuzzi swimming pool only available in resorts, green discovery route, international standard gym, outdoor cinema area, play lots of nature experiences for kids…

Lumiere Boulevard - Opening ceremony

Attractive sales policy

When launching into the market, LUMIÈRE Boulevard introduced attractive sales policies for resellers from discounts, flexible payment policies like never before from Masterise Homes.

This has stimulated the market to create a wave of people flocking to the project with the top-class 3D green architecture in Ho Chi Minh City.

Discover now "The largest 3D Green Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM” by LUMIÈRE Boulevard at:

Address of the model house: A12 roundabout, Vu Tong Phan, An Phu ward, Thu Duc city, HCMC.

Address: Grand Park Urban Area, Long Binh Ward and Long Thanh My Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0911 525 454

Project website at: https:/ /


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