Masterise Homes: Ha Anh Tuan accompanies the Group's high-end projects

The male singer collaborated with Masterise Homes, becoming the inspiration for the high-end Masteri product line in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Ha Anh Tuan accompanies Masterise Homes' high-end projects

Masterise Homes has just launched its dedicated Masteri Waterfront project in Hanoi. At the event, a reputable real estate developer in Ho Chi Minh City announced that it had selected singer Ha Anh Tuan as a celebrity partner to convey an inspirational story with products of the Masteri line.

The Masteri branded product line is no stranger to the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City with three projects launched to customers such as Masteri Thao Dien, Masteri An Phu, and Masteri Center Point. Real estate developer Masterise Homes said: these products are highly appreciated by customers because they possess many advantages such as full legality, pink book issued in a short time; Thorough and complete customer service according to a closed process, from consulting to choosing to buy an apartment to receiving a house and managing services. The value of apartments also increases over time, whether buying to live in or buy for investment, due to being located in strategic locations, well maintained and managed.

Therefore, Ha Anh Tuan was chosen as an inspiring companion for Masterise Homes products because both sides share a common philosophy: creating products of sustainable value, bringing innovative products and services to customers. new experiences and most importantly, create a common community, understand your own values and constantly improve your life experience.

Ha Anh Tuan is a partner with Masterise Homes

Ha Anh Tuan is a partner with Masterise Homes

"Customers of Masteri Waterfront, Masteri Center Point or Masteri in Smart City and Ha Anh Tuan's audience therefore also have the same main characteristics: understanding what they want, knowing how to evaluate the product they expect," said the representative. Shared Masterise Homes interface.

Sharing at the event, singer Ha Anh Tuan said that after meeting the Masterise Homes development team, he was impressed with the international mission and vision that the company wanted to apply to Vietnamese real estate. This positive energy and sustainable commitment make him "inspired" to accompany Masterise Homes, especially for high-end Masteri product lines such as Masteri Waterfront, Masteri Center Point or other projects. Masteri is coming.

“All of this is towards creating a community with civilized vitality, full of positivity, full of dedication and worthy of efforts and achievements in career. This is also the goal and destination in Ha Anh Tuan's music career, "said the male singer.

The Masterise Homes representative also expects that inspirational stories in cooperation with Ha Anh Tuan will bring positive energy. New products of Masterise Homes will develop based on the understanding of customer psychology, bringing to the Vietnamese market the principles of the world's best development standards.

“These buildings are developed based on the understanding of residents' psychology, thereby designing a high-class lifestyle, especially for a specific group of customers, where they will enjoy a sophisticated living environment. most”, said Mr. Gibran Bukhari, Head of Business at Masterise Homes.

In particular, the first project in Hanoi named Masteri Waterfront also follows this orientation. Masteri Waterfront has just won the award "Excellent luxury apartment project in Hanoi" and "Excellent luxury apartment design" at Property Awards 2020 awarded by PropertyGuRu Vietnam Project complex includes 6 towers located in Prime location right in the heart of Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area.

The first project in Hanoi developed by Masterise Homes based on a worthy cooperation with world-class partners. Those are the world's leading names from architecture, landscape to interior design.

In particular, Tange Associates, Japan's leading urban and architectural design company, undertakes the architectural design, inspired by the waves of the ocean, expressed through horizontal bars running along the entire surface. and brand special colors. With extensive experience, having participated in world-class projects such as Olympic Sports Palace, Yoyogi National Stadium, Tange Associates brings a new design standard.

In addition, Studio HBA - a unit specializing in interior design for 5-star hotels around the world is in charge of interior design and Belt Collins International is in charge of landscape design. Accordingly, Masteri Waterfront is inspired by 8 of Van Gogh's most famous paintings focusing on the contrast and movement of color and light, bringing a sense of balance between matter and spirit. The combination of famous "masters" in the industry is expected to bring a unique and classy living space to Masteri Waterfront residents.


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