Masterise Group – Architecture of the Masterise Homes product line is always towards the green area..

Twin tower buildings in the world are often compared to symbols for the process of creating a dynamic, modern, and prosperous urban appearance. In big cities such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York... multi-tower towers play an important symbolic role, attracting international tourists, and at the same time forming resident communities. level.

Masterise Parkland

Architecture of works of Masterise Group

In that trend, in Vietnam, Masterise Homes Created the Masterise Homes product line – the first multi-tower projects in Districts 1, 2 and 9, possessing an expensive location right on the riverfront fronts, adjacent to Districts 1,2 and 9 – the city center. commercial finance of Ho Chi Minh City.

Masterise Homes consists of high-rise apartment projects covered with luxurious Low-E glass, promising to create a new position for the road. With a series of high-end projects, beautiful views, contributing to improving the quality of life in the area.

The Masterise Homes project develops a shopping, entertainment, and culinary street at the foot of the two towers, bringing together leading brands in many fields of restaurants, fashion, health care, beauty, etc. expected to become a "world" of experience, enjoying a trendy life for residents and visitors alike.

Masterise Homes owns a unique multi-layered flora with rows of shade trees, flowers, vines, tropical hanging garden system, meditation garden, yoga garden, aerial walking garden... Three layers of green space come from Park outside the project, the second layer of space is the green interior with artistic waterfall, the last green layer is the overhead green garden at the apartments.

In addition, there is a large water surface space with landscaped lakes, tropical gardens, scenic bungalows, etc., which contributes to softening the living space, increasing the connection between people and nature. The large area of green trees and water surface, covering the project both horizontally and vertically, contributes to helping Masterise Homes become a livable green space in the heart of the city.

Currently, trees are one of the leading criteria to rank the quality of life of a city. The standard of greenery in European cities is currently 25-50m2 per person; Asia is 8-10m2; Singapore is 30m2, Seoul is 41m2, while in Ho Chi Minh City currently less than 1.2m2 per person. With a low density of trees, the air quality in urban districts is often bad, affecting the quality of life of urban residents.

In that context, the horizontal and vertical greening ecological space at Sunshine Horizon becomes an even more appreciated living value, giving residents the opportunity to enjoy the peace of nature. Walking, breathing fresh air under the trees helps keep the body healthy, mentally sharp, stimulates creativity, regenerates positive energy.

According to experts, to create an apartment project with high ecological standards right in the central core area, where "an inch of land is golden", requires investors to have a vision of the trend of green living, especially has financial potential and a deep understanding of contemporary green infrastructure architecture.

With efforts and enthusiasm in the journey of urban greening, recently Masterise Group has announced a series of its high-end apartment projects towards a complete green network.

Owning a prime riverfront location, located between Districts 1, 2 and 9 - three districts with strong internal economic and infrastructure development, Masterise Homes fully converges the criteria of "near-sightedness, near-sightedness" Giang, near highway" of a luxury real estate project in the central area. In addition, with the philosophy of bringing nature's breath to life, Masterise Homes marks the iconic green building when creating a large and unique landscape ecosystem in the heart of the inner city.

Not only green, Masterise Homes is also a modern complex with more than 30 high-class facilities. Including shopping and health care space according to international standards such as Gym & Fitness center, S-mart supermarket, Spa, wine cellar, Cigar Lounge, high-class restaurant... A variety of utilities such as infinity pool, sunbathing deck, roof yoga garden, aerial garden... creating a 5-star resort standard living space, where members enjoy wide-open views, capturing the vibrant rhythms of the city .

In addition, smart technology 4.0 is widely applied throughout the area, contributing to creating a trendy and comfortable life for residents. Through a mobile application, residents can control home appliances, including air conditioners, sound systems, bathroom equipment, etc. Parking is also maximized thanks to the smart parking reservation system in advance. even when I got to the apartment. The application guides residents to quickly find parking, enter the elevator with Face ID technology without using a card… With the maximum integration of technology for life, Masterise Homes is suitable for multi-generational families. systems, successful entrepreneurs, young couples, and foreign experts towards a comfortable and happy life in a dynamic and prosperous city.

Masterise Group - Logo

Masterise Group – Logo

A representative of Masterise Group said,

In addition to the iconic twin tower architecture, green ecosystem, international standard 5-star facilities set up to provide a perfect living experience, the entire project population is also covered by 4.0 technology to help residents enjoy a safe and comfortable life, through the application of artificial intelligence technology, IoT (Internet of Things).

“We aim to create Masterise Homes to become an iconic architecture in District 4, representing a new, classy and comfortable lifestyle, so that every resident's day is a different class vacation. ", said a representative of Masterise Group.

With a scarce and expensive central land fund, among the last few projects licensed for new construction in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City, Masterise Homes creates a balance between construction density with ecological green space and utilities. Modernity - the core factor that creates the quality of life of the upper class..

Can ho masterise three sons?

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