LUMIÈRE Boulevard – The ultimate green living environment with a preeminent policy

LUMIÈRE Boulevard (Vinhomes Grand Park, Thu Duc City) raises the living standard of residents to a new level with its unique 3D green architecture and world-class utility system.

The "kindness" of green believers

After many times looking to buy an apartment, Ms. Vu Kim Chi (38 years old, HCMC) thought she was hopeless because every project won this point and lost the other. Only when she learned about the newly launched LUMIÈRE Boulevard project, did she breathe a sigh of relief because she had "touched" the right hobby.

“LUMIÈRE Boulevard is exactly what I envisioned and wished for a green, peaceful living space in the midst of nature with international construction quality guaranteed by Masterise Homes and excellent commercial service from Vinhomes. Not to mention, the project is located in Vinhomes Grand Park, the center of Thu Duc City with convenient transport connections to everywhere in the city, "shared Ms. Kim Chi.

Open sale Lumiere Boulevard – Vinhomes Grand Park- Good price within reach on June 26, 2022

Rare green living space in the garden house of LUMIÈRE Boulevard

For urban residents like Kim Chi, living green is not only a trend but has become a burning dream. In the midst of a city with tight land, crowded people, and a dizzying speed of concreting, a "multi-dimensional green" project like LUMIÈRE Boulevard is really a "rare item".

The first green dimension of LUMIÈRE Boulevard features a facade covered with 24 suspended gardens surrounding the towers. This feature makes a visual impression from afar, creating freshness, cooling down the intense heat of Saigon.

Policy Lumiere Boulevard 2

The aerial garden creates an impressive layer of green space at LUMIÈRE Boulevard

The next dimension is a lively green area in the interior, with a spaceship swimming pool and rows of trees and a resort-style botanical garden. At LUMIÈRE Boulevard, people and nature are always in harmony with each other, bringing a relaxed lifestyle to the city.

Located in the heart of Vinhomes Grand Park urban area, LUMIÈRE Boulevard is surrounded by fresh and airy space from a 36ha grand park with 15 theme parks and tree-lined squares and avenues. Along with 3 surrounding rivers and canals, including Dong Nai river, Tac river, Ba Di canal, the endless "green area" gives the apartments an expensive panorama view.

Lumiere Boulevard - water direction

36ha park of Vinhomes Grand Park

“By redefining the green living standard, bringing a natural multi-storey living space, LUMIÈRE Boulevard has hit the market and will surely create a new fever”, said long-time real estate investor Tran. Minh Son evaluated.

In particular, LUMIÈRE Boulevard with its superior sales policy brings many benefits to customers and investors including: support for 80% loan interest up to 24 months. Principal grace period up to 48 months and free management fee up to 3 years. In addition, customers who pay quickly also receive a "huge" discount of up to 12.6% for early payment and 8.1% for progress payment.

Multi-experience "Green Paradise"

The strong attraction of LUMIÈRE Boulevard comes from a world-class utility ecosystem both inside and outside the area, satisfying the needs of residents of all ages.

Policy Lumiere Boulevard 2

Swimming pool facilities exceeding Olympic standards at LUMIÈRE Boulevard are rare in the market

At LUMIÈRE Boulevard, every day is like a multi-experience vacation when right at the foot of the house is a combination of privileged facilities that usually only appear at 5-star resorts. It is a 65m-long 2-storey spaceship that exceeds Olympic standards and a hydromassage Jacuzzi pool, where residents can combine health training and rest, relaxation, pampering the senses after a stressful working time. straight.

Active and sport-loving residents can also indulge their passion with an outdoor sports area, an international standard gym and especially the first and only virtual reality sports center with a variety of sports in Hanoi. Vietnam.

Life at LUMIÈRE Boulevard is more colorful with countless experiences in the area such as outdoor movies, BBQ garden parties, luxurious dates at the Underwater Lounge...

Policy Lumiere Boulevard 2

A series of experiential utilities for happy childhood

Children are also free to have fun with exclusive facilities such as: magic garden, herb garden, kite flying area, fountain and rain shower, children's swimming pool, paper boat racing area... Entertainment, exploring right on the doorstep helps children promote creativity, perfect motor skills and have a happy childhood.

A dual advantage that helps LUMIÈRE Boulevard surpass other projects in the market comes from Vingroup's "all-in-one" utility ecosystem. Just a few steps away from the inner area, all needs from entertainment, entertainment, study, work, medical examination and treatment ... of residents are satisfied on-site with Vincom Mega Mall, Manhattan Glory marina, school. Vinschool, 45-storey office tower, Vinmec international general hospital…

Policy Lumiere Boulevard 2

“If the park city of Vinhomes Grand Park is considered an ideal place for green and luxury living believers, LUMIÈRE Boulevard even raised the bar for that standard", admired Ms. Kim Chi after officially choosing this project as a residence.


The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

Lumiere Boulevard: Comprehensive utility apartments right at the project

Lumiere Boulevard: Comprehensive utility apartments right at the project

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