“Green wonder” LUMIÈRE Boulevard converges 4 golden elements

LUMIÈRE Boulevard (belonging to Vinhomes Grand Park, Thu Duc City) conquers customers with its design of green living space, healthy living, international standard amenities.

Invest in health

An ideal place to live now not only ensures the criteria of modern facilities but also brings health benefits. In particular, a living space close to nature is what homebuyers look for after understanding the importance of trees to human health.

That's why international luxury real estate developer Masterise Homes create LUMIÈRE Boulevard (located in Vinhomes Grand Park) with the leading 3D green architecture style in Vietnam. The project owns green areas from façade design to green utilities inside the landscape, creating a living space that brings residents health and peace in the heart of the vibrant metropolis.

LUMIÈRE Boulevard - green super product causing market fever

LUMIÈRE Boulevard with Vietnam's leading 3D green architecture at Vinhomes Grand Park.

In addition to the 36-hectare "green belt" of the leading Grand Park in Southeast Asia, the 5 LUMIÈRE Boulevard apartment towers are also surrounded by 24 vertical gardens. 20,000 m2 of hanging gardens along with 17,000 m2 of green internal landscape create a peaceful and pure space with an estimated "production" of about 125 million liters of oxygen per year.

With the advantage of being right next to Dong Nai River, Tac River and Ba Di canal, LUMIÈRE Boulevard owns a perfect 360-degree view, and fresh air all year round. As a result, LUMIÈRE Boulevard is likened to a "green oasis", where all the noise, dust as well as the worries and troubles of the city life stop outside the apartment.

International standard facilities

People-centered, LUMIÈRE Boulevard refines advanced amenities and technologies to bring a healthy life both physically and mentally for residents.

Right in the center of the project area is a complex of utilities comparable to 5-star resorts with a 2-storey spaceship swimming pool with a length of up to 65m exceeding Olympic standards, Jacuzzi lake with hydrotherapy massage, indoor gym, fitness area. Outdoor sports, virtual reality sports center, BBQ area, outdoor cinema ... bring residents the ultimate resort life without having to go far.

Open sale Lumiere Boulevard – Vinhomes Grand Park- Good price within reach on June 26, 2022

High-class internal standards bring the highest quality of resort life to residents.

Residents also own the entire "all-in-one" ecosystem of Vingroup with: Vincom Mega Mall, Vinschool high-quality school system, Vinmec international general hospital, 45-storey office tower, wharf. Manhattan Glory luxury yacht or VinBus electric bus system… These are the perfect pieces for a comfortable and full life of residents.

Caring for the comprehensive development of the generation of young residents

LUMIÈRE Boulevard is also considered an ideal environment to support the all-round development of children. The first is the spaces rich in education, stimulating the mind and integrating utilities to help children perfect their motor skills.

Policy Lumiere Boulevard 2

Children are "incubated" in a space rich in experiences.

It is a discovery route lined with trees during the day and shimmering lights in the evening forming a magical garden; Water playground and swimming pool for children to freely exercise to stimulate physical development; Kite flying area and paper boat race give children the full childhood experience…

Diverse facilities and unique entertainment and entertainment spaces in the area are where family members can enjoy meaningful moments together. Not only that, the civilized community with elite residents at LUMIÈRE Boulevard is also the perfect environment to cultivate children's personality and intelligence every day.

Rich in aesthetics

In order to provide a living space that not only meets the needs but also ensures high aesthetics, Masterise Homes has cooperated with the world's leading design partners such as: Tange (Japan), Land Sculptor (Thailand). Therefore, from every angle of the project, residents of LUMIÈRE Boulevard are also satisfied with a beautiful living space like a peaceful and vibrant natural picture.

Policy Lumiere Boulevard 2

5 towers carry 5 meaningful messages to residents.

In addition, with the name inspired by flowers, the 5 apartment buildings also integrate 5 meaningful messages to be sent to the residents. Angelica symbolizes strength, reaching out; Banyan for the wish of an intense, lasting vitality; Camellia represents elegant and luxurious beauty; Daisy is a symbol of purity; Erica as aspiration for luck and prosperity.

The delicate design, physical care and spiritual care of LUMIÈRE Boulevard have created a dream living space for residents. This is also a unique advantage to help "green wonder" LUMIÈRE Boulevard in the heart of the city. Thu Duc created a market wave right after its launch.

Lumiere Boulevard - Vinhomes & Masterise Homes

Customers buying LUMIÈRE Boulevard apartments enjoy attractive financial policies, specifically:

– Support 80% interest up to 24 months

– Loan repayment grace period up to 48 months

– Free 3 years management fee

- Preferential life insurance premiums

Project website: https:// masterisesaigon.com/lumiere-boulevard/

Hotline/Zalo: 0911 525 454


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