Should I invest in King Crown Infinity apartment project #218 Vo Van Ngan Binh Tho?

King Crown Infinity apartment project - Ho Chi Minh City - A highly interactive creative urban area that is also the Eastern City will have 6 key points with different functions.

King Crown Infinity 218 Vo Van Ngan, Thu Duc - Location

King Crown Infinity 218 Vo Van Ngan, Thu Duc – Location

According to King Crown Infinity, what is the future of the East City?

According to the planning plan of Sasaki Company – enCity – the unit awarded the first prize by the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Urban Area Eastern Innovation (22,000 ha in Districts 2, 9 and Thu Duc) including 6 key areas: High Technology, National University, Thu Thiem, Rach Chiec, Tam Da and Truong Tho with each zone having each different function ( Eastern City )

According to the proposal of Sasaki Company, districts 2, 9 and Thu Duc should be unified into a single administrative agency, following the model of urban government to coordinate development with key functions of urban areas. Finance, science, education... Therefore, Ho Chi Minh City must apply for a special economic zone mechanism to attract investment and talent for this area.

High-tech Park (SHTP) – Automation production center. Building on the existing production capacity, the high-tech park is oriented to promote the future of innovative manufacturing and design. Here, the planning unit proposes to build a metro station in the north of the area connecting with all other central areas.

According to Sasaki Company, in economic development, Ho Chi Minh City needs to prioritize existing industry groups and develop strategies to support groups. Specifically, cooperate with hardware manufacturing companies Bosh, Intel, Samsung, develop fintech e-banking to take advantage of technology innovation in financial services and operations and software technology, promote creative innovation.

Education Technology Center of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City. This place will be an educational and training complex in many fields near the National University Urban Area.

This center will focus knowledge for collaborative research between universities, research and development companies, research laboratories to help bridge the gap between research and application.

Thu Thiem Financial Zone is planned with the vision of becoming the financial technology center of the region. The area has a favorable geographical position, located near the center of Ho Chi Minh City and adjacent to the Saigon River, existing transport connections will help Thu Thiem Financial Center become a larger urban area.

At the Thu Thiem international financial center, the traffic infrastructure will be prioritized for walking and the subway connecting all important areas. Walkways at the riverbank and courtyards of churches connect the streets, smoothly for art, cultural and shopping activities.

Rach Chiec - Sports and health center of Southeast Asia. This area is planned to exploit the increasingly popular trend of health care and sports business in Southeast Asia. It will be an international destination for innovation in medicine, sports, biology, sports-related products and related industries with the goal of improving health.

King Crown Infinity 218 Vo Van Ngan, Thu Duc - Utilities

King Crown Infinity 218 Vo Van Ngan, Thu Duc – Utilities

It will include sports innovation centers, sportswear production areas, and health care centers. Thereby creating a large space with the stadium as the focal point of convergence.

Tam Da Eco-Technology Center in District 9 will be the most concentrated place in the field of ecological technology, providing many opportunities for creativity and practice.

Rain gardens, university campuses, development hubs and mangrove coastal areas create an environment suitable for agricultural innovation as well as ecotourism. The area has the natural site conditions of the riverbank to promote ecotourism and a food processing center that can support the development of culinary as well as agro-industrial industries.

Truong Tho future urban area is renovated from the existing port area with an open space system with many diverse functions. It also uses a closed traffic belt to connect different areas with easy access to every corner, giving priority to pedestrians.



Scale of King Crown Infinity apartment project in Binh Tho Ward

Project name: King Crown Infinity

  • Construction location No. 218 Vo Van Ngan, Binh Tho Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC
  • Investor: Gia Khang Service Trading Investment Co., Ltd
  • Design unit: Oasis Concept
  • Distributor: Updating
  • Total planning area 11,515.6m2
  • Building Density Updating
  • Number of Blocks: 2 Block
  • Building height 30 floors with 5 basements
  • Total number of products 2000 products
  • Type of product: Commercial apartment, Duplex and Penhouse
  • Design of 1 bedroom - 2 bedroom - 3 bedroom apartment
  • Internal Utilities More than 50 facilities are created for a high-class life such as Trade Center, commercial ground floor - Shophouse, school, overflowing swimming pool, cinema, kindergarten, children's play area, gym, internal walkway, …
  • Ownership form: Long-term


The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

Lumiere Boulevard: Comprehensive utility apartments right at the project

Lumiere Boulevard: Comprehensive utility apartments right at the project

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