Masterise Homes Apartment – District 9 and 2 kick off a high-class lifestyle

To integrate into modern life, many residents in the districts towards the central area of Ho Chi Minh City always want to have a living space that is not only smart but also suitable for a classy lifestyle.

Green life in smart apartments with synchronous utilities, services and security systems is becoming a new living trend of residents in big cities. Leading this trend, in densely populated areas, for example, in the center of Ho Chi Minh City - buyers are eager to find standard apartments to live in instead of houses with insufficient facilities. Therefore, in the context of the real estate market's shortage of quality projects in the mid-high-end segment, the apartment complex in the center of the East City - Masterise Homes gradually becomes a bright spot that many people are looking for.

Masterise Homes meets the needs of residents in the center of HCMC

Unlike previous generations, today's residents are very focused on the "satisfaction" factor when looking for housing. They constantly approach new trends, understand what a high-quality life is, thereby forming a desire for a future home...

Masterise Group Real Estate – Masterise Homes apartments in District 9 and 2 kick off a high-class lifestyle

masterise homes apartment

masterise homes apartment

That is the need to live in green space, in harmony with nature; Full system of utilities and security. Converging all the above criteria, apartment projects in the mid-high-end segment in the districts towards the center of Ho Chi Minh City are currently very interested. However, for many years, investors have only focused on developing land plots and townhouses, so this area is currently experiencing a shortage of standard apartment supply.

In anticipation of the market's demand, the investor MASTERISE GROUP is preparing to launch a product line of apartments in the center of the East City - Masterise Homes. Located right on the roads in District 2 and District 9 with modern infrastructure and class amenities, this project will surely meet the real living needs of young families, and at the same time relieve some. "thirst" for housing of inner-city residents.

The housing needs of people in Ho Chi Minh City are very large, but the high price of housing has hindered many people's plans to buy a house. With a selling price of only fifty million per square meter, Masterise Homes is considered one of the rare apartment products with a starting price of less than VND2 billion on the market in the past two years.

Start a high-class lifestyle at Masterise Homes

Understanding the psychology of residents of the new era, MASTERISE GROUP pioneered the application of 4.0 smart technology for the entire operation and management system of the whole area, including the parking lot. All apartments are fully furnished with high-class European furniture with leading brands in the market in terms of quality. Not only that, the chain of high-class internal utility ecosystems is also one of the impressive plus points that create the attraction for apartments in the center of Thu Duc City - Masterise Homes.

Living in the middle of a big city with increasing environmental pollution, people in Ho Chi Minh City must be very interested in the criterion of "green living - healthy living" when choosing a place to live. With the desire to create a sustainable living space close to nature, Masterise Homes is designed in Singapore style, optimizing natural light and maximizing tropical green areas. As a result, urban residents can enjoy the most relaxing moments right in their own home.

Masterise Parkland

Besides the outstanding advantages of design and utility, Masterise Homes also owns a golden position when it is only 15 minutes away from Tan Son Nhat Airport, 5 minutes to Long Thanh - Mai Chi Tho Expressway, convenient facilities. External benefits such as commercial centers, schools, hospitals, etc. In particular, with the ambition of turning three Districts: 2-9 and Thu Duc into an Eastern City (temporarily called Thu Duc City) into a The World's 2nd Singapore has been approved by the Prime Minister, it is not obvious that all the attention is on these regions. And of course, the Masterise Homes product lines will benefit comprehensively in these regions.

In the situation of limited supply of apartments, economic experts believe that Masterise Homes is the ideal choice for customers who are looking for a place to settle down, promising to create good profit opportunities for quick investors.

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