Welcome Masterise Group Q3/2020 – Rise of an 'empire'

The "end of love" with Thao Dien - a brand that has been built for more than a decade, to come to a new name is a clear sign of the ambition to rise up of Masterise Group, or to be more precise, the group's owner group. this.

From Thao Dien to Masterise

Thao Dien Investment Joint Stock Company (Thao Dien Investment) was established in 2007, famous with its first product, Masteri Thao Dien high-class residential project (Thao Dien ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City). At that time, the brand "Thao Dien" associated with the name of a ward in District 2 more or less created a highlight for businesses in the Saigon real estate market. This is also a premise for the company to expand to implement other projects within Ho Chi Minh City such as: Masteri An Phu (District 2), coming in 2021 is Masteirse District 2, Masteri Millennium (132 Bench) Van Don, District 4), M-One Saigon (District 7), or M-One Gia Dinh (Go Vap District).

Masteri Thao Dien (District 2, HCMC)

Masteri Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, the outstanding highlight of the Masteirse Group

In November 2019, Thao Dien Investment quietly changed its name to Masterise Group Joint Stock Company (Masterise Group) - which translates into Vietnamese as "the rise of the boss". The "end of love" with the brand that has been built for more than a decade, to come up with a new name is a clear sign of the ambition to rise up of Masterise Group, or to be more precise, the group of owners of this group.

Changing its name, Masterise Group gradually appeared with a thicker frequency in the media, of course with an active direction. Perhaps because of that, few people know that since "Thao Dien", this business has been a remarkable name, not only in the South, and not encapsulated in the real estate segment.

In the period of 2016, the duo of legal entities related to Thao Dien, TCO Vietnam Investment Joint Stock Company and Techcom Capital, have spent a lot of effort on the SkyViet aviation project. And even though he died prematurely when he did not receive the nod of the management agency, the SkyViet project showed the formidable vision and potential of Masterise Group.

In Hanoi, in the past 2 years, a number of legal entities related to Masterise have continuously expanded their clean land bank. For example, in the period of June 2019 - August 2019, TCO Real Estate Trading and Consulting Company Limited (a subsidiary of TCO Investment Vietnam) and Minh Tan Hanoi Real Estate Co., Ltd. has in turn transferred more than 34.6 hectares of land in Gia Lam Urban Area (Gia Lam District, Hanoi) and 37,525 m2 of land for the above project components from Gia Lam Urban Development and Investment Company Limited.

Besides, TCO Investment Vietnam is the owner of Vinhomes Thang Long project. The project has a scale of 24.2 hectares, including 798 villas, garden houses, townhouses & commercial townhouses.

Or to be more discreet, Masterise Group is the developer of Premier Berriver project 390 Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien, Hanoi of Hanoi Construction Investment Joint Stock Company No. 9 (Hanco 9). The project started in 2017 and started handing over the house from the fourth quarter of 2019.

Also few people know, the Vinhomes Me Tri project with a scale of 320,965 m2 (Me Tri commune, Tu Liem district, Hanoi) was originally owned by the Masterise Group, specifically through Quyen Tinh Co., Ltd and its shareholders. related to capital contribution to Me Tri Sports and Entertainment Development JSC. This project enterprise was then sold 100% to the Vinhomes group.

Mark of Masterise in Ba Son

As  Nhadautu.vn  mentioned, Minh Huy Land Investment Company Limited received the transfer from Alpha King lot HH5-1; Lot HH1, HH2 and HH3 managed by Supreme Real Estate Investment JSC, backpacks HH4-1, HH4-2, HH4-3 have a new owner, Elegance Real Estate Investment JSC.

All three of these legal entities have a close credit relationship with Techcombank. In particular, Minh Huy Land has cooperated to invest in Thao Dien Masteri project with Masterise Group. On October 16, 2019, Minh Huy Land also signed an investment cooperation contract with Supreme Real Estate.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Thu – Legal representative and shareholder holding 25% of shares of Minh Huy Land used to name many other members in the Masterise Group ecosystem such as Quyen Tinh Co., Ltd., Tuong Viet Investment Co., Ltd. or Vinh Hoi Investment Development Joint Stock Company.

Or in detail, the businesswoman born in 1973 used to be a shareholder of Tan Lien Phat Tan Cang Real Estate and Logistics Joint Stock Company - a legal entity founded by Mr. Ho Hung Anh and Mr. Nguyen Dang Quang, the billionaire duo of Techcombank.

Not only real estate and aviation, Thao Dien group also did not hide the energy game with the cooperation with Trung Nam Group to establish Trung Nam Bac Ai Hydropower Joint Stock Company - now Trung Nam Gia Lai Wind Power Joint Stock Company - Xa Trang . The company has a charter capital of VND 1,000 billion, of which Trung Nam Group's shareholders hold 50% and Masteries Group - TCO Vietnam holds 50%.

The change of name to Masterise Group, is not ruled out as a sign of the rise of a multi-industry corporation. According to the research of Nhadautu.vn, in parallel with the move to change the name, a series of businesses "last name" Masterise have also been established rapidly over the past 1 year, with the same charter capital of 20 billion dong. .

The symbol on the golden land of Saigon of the number 1 private bank duo in Vietnam

For example, Masteri Investment Joint Stock Company, established in July 2019, mainly operates in the field of business consulting and assistance or services for planning, organization, effective operation, and management information (except for investment capital). financial, accounting, legal). The shareholder structure includes: Thao Dien Investment Joint Stock Company (98%), Nguyen Thanh Binh (1%) and Phan Thi Anh Tuyet (1%);

Masterise Homes Real Estate Development Co., Ltd (main business in real estate) was established in November 2019; Masterise Retail Distribution Co., Ltd. (other retail in department stores), Masterise Center Trading and Service Co., Ltd. (organization of trade promotion and introduction) and Masterise Hotel Services Co., Ltd. Hotels (short-stay service) was established in February 2020; Masterise Property Real Estate Management Company Limited (consulting, brokerage, real estate auction, land use right auction) was established in April 2020;…

Another point of note, senior positions in these companies are held by Ms. Phan Thi Anh Tuyet (born in 1974) - General Director, the legal representative of Masterise Group, or Mr. Tran Quoc Hoai (born in 1977). .

Techcombank “Rope”

The 13-year-old corporation's development path is associated with credit lines from Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank – HOSE: TCB).

The relationship is so close that many speculate that Masterise Group is the "backyard" of Mr. Ho Hung Anh - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Techcombank. Of course, the Hue-born businessman has never affirmed or denied, but it should be known that Mr. Hung Anh's leftists are all important personnel at Masterise Group.

For example, Ms. Do Tu Anh (born 1974) – who updated to February 2020 is still the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Masterise Group, a senior employee related to Techcombank. It is known that she is currently the Director of the Southern branch, Techcom Securities Company Limited (TCBS), a member of the Representative Board of Techcom Vietnam Real Estate Investment Fund (FUCVREIT).

In addition to Ms. Tu Anh, it is impossible not to mention Mr. Ho Anh Ngoc and his wife, Ms. Nguyen Huong Lien (Mr. Ho Anh Ngoc is Mr. Ho Hung Anh's younger brother).

Mr. Ho Anh Ngoc (born in 1982) used to hold the position of Vice Chairman and General Director of Masteries Group in the period 2011 - July 2012. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of One Mount Group JSC.

Meanwhile, Ms. Nguyen Huong Lien (born in 1985) used to hold the position of legal representative of Quyen Tinh Co., Ltd. In particular, Mr. Ho Hung Anh's sister-in-law also used to represent the capital contribution in 6 subsidiaries of Masterise Group, namely: Masterise Center Trading and Service Co., Ltd., Masterise Hotels Hotel Service Co., Ltd. Masterise World Resort Service Limited, Masterise Brokerage Company Limited, Masterise Services Real Estate Management and Services Company Limited, Masterise Agents Brokerage Company Limited.

Then, during the period from April 2020 to May 2020, this position was transferred to Mr. Tran Quoc Hoai.

It is very common for groups of Vietnamese bankers to invest in real estate, but different from Hoa Lam (VietBank), Him Lam (Lienvietpostbank), Viet Phuong (VietABank), Sovico (HDBank), Hoan Cau (Vietnamese bank). Nam A Bank), Gami (NCB), BRG (SeaBank), Geleximco (ABBank), T&T (SHB) ... capital invested in the bank after having a huge real estate, some bank owners turned back to real estate after gaining a foothold in the money-trading world, such as in the case of the owner group VPBank, OCB, or it would not be surprising if it was the Techcombank – Masterise Group couple.

It must be affirmed that it is also normal for real estate investment banking giants, as long as they comply with regulations on credit safety. The problem that needs to be raised with the Masterise Group - Techcombank duo, therefore, is probably not "front yard, back yard", but respect for the law, compliance with regulations on credit limit, with for the healthy development of both the real estate market and the banking sector.

Source: nhadautu

Our featured projects in the third quarter of 2020 !

Masterise Group - Masterise Homes project - Masteri Center Point

Masteri Center Point District 9 

Masterise Homes super project, commercial name is Masteri Center Point, is located at the front of Nguyen Xien Street, intersects with Man Thien Street, Long Thanh My Ward, District 9. With the natural terrain and infrastructure throughout, Masterise Homes is ideal place in the heart of District 9.

Moreover, the Masteri Center Point project is adjacent to two big rivers, Dong Nai River & Tac River, adjacent to Ring Road 3. It deserves to be the highlight of the East Zone when the project of establishing the "Eastern City" of Ho Chi Minh City is located. Ho Chi Minh City.


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