Thousands of utilities around Grand Marina Saigon residents, customers are excited about their new living plan

Construction progress is urgent, Grand Marina Saigon building is rising every day, many customers have begun to plan to move to Grand Marina Saigon to live.

Grand Marina Saigon Bason - nice perspective

These days, having the opportunity to pass by the address No. 2 Ton Duc Thang - Nguyen Huu Canh, District 1 (HCMC), anyone can witness with their own eyes the construction activities at the Grand Marina Saigon project going on very well. Busy, urgent and continuous.

In the post-pandemic context, the market has had many developments that have caused many businesses to face many difficulties, but with its potential and seasoned project development experience, Masterise Homes still ensures the progress of its projects. , uphold commitments, continue to affirm the prestige and trust with customers and investors.

Witnessing that Grand Marina Saigon is rapidly being completed, customers must be more excited when the project is gradually taking shape, achieving the goals on schedule as planned. In just a short time, they can enjoy life with the most advanced facilities right in the "golden" land of busy District 1.

Many customers have already planned to live at Grand Marina Saigon.

“I was planning a new life for my family at Grand Marina Saigon. Imagining the scene where going, doing everything is very convenient and easy, makes my family feel very excited”, said Ms. Nga, a customer who bought an apartment in this project right from the initial opening for sale. , said.

Customers in Hong Kong find out about the Grand Marina branded apartment, Saigon

Meanwhile, Mr. Van, a customer from Hanoi, was even more "excited". “Moving to Saigon was a big turning point for our family. Since we have lived in the center of Hanoi for a long time, choosing Grand Marina Saigon is a decision that has been carefully considered by family members. Choosing a place to live as a house in the middle of District 1 has made us very confident and secure about a new life in Saigon,” he shared.

A comfortable living experience welcomes residents

At Grand Marina Saigon, every morning when you wake up, apartment owners will be able to walk under a spacious green park of thousands of square meters plus nearly 500 meters of separate expensive Saigon riverside in the project. After that, breakfast will also have a lot of options. The high-class brands of the Marriott ecosystem offer a variety of flavors, meeting tastes and standards no matter how "strict" they are. Residents will relax next to the international cafe chain selected by Grand Marina Saigon and slowly watch the vibrant life of the bustling downtown area.

Grand Marina Saigon Utilities

The internal and external facilities of Grand Marina Saigon are very diverse.

At lunch, the luxury restaurants designed and managed by Marriott will give residents the confidence to connect and have enjoyable meals with their partners. At the end of the afternoon, after exercising, the owners at Grand Marina Saigon can relax in the clear blue water of the international standard overflow swimming pool slowly watching the brightly lit streets that will help each person temporarily. Forget the stress if there is at work. Residents can also pamper themselves with a massage at this hotel's spa, which is renowned for its ability to celebrate indigenous medicinal herbs and outstanding service. Then each person can leisurely shop at the shophouse area - where a series of world famous luxury brands are concentrated.

Real estate giants of showbiz buy penthouse Grand Marina Saigon for VND 100 billion -compressed (1)

The enjoyment of the central real estate is also "comfortable" in that, just a step outside the door of Grand Marina Saigon, the typical rhythm of life of the bustling center has "rushed" to each person. Around there are restaurants, eateries, cafes, traditional markets... diverse goods, full services. Get on a taxi, just a few minutes, residents can come to Ben Thanh market, Nguyen Hue walking street, Notre-Dame cathedral, Bui Vien "West" street or the most modern commercial centers of Vietnam. City.

Masterise Homes strongly invested 400 billion dong in Grand Marina Gallery

Not only that, if you need to move quickly, private parking will also be provided and carried out by the service unit

Live at Grand Marina Saigon, all resources, services and amenities are carefully calculated, bringing comfort and satisfaction to the residents. Convenience comes from meticulous care, and owners can fully focus their spirit and energy on important, "worthy" jobs.


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