Branded real estate overcomes the crisis in 2021 – Apartment segment

Branded Real Estate – During Covid-19, a branded real estate project Grand Marina, Saigon still being bought by Hong Kong customers for 18,000 USD per square meter, about 423 million VND.

Grand Marina Saigon Bason - nice perspective

Grand Marina Saigon Bason – beautiful perspective

The branded residences segment in the world is called a "crisis-challenging product" because of its many characteristics. First of all, this luxury to super-luxury product line usually owns a prime location, top build quality, unique and impressive design. In operation, this segment is also known for its diverse amenities, attentive service, lifestyle benefits and the guarantee of a globally recognized resort brand.

Advantages of branded real estate

Usually, 5- or 6-star brands will only choose to cooperate with projects with the most beautiful locations, if not the center of a resort, then also the center of the city. These "diamond" locations contribute to the resistance of luxury real estate over time. Many research data shows that real estate prices in Manhattan (New York) quickly recovered despite four major financial recessions in the past three decades.

Limited supply is a factor that protects the price of luxury real estate products. In addition, the continuous investment of strong brands in the project also creates the sustainable value of this product line over time. Paul Tosteven - expert of Savills analyzed in a report that when a brand attaches its name to a real estate project, they will invest in the project continuously and actively to ensure the benefits and success of the project. brand longevity.

Recently, an apartment occupying the entire 18th floor of the Sherry-Netherland hotel, New York, USA has just been for sale for $ 95 million. This apartment has an area of about 650 m2, has 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. In addition to the huge amount of money to spend to own the house, the new owner of the house will have to pay a service fee of 54,000 USD, equivalent to about 1.13 billion VND per month. The guarantee of brand reputation is one of the factors that help apartments have lasting value.

A corner of the Sherry-Netherland apartment is for sale for $ 95 million

A corner of the Sherry-Netherland apartment is for sale for $ 95 million

Thanks to this investment, luxury apartments keep their price increase over time. Typically, the apartment complex at Four Seasons resort, Costa Rica. After 13 years of operation, the series of apartments were renovated in 2017 and once again became the most attractive shopping basket in the area, with high rental income compared to the common ground here.

Mr. Tostevin pointed out, it is also easier to rent apartments under the hotel brand, because the hotel brand will have a sub-lease policy and a database of potential tenants available. When investors want to sell, the demand for buyback is also greater, thanks to the global appeal of the brand, thereby creating a return on investment.

The risk of devaluation from building deterioration is also lower for branded real estate, thanks to the brand's investment in management and operation after the sale.

With intrinsic values and price protection mechanisms, luxury real estate is considered by experts to be a sustainable investment and a safe accumulator over time, even in some markets. emerging.

Covid-19 – a new test of luxury real estate

The luxury real estate segment has survived many crises. In the Global Development report 2020, real estate consultant Knight Frank said, branded housing projects have become popular around the world over the past 20 years and Covid-19 has made a difference. highlight the advantages of this type of housing.

Thanks to the thoughtful home care services to the rigorous maintenance procedures undertaken by the world's leading hotel brands, many people have turned their luxury homes into offices while at home. to avoid translation.

Total number of luxury real estate projects increased by 198% in the past 10 years

Total number of luxury real estate projects increased by 198% in the past 10 years. Source: Savills.

According to Alexander Lewis - expert of Knight Frank, the pandemic has given branded properties a big opportunity to shine. In addition to prime and isolated locations, the "brand house" has become a suitable workplace when the owner has to limit going out and interacting with many people.

Sharing this view, Ms. Dana Jacobsohn - Senior Vice President, Complex Projects division of Marriott International said that Marriott's branded real estate branch shows resilience and good resilience. Customer sentiment in this segment is also stable during a period of uncertainty. The trend of combining the purposes of living, working and entertaining is increasingly evident in the projects of this brand.

“Residents at the projects now work from home, so they want an integrated workspace that is convenient in their daily lifestyle. The main residence and the resort have been merged into one, so the occupancy rate of luxury real estate projects is higher than ever,” said Dana Jacobsohn.

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