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Bcons Polaris - Apartments and apartments adjacent to Pham Van Dong - Di An - Binh Duong is a highly appreciated product line that is still the focus of leading the market of cheap, reasonable and attractive apartments compared to other brands. other area.

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Name of project: Bcons Polaris Apartments
Location: Le Trong Tan Street, An Binh Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong Province.
Investment unit: Bcons Group
Construction general: Bcons Construction
Distributor: THG
Management & Operation Unit: Bcons
Scale: 3820 m², 26 floors and 2 basements, 522 products
Product Type: Apartment, Shophouse
Area types: 41 – 61 m²
Commencement - Handover: Expected 2023 – 2025
Project Legal:
  • Long-term ownership pink book
  • 50 years with foreigners
Estimated selling price: 39 million VND/m - Hotline: 0911 525 454

Bcons Polaris – Market bright spot – Pham Van Dong Di An axis infrastructure

The bright spot of the whole area

Officially established Di An city & Thuan An city directly under Binh Duong province:

National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan has just signed a resolution on behalf of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on the establishment of Di An city and Thuan An city in Binh Duong province, effective from February 1-2. 2020. This is a very good signal, marking the upcoming start of a series of high-end projects in Di An City.

Di An city will have 7 wards: An Binh, Di An, Tan Binh, Tan Dong Hiep, Dong Hoa, Binh An, and Binh Thang.

Convenient transport connection

Owning a location adjacent to most of the central districts of Saigon including: Thu Duc District, Binh Thanh, District 9, National Highway 1A... Di An will have a 120m wide boulevard, a central area with a series of high-rise buildings. , commercial centers and high-class hotels.

Besides investing in upgrading arterial roads, a series of commercial and service complexes, commercial centers, high-class hotels, luxury apartments, etc. will develop on important external traffic axes such as: DT743, National Highway 1K, Ring 3 in Di An, Tan Binh, Binh Thang, Binh An wards.

The most beautiful urban route in Ho Chi Minh City is directly adjacent to Di An City and linked to the Bcons Polaris project

Binh Duong is like a "magnet" to attract investors because it possesses many advantages: adjacent to the center of Ho Chi Minh City, complete infrastructure, easy to connect with key economic regions in the north. Male.

The Northeast area is located at the gateway for inter-regional development from Ho Chi Minh City to the Southeast provinces, with outstanding leveling height, hard ground, very suitable for urban development because of its low cost. build.

The potential of the apartment market adjacent to Pham Van Dong is extremely large

It must be acknowledged most honestly that: Di An - Binh Duong in the past few years has grown strongly thanks to the benefit of the location of Pham Van Dong street and regional connections from National Highway 1A, Dai Han Highway. beside.

Next time. Binh Duong in general, and Di An area (Axis adjacent to Pham Van Dong in particular) still has room to develop in terms of "Price". The uptrend here is still there. Because of the past few years, the transport infrastructure in this area has almost been completed. Capital from big investors and land fund in this area still has potential.

As mentioned above, the scarcity of goods in the whole market in the past year for Ho Chi Minh market is also an advantage of Di An Binh Duong area. The legal procedures of projects in this area are much better & clearer. This is the most necessary thing for home buyers & investors.

Strengths of the project adjacent to Pham Van Dong street

  1. Strength 1: Fast and convenient transportation connection to many surrounding areas by Pham Van Dong route & National Highway 1A. Almost all projects adjacent to this location have developed very well, both in terms of absorption from the "primary" to the "secondary" row.
  2. Strength 2: The regional project supply is diverse, creating a good market for both Primary and Secondary goods. Liquidity of regional projects is quite good, suitable for the majority of customers. Here, it can be said that it is leading in "the area with apartments under 2 billion".
  3. Strength 3: In the last 2-3 years, the value of apartments in this area has increased by an average of 12-15% per year. Rental rate from 5 to 6%. This is an increase & a high rate for apartments & rental value in this area, because the value of apartments in this area is still very good (< 2 billion / unit / 66m2).

The segment of affordable & affordable apartments is almost gone in the Ho Chi Minh area. The price of apartments from 30 million / m2 is almost only in the bordering area, the distance from the location of these projects is from 25-30 minutes to the city center.

General perception:

In terms of the price of projects in Thu Duc - Di An area: we think it is still at an acceptable level for the majority of investors. The price comes with many bank loan policies, principal debt grace or bank interest support... The cost of product capital is quite high, so the price is still acceptable.

With the success of Bcons Plygon, the Investor Bcons Group will continue to deploy its Bcons Polaris luxury apartment complex right in front of Le Trang Tan, An Binh, Di An City, Binh Duong.

Bcons Polaris with a rare location, adjacent to Pham Van Dong

The location of Bcons Polaris project address is located at the front of Le Trong Tan, Di An, Binh Duong (at the intersection of National Highway 1A and Le Trong Tan, opposite Vietcombank An Binh and People's Committee). Bcons Polaris is the only project within a radius of 500m that can connect to the largest road in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City: only 500m, it can connect to National Highway 1A to go to the Western Provinces, connect to National Highway 1K is only 500m to go to the Eastern Provinces.

Bcons Polaris Di An Apartment, Binh Duong is also only 300m away with the most beautiful inner city route in Ho Chi Minh City, Pham Van Dong Boulevard, but the price of Bcons Polaris apartment is extremely affordable despite the interior equipment. is a high-class and prestigious brand because with the location is Binh Duong but only 500m from Ho Chi Minh City and the land fund of Bcons Polaris Project has been prepared for a long time, the price of the apartment is very affordable compared to other projects. nearby open for sale later but with absolutely guaranteed quality.

Especially, Bcons Polaris apartment tower is the connecting point between Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong and Dong Nai. Located between Pham Van Dong and National Highway 1A and Ring Road II, convenient to move to the Southeast provinces, Central and Central Highlands.

Not to mention, Bcons Polaris is interspersed in a residential area with many hostels, so the security around the project area will be somewhat more complicated. The project investor will definitely have to have a good management plan in the future to separate the Phu Dong Premier apartment area and not lose the value of real estate branded Phu Dong.

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Various utilities

Utilities of the Bcons Polaris apartment project are always polished and meticulously arranged by the investor with a series of internal utilities with the desire to bring a peaceful living environment, green trees, smart apartments, advantages Vietnam and security. With the core to bring a great living space for priceless moments with Family. Bcons Polaris apartment gives residents not only a home, but also an authentic living environment.

Utilities Bcons Polaris apartment is designed in a modern style with a 35-storey tower, in which the floors are arranged to arrange utilities for residents. Shopping centers, Supermarkets, Parks, Kindergartens, Swimming pools and residents can enjoy the cool water while enjoying the full view of the surrounding scenery.

Outside Bcons Polaris

With perfect regional links, residents here will enjoy a fresh feeling, enjoy all the conveniences right around them. At the same time, it is extremely convenient to connect to other entertainment spots in the city and conveniently connects to neighboring districts and provinces. In addition to the internal utilities, the project also owns a prime location, so from the Bcons Polaris apartment, residents quickly move to the existing external link utilities such as:

  • 12 minutes from Hanh Phuc Hospital, 15 minutes from Thu Duc University Village.
  • Vincom Thu Duc Shopping Center, Giga Mall, People's Committee of Thu Duc District.
  • District Medical Center, Thu Duc General Hospital, Thu Duc Farmers Market, Viet Lap Market, Linh Trung Industrial Park...
  • 500 m to Thu Duc hospital, Thu Duc electricity
  • 1.1 km to Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Co.op Food To Ngoc Van, To Ngoc Van - Pham Van Dong intersection, Go Dua overpass, Thu Duc market
  • 2.5 km to Thu Duc Agricultural Wholesale Market, People's Police University, Tam Binh market
  • 4 km to Binh Duong intersection, Linh Xuan market
  • Bcons Polaris 12 km to Tan Son Nhat airport
Bcons Polaris utility
Typical design floor plan Bcons Polaris

Area design for young people

The product line of Bcons Polaris is aimed at young families, so the apartment area always meets the criteria but is not too large.

Bcons Polaris is designed with an area from 41 to 61 m2, from 1 to 2 bedrooms, all apartments have private balconies. Ensure maximum functionality for young families.

Model house Bcons Polaris

Nhà điều hành Bcons Polaris
Nhà điều hành Bcons Polaris

Is the investor Bcons Group reputable?

The investor of Bcons with the trade name is Bcons Construction Investment Joint Stock Company established in March 2013. Main activities are in the fields of: real estate investment and development, design consultancy, construction. construction, and office leasing…

With the operating motto "different in prestige". After nearly 10 years of operation, Bcons has gradually built a name in the field of construction, real estate investment and development. And more and more partners, investors and customers trust.

In 2018, Bcons signed a strategic cooperation agreement with A Asset - a subsidiary of PPSN Group (Thailand). Through this commitment, the Thai partner will accompany Bcons in the company's development journey in the coming time.

With the strength of the company is the application of BIM technology in projects plus expertise as a design and construction company. Bcons' products always have the seamlessness from all stages, the most synchronous, smart and sustainable finishing according to international standards.

Projects Bcons Group has implemented: 

  • Bcons Suoi Tien: Handing over in May 2020, has a book
  • Bcons Mien Dong: Handing over in January 2021, doing bookkeeping.
  • Bcons Garden: Handing over in April 2022, doing bookkeeping
  • Bcons Green View: Handing over the house in January 2022, doing bookkeeping
  • Bcons Bee: Handing over the house in August 2022, doing bookkeeping
  • Bcons Plaza: Handing over the house in December 2022, doing bookkeeping
  • Bcons Sala: Topping out soon, expected handover in July 2023
  • Bcons Polygon: Under construction, expected to be handed over in June 2024
  • Bcons City: Open for sale, expected to hand over in March 2025
  • Bcons Polaris: Open for sale, expected to hand over at the end of 2024

Selling price and payment method

Bcons Polaris apartment with the best price in the area - only from 39 million / m2 (1.6 billion / unit), accompanied by an attractive payment policy, helping customers to pay flexibly than. Moreover, Bcons Polaris is supported by big banks such as MB Bank, Public Bank, ACB with preferential interest rates (supported by the investor with an interest rate of 100%), giving customers peace of mind and easy ownership. apartment at Bcons Polaris Di An project.

Customers who choose the payment method according to the construction progress will receive a discount of 7.5% from the value of the apartment excluding VAT, which is an unprecedented discount in the market. Usually, customers who want to receive such a high discount have to pay up to 70 or 95% of the apartment value.

Customers who want specific advice on payment policies and specific selling prices by method, please contact Hotline 0911525454 For more details. Sincerely thank you !

Tiến độ dự án tháng 7/2023

Bcons Polaris' progress
Bcons Polaris' progress
Bcons Polaris' progress

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Frequently asked questions

How much is the selling price of Bcons Polaris?

The selling price of Bcons Polaris apartments has not been officially announced by the investor Bcons Group, but the price is expected to fluctuate around 35-40 million VND/m².

Where exactly is Bcons Polaris located?

Location of Bcons Polaris apartment project is located in front of Le Trong Tan street (Viet Lap market), An Binh ward, Di An city, Binh Duong province. See location on "Google Maps"