Summary of real estate projects of Vietnam’s branded apartments in 2021 – 2022

Branded Residence is probably no stranger to Vietnamese people. After that, 万事达集团 (Masterise Homes), formerly Thao Dien Investment, cooperated and invested with the world’s largest hotel group – Marriott International from the beginning of 2021. The two sides reached an agreement and implemented three projects. International standard luxury apartment project (brand name) in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Here, Masterise Homes would like to introduce basically about the above three projects.

In addition to the three projects above, currently in Vietnam’s real estate market, the remaining apartment projects only reach the high-end threshold or below (we will list these apartments in the next section)..

3 luxury apartment real estate projects in Vietnam in 2021


#1 First is the Grand Marina Bason

The current land fund of Grand Marina is the land lot of Vinhomes Gold River project of VinGroup, deployed in 2018, and then sold completely to Masterise Group. This is the old Bason port of Ho Chi Minh City, the project is located on 3 fronts of Ton Duc Thang – Nguyen Huu Canh – Nguyen Binh Khiem streets and 1 front of the Saigon River, talking about the location, perhaps Grand Marina is the most exclusive location along with One Central Saigon.

Grand Marina Saigon——Masterise Homes与万豪国际合作的第一个项目,位于District 1的“黄金”地段。

Project size

  • Trade name: Grand Marina Saigon
  • Investor: Masteries Homes
  • Construction location: No. 2 Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Project scale: 10 ha
  • Apartment density: 45.5%
  • Type of development: Apartment: 42000 units, Officetel: 588 units, shopping mall
  • Monitoring unit: MACE
  • Architecture and landscape design unit: Atkins
  • Utilities design unit: AB Concept & HBA
  • Electromechanical design unit, lighting system: Aurecon
  • Construction unit: Newtecons
  • Supporting bank: Techcombank
  • Commencement: Second quarter of 2021
  • Delivery time: Expected 2024
  • Legal: pink book for each apartment
  • Ownership form: Vietnamese own long-term, foreigners own 50 years

The current selling price falls in the range: 400 – 500 million/m2

You can see more Grand Marina Bason here:

#2 Next is The Grand Hanoi

The current land fund of The Grand Hanoi is the real estate project of Tan Hoang Minh Group, after being completely acquired by Masterise Group in 2020. The project is located at the facade of 22-24 Hang Bai Street, Hoan Kiem , Hanoi – The remaining golden land fund in the center of the capital.

Masterise Homes 将越南的名字带入国际房地产版图

Masterise Homes brings Vietnam’s name to the international real estate map

Project size

  • Project name: The Grand Hanoi
  • Project location: 22-24 Hang Bai, Hang Bai Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Investor: Masterise Group
  • Management & Operation: The Ritz Carlton is the most luxurious brand of Marriott International Group
  • Type of development: Complex of commercial centers, high-class offices and luxury apartments.
  • General construction contractor: Delta
  • Total project area: 4071 m2
  • Project scale: 9 floors and 5 basements
  • Building density: 73.3%Apartment area: 88m2, 111m2, 146m2, 234m2, 345m2
  • Commencement: In 2021Handover: 2023
  • Legal: Long-term ownership for Vietnamese people, 50 years for foreignersThe current expected selling price is about: 570 – 700 million/m2

#3 In HCMC, after Grand Marina will be One Centra Saigon

One Central Saigon land fund is an old real estate project of Bitexco Group (Spirit Of Saigon), after being sold to Masterise Group in 2020. The project location is equally as favorable as Grand Marina, One Central Saigon. located at 4 important street fronts of Nguyen Thai Binh Ward – Front of Le Thi Hong Gam, Calmette, Pham Ngu Lao, Pho Duc Chinh and opposite to Ben Thanh market in District 1.

One Central Saigon District 1 HCMC(以前称为西贡精神)。

Project size

  • Project name: One Central Saigon. The old name of the project is Spirit Of SaiGon
  • Construction location: Located right next to Ben Thanh market, 1 Pham Ngu Lao, Nguyen Thai Binh, District 1.
  • Investor: Masterise Group
  • Design unit: Arquitectonica International Corp (USA)
  • Manager: The Ritz – Carlton Hotel Company,LLC (from USA)
  • General contractor: Coteccons. Total investment capital: 500 million USD
  • Total area: 8,6000m2. Construction area: 180,000m2
  • Scale: Including 2 Block
  • Type of development: Diverse types from apartments to shophouses, serviced offices
  • Legal: Pink book
  • Construction time: October 14, 2019. Delivery time: 2023
  • ype of ownership: Vietnamese: Long-term ownership. Foreigner: Owning 50 years

The current selling price falls in the range: 650-800 million/m2

You can see more One Central Saigon here :

Why are the above apartments the most luxurious in Vietnam and the world?

万豪国际集团与 Masterise Homes - 开始在越南打造品牌住宅

万豪国际集团与 Masterise Homes - 开始在越南打造品牌住宅

In addition to the domestic brand, the illustrious Masterise Group (Thao Dien Investment) with a product line of high-end apartment projects in the top of Vietnam, to be “labeled” Real Estate (Branded Residence) ) worldwide, Masterise Group has joined hands with Marriott International, this group is the surest guarantee of the world’s luxury real estate. To understand more about the JW Marriott brand of the Grand Marina Bason project and especially the “legend above luxury legends” Ritz-Carlton of the Marriott group. Customers, you can see more at this link:

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