Masterise Homes brings Vietnam’s name to the international real estate map

In early 2021, Vietnam’s real estate market becomes more exciting than ever with the presence of the ultra-luxury segment. In addition to the record high prices, the birth of the branded real estate in the central area has created a position and raised the level for Vietnam on the world real estate map.

Masterise Homes, a relatively young property developer, made headlines in the early months of 2021.

Masterise Homes, a relatively young real estate developer, has attracted attention in the first months of 2021 when continuously launching a series of products that are completely different from the general trend of the market.

While other developers are aiming to deploy many projects out of the city center and build megacities and resorts, Masterise Homes chooses a completely different path. It is to create a completely new segment and focus on developing super-premium “branded apartments” in the most prime locations in the central area in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

With the creation of a brand name real estate, Masterise Homes has “upgraded” the look of Vietnam’s real estate market, bringing Vietnamese real estate beyond the borders of the country and the region.

Grand Marina Saigon——Masterise Homes与万豪国际合作的第一个项目,位于District 1的“黄金”地段。

Ms. Duong Thuy Dung, Senior Director of CBRE Vietnam, said that the emergence of branded apartments with design, construction and operation according to international standards has set a new standard and position. for Vietnam’s real estate market in the region and the world.

Strategic “walk” to create a new position

The new strategy of Masterise Homes has made buyers in the region keep an eye on the high-end apartment market in Vietnam. Just a few months ago, when just signed a contract with the world’s leading hotel manager, the domestic market did not know what real estate is and the standard for developing apartments for the super elite. How rich is this.

For many years, Vietnamese real estate products were not offered for sale abroad, but the Grand Marina, Saigon project developed by Masterise Homes has attracted attention and been positively received by foreign buyers when for sale in the Hong Kong market.

This event has inadvertently raised the value of Vietnam Brand Real Estate to a higher level, affirming a completely new real estate segment in Vietnam. Not only the price level but also the quality of luxury apartments in the country has also jumped, catching up with other countries in the region.

The fact that Masterise Homes successfully “exported” luxury real estate to the world with Grand Marina, Saigon’s restart of a series of central golden lands has clearly demonstrated its vision of reaching out to the world.

To do this, in addition to the international capacity and reputation built up over the past 7 years of Masterise Homes, strategic cooperation with Marriott International has also played a very important role.

Exclusive partnership with the world’s number one brand Marriott

The new height that Masterise Homes brings to the Vietnamese real estate market by bringing international brands into the country, with the Grand Marina and Saigon projects under the Marriott brand.

This largest hotel group in the world has signed a cooperation agreement with Masterise Homes to develop branded apartments in Vietnam according to international standards.

Mr. Gautam Bhandari, Vice President of Regional Development, Marriott APAC, said that Masterise Homes owns a land bank in a prime location and has built a reputation among homebuyers, contractors and other partners. .

Projects developed by Masterise Homes under the Marriott brand will attract domestic and foreign buyers. In addition, Marriott will also support sales and marketing training, as well as design and construction consulting services to ensure project quality according to the brand’s international standards. Marriott will also provide management services and development support so that the residential community can enjoy the highest quality of service and facilities.

Marriott manages more than 7,500 leading hotels and resorts in 132 countries and territories. In the Asia-Pacific region alone, this hotel manager operates more than 800 hotels. “Vietnam means a lot to us, because it is a dynamic market with a stable economy, young population with increasing income. By partnering with Masterise Homes, we are strengthening our presence across Vietnam,” said Gautam Bhandari.

Create a buzz with international projects, become an icon

In the world, there have been branded real estate projects that have become symbols and international destinations, creating tourism and economic values ​​of the country. Among them can be mentioned the magnificent Crown apartment on the Sydney beach, The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Bangkok city, St. Regis Residences in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Masterise Homes 将越南的名字带入国际房地产版图

In addition to the 大码头 project, Saigon is “making waves” in the city market. In Ho Chi Minh City, the golden land of Hang Bai was renamed, changed owners, and the logo of Masterise Homes also became a hot spot in Hanoi capital.

Only about 5 years from now, Vietnam will also have iconic works like major cities in the world. The Grand Marina, Saigon project is not only luxury apartments, but also a master plan of the entire area bordering the Saigon River, with riverside walkways, marinas, and park areas while still retaining the price. historical value of Ba Son area. This will be a popular destination like Singapore’s Marina Bay Sand.




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