Grand Marina, Saigon in the sights of international real estate experts

Graham Associates recently announced the announcement of the 4th edition of Branded Residences by author Chris Graham – an international expert in the field of real estate.

Among many projects mentioned as typical projects in big cities such as Dubai, Boston, San Francisco, London, this report also named Grand Marina, Saigon project in HCMC.

Grand Marina Saigon - dự án đầu tiên đánh dấu sự hợp tác giữa Masterise Homes và Marriott International tọa lạc tại vị trí “vàng” của quận 1

Chris Graham’s report notes: “Grand Marina – the world’s largest luxury real estate project (attached to the Marriott & JW Marriott brand) is developed by Masterise Homes in Vietnam”.

Putting a housing project in particular and Vietnam’s real estate market in general on the world map is one of the proud achievements of the Grand Marina project.

Jason Turnbull, Deputy General Director and CFO of Masterise Homes – the project developer said: “Our partnership with Marriott International helps affirm the position of Vietnam’s real estate market. on the world map and also provides an opportunity for Marriott to explore the potential of one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Most importantly, Grand Marina has successfully established a new real estate segment in Vietnam – branded residences. This also proves Masterise Homes’ ability to meet the needs of living in accordance with international standards in the Vietnamese market.”

Chris Graham’s analysis in the report, the appearance of a luxury international branded real estate project can bring many positive benefits to the project’s geographical area, helping increase market awareness of that region, especially with emerging regions. This is a solid foundation for attracting tourism, attracting other brands and affluent travelers. Mr. Graham points out that there is a strong correlation between the number of visitors returning to a location and their likelihood of buying property there, so this is a good condition to attract more customers to the real estate market. local real estate.

However, it is not easy to choose a suitable brand for a real estate project. According to the survey in this report with the leading real estate project developers in 10 countries around the world, including Masterise Homes, choosing the right brand for the project is a complicated process. considers many elements of the brand.

Most developers start by considering 5 or more brands, then based on commercial factors, local and regional presence, customer brand awareness. , purchasing needs, experience in managing key project components, technical competence and marketing experience, brands will be scored and selected for the next round to go to the detailed review and select the final brand.

Through the survey, the report summarizes the reasons why project developers choose the brand they have chosen for their projects, in which Masterise Homes shared that they chose the Marriott & JW Marriott brand because they believe that This brand will bring value to customers.

Mr. Turnbull added: “The greatest value that customers receive is the international standard values ​​​​that match their needs and costs, as well as our commitment to customers. Branded real estate is not too new in the world, many Vietnamese people have also enjoyed similar services; However, what Grand Marina has pioneered is to realize and standardize the tangible and intangible values ​​of luxury real estate in the daily lives of Vietnamese customers, in line with the needs of customers. “.

Mr. Graham further analyzed: “This process and scoring helps the project developer choose the most suitable operational management brand – but the final decision is always emotional. Above all, for the two sides to cooperate for a long time, it is always necessary to have trust, respect and common interests.

Marriott International and Ritz-Carlton - Trụ sở

Agreeing with this view, Mr. Turnbull said that the partnership between Masterise Homes and Marriott International is based on the common belief in Vietnam’s economic development and the potential of the leading real estate segment. brand. “Before slowing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam’s economy always maintained a strong growth rate. We believe that when the pandemic is over, the economy will quickly recover and the attraction of luxury real estate will be clearer than ever to customers wishing to raise their standard of living and long-term assets.”


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