Vietnam – The attraction of Central Real Estate District 1, HCMC

The location of financial and economic centers in big cities brings unique advantages to real estate products, along with intangible values that create a lasting attraction over time.

Grand Marina Bason 1

Real estate in the central area has long been in the "taste" of many adept investors. The appeal of these real estate products is evidenced by the ranking of the most expensive housing cities on the planet, published by Savills in March.

Accordingly, leading the ranking are big cities that play the role of economic and financial centers such as Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Geneva, Shanghai, London, Sydney... The appearance of these names not surprising given the central location as a guarantee of sustainable upside potential.

Expensive from the location

According to many experts, the central location brings unique value and is a guarantee for the potential of real estate's price increase. The city center is a multi-functional network with a tight structure, from infrastructure, synchronous traffic, system of administrative agencies, an ecosystem that fully meets the entertainment and cultural needs. commercialization, commerce, etc. to ensure a comfortable and prosperous life.

Real estate values in Manhattan, New York have always recovered quickly despite 4 major financial recessions in the past 3 decades.

Real estate values in Manhattan, New York have always recovered quickly despite 4 major financial recessions in the past 3 decades.

The central position also brings different "invisible values" that the elites have to hunt for. New York plays a role as the economic, commercial, educational, financial, touristic center of the Eastern United States; Tokyo is likened to the heart of "international finance", a symbol of prosperity in Japan. Owning real estate in these areas is also a way to assert the position of the owner.

Potential to increase real estate prices in the center of District 1

The real estate market from the beginning of 2021 witnessed the peak price increase of luxury apartments, considered the hottest period in the past decade, according to a survey by VnExpress. Accordingly, many projects with a selling price of hundreds of millions of dong per m2, even apartments on golden land like in District 1 appear to have a peak price of 300-400 million dong per m2, breaking the record of apartment selling prices. highest in Vietnam ever.

Reporting on the Ho Chi Minh City housing market in the first quarter of 2021, DKRA Vietnam also forecasts that luxury apartments can set a new price milestone, breaking the old record, up to 20,000 - 30,000 USD per square meter, concentrating in the central core area of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Grand Marina Bason - Hop Long Thu Thiem Bridge 2 through District 1, a landmark of outstanding price increase for the project.

The reason for the attraction of the central real estate district 1, according to experts, is because the land fund is scarce, while newly licensed projects are trickling. The supply is gradually drying up in the core area, but the actual demand is still high due to the rapid increase in the number of rich people, the short-term and long-term rental demand of businessmen, politicians, diplomats, and senior experts at the center. The economy of the country is still very large.

In addition, the district 1 area also has a special attraction for many foreign investors, because compared to the central real estate markets in Asia such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore... Ho Chi Minh City has a high level of investment. prices are even lower and the macroeconomic environment is assessed to have stable growth.

Located right in front of the expensive Ton Duc Thang - Nguyen Huu Canh street,

Grand Marina Saigon has golden coordinates when it is the intersection of unique cultures, bearing the imprint of culture - architecture - history - people of Saigon. The project is only a few minutes away from Ben Thanh market and the iconic works of Ho Chi Minh City such as Notre Dame Cathedral, City Theater, Post Office, Bui Vien West Street, Nguyen Hue Walking Street... It is located adjacent to "Financial Wall Street", an area where the headquarters of banks, securities companies, and Grade A office buildings are located in the city.

Grand Marina Bason 1.

Grand Marina Saigon satisfies the luxury lifestyle of elites, successful businessmen, foreign experts... by possessing international standard elements such as a luxurious lobby, modern shopping space, and a swimming pool. overflow swimming pool, 5-layer security system... and especially outstanding is the 5-star standard Avani Saigon hotel right in the podium of the project, full of 5-star standard facilities such as all day dining restaurant, spa, swimming pool. , meeting room service, shuttle service… ready to serve 24/7.

In the context of the central real estate market lack of new supply, Grand Marina Saigon is considered as an investment portfolio or a sustainable settlement option, to anticipate the recovery and breakthrough of the real estate market after the pandemic. .

Grand Marina Bason

Grand Marina Bason

Opportunity to own a luxury apartment Grand Marina Saigon with attractive incentives: only from 10% of the initial capital, payment according to the progress of only 20% until receiving the house; enjoy high committed interest rates, long-term financial support for 30 months, handover to use immediately after only 18 months and many other VIP privileges. Contact hotline 0911 525 454 for detailed advice.

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