Trend of playing furniture in billion-dollar apartments of young Vietnamese (Rich kid, GenZ)

Showing off brand names and luxury cars is no longer a "fashion". Currently, what shows the "class" of many people under the age of 30 is an apartment with furniture that does not "touch", priced at many billions of dong.

At the age of 26, Vu Hai Nam in Bac Tu Liem district (Hanoi) owns a duplex apartment. As soon as he received the house, Nam decided to spend 2.5 billion VND to renovate the rough part, 2.5 billion VND for the interior.

The apartment has just been completed in early 2021, making Nam's friends and acquaintances admire. At first, the guy born in 1995 did not think it would cost that much. With the concept that "houses to live in must be beautiful", Nam accepts to spend most of the accumulated money to "get the best results".

Nam's 210 m2 apartment is designed in a modern style, using highly reflective materials to express luxury. Electronic equipment is imported, the refrigerator is also the most expensive line on the market, with the feature of displaying the desired pictures. Additional decoration for the work is the portrait of the owner with expensive bearbrick models showing the owner's interests and self-care.

Trend of playing furniture in billion-dollar apartments of young Vietnamese (Rich kid, GenZ)-compressed

Modern style is preferred by many young single homeowners. Finishing costs can reach tens of millions of dong per square meter

Architects and interior designers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have noticed that there is a trend that has been around for about two years now: Singles, under the age of 30 are willing to spend money "without regret" to build a house, vice versa. definitely with the "get married and then make a home" route of previous generations.

Architect Dung Phan (Hanoi) revealed that in 2019, the number of single customers aged 25-30 accounted for less than 50% of his company's contracts. This year, this group of visitors is up to 80%. Most of them are young people with early success, "terrible" income, what they have in common is an open mind, good taste, actively looking to and listening to architects or interior designers.

The amount of money young single people spend on their accommodation has also increased significantly. According to architect Vo Luan (Hanoi), in the past, unmarried people, if they built a house, only spent 200-300 million VND for the interior, but a year ago, the owner's willingness to crochet It's not unusual to spend a billion or more for an apartment.

Nguyen Viet Linh (who designed the house for Vu Hai Nam) revealed that he just finished a 100 m2 apartment for a 25-year-old single girl at a cost of 1.1 billion VND. Some young homeowners also asked him to order sofa sets from Italy to Vietnam for 2-3 billion VND or imported sanitary ware sets for 800 million to one billion VND.

Trend of playing furniture in billion-dollar apartments of young Vietnamese (Rich kid, GenZ)-compressed

Young single homeowners today are more concerned with the quality and style of living space

“Show off branded clothes, old cars. Now, successful young people show off their homes," said designer Viet Linh. In fact, luxury goods or cars that were once considered a way of self-expression are no longer worth showing off because many people can afford to own them. But spending billions to buy and build a house, not everyone can do it. "Just post pictures of your house and good furniture, even if you don't show it off, other people can guess how much you have spent," Linh said.

Also because of the need to express themselves, many young single homeowners choose complex design styles, thus pushing up the finishing cost.

Last year, Vu Thu Phuong, a 29-year-old English teacher, bought an apartment of more than 100 square meters in Ba Dinh district. At that time, Japanese-style houses with sliding doors and built-in wardrobes were very popular, often appearing in newspapers. Self-identified as "hating war", the young girl came to the architect with the request "to make a very different apartment, absolutely without using sliding doors or counter-beds".

The apartment has been basically completed, most of the partition walls are broken, and the space is divided. The entire plaster ceiling was removed and electrical wires covered with fireproof metal were installed. "The ceiling alone costs 100 million dong," Phuong revealed.

The interior of the house is a combination of industrial and mid-century styles, "tailored" by Phuong "who hates mass things", and took half a year to complete. It costs nearly 900 million dong, excluding electronics and refrigeration, but Phuong feels it's worth it because "everyone comes and compliments the unique house".

Trend of playing furniture in billion-dollar apartments of young Vietnamese (Rich kid, GenZ)-compressed

For millennials, home is not only a place to live but also a means of expressing their individuality

Another reason why young people are willing to spend money to build a house is the epidemic. In the context of frequent stay at home and few opportunities for vacation, people began to take care of their homes. "Many homeowners also ask to build a house like a resort to enjoy at home," said architect Vo Luan.

According to Mr. Luan, wanting a "house like a resort", young single homeowners accept to spend money to renovate the rough part of the place, which many people often avoid, in order to save money. For example, a townhouse has a perforated floor to make the floor open, a green area, and an apartment that breaks the wall to make a glass wall for a transparent and airy space. "They also like to have a relaxing corner even if the living area is not large and pay more attention to interior materials," added the architect.

The appearance of groups showing off houses on social networks also spurred the young people's desire to have a beautiful home. Psychological studies show that social media makes us compare ourselves to others and sometimes leads to competition. Even, according to designer Dung Phan, there are cases of jealousy, when I see you make a house in this style, I also follow it or when I see an acquaintance buying branded chairs, I also buy it. "Of course, these are just a few," Dung said.

With Vu Hai Nam, the biggest purpose when spending billions of dong on furniture is to live in a decent house and share on social networks to exchange and learn, not to compare. He hopes to buy a villa or penthouse of 500-600 m2 with a swimming pool by the age of 30. "The amount of furniture investment will definitely no longer be 2.5 billion VND but easily reach 10 billion VND", the young man predicted himself.

Meanwhile, Phuong did not post pictures of her home on social networks, only sent some close friends. Her goal next month is to buy 5 lamps designed by famous American artist Isamu Noguchi, the cheapest one is $400.

"They are made of paper, the light yellow is very pleasant", Phuong explained the reason for buying the lamp. “Some people say I'm frivolous, but I don't really mind. I want home to be a relaxing place where I can meditate anywhere, so I will try to buy everything I like.”

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