Ho Chi Minh City 2022 – 2025 : Urban expectations along the Saigon River

Grand Marina – Effective development of the Saigon River corridor and inner city canals will help Ho Chi Minh City promote its cultural, historical and ecological values, create a unique feature of the city and its economic potential. service.

Renovating corridors, exploiting service economy

Urban expectations along the Saigon River

On March 17, Ho Chi Minh City officially inaugurated Bach Dang wharf park with a embellishment scale of about 1.6 hectares. Along with the square around the newly renovated statue of Saint Tran Hung Dao, the banks of the Saigon River in the center of the city have just been given a new, modern, airy and more beautiful coat. This is considered a step to create a premise for synchronous planning along the Saigon River, after Ho Chi Minh City approved the project "Development of river embankments and service economy along the river in HCMC in the period of 2020 - 2045". .

Urban expectations along the Saigon River-compressed (1)

After many times planning urban planning along the two banks of the Saigon River, the leaders of Ho Chi Minh City are determined to implement the project with the orientation of gradually building a complete multi-functional infrastructure system along the river. , organize a landscape architectural space connecting public utilities, creating conditions for the development of economic activities, services related to rivers and green infrastructure.

Accordingly, Ho Chi Minh City will divide the Saigon River into two regions, including the upstream area from Dau Tieng Lake to Phu Long Bridge (District 12) and the mid-downstream area from Phu Long Bridge to Mui Den Do junction (falling off). three rivers Saigon - Soai Rap river - District 7. The project is divided according to the roadmap, from now to 2025, the city will implement an action program to renovate and embellish the Saigon River corridor - the downtown area associated with economic and service development projects. ; promulgate and implement regulations, regulations and guidelines for management and development of river corridors. From 2025 to 2045, deploy green infrastructure investment projects integrated with tourism and economic activities, entertainment services, and complete the legality of planning in the area along the river...

Urban space along the Saigon River is expected to be the driving force for Ho Chi Minh City's economic and service development.

Urban expectations along the Saigon River

“The city will invite experienced experts, scientists and architects to bring into full play the value of the Saigon River. How to get a beautiful riverbank from District 1 to Cu Chi to serve residents and visitors. Accordingly, the boulevard along the Saigon River is not only a public living space serving the people, but also a special highlight of the city,” said Mr. Le Hoa Binh, Standing Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. strong.

Uncover priceless wealth

Considering that the Saigon River is an invaluable asset, planning expert-engineer Tran Van Tuong assessed that Ho Chi Minh City had planned a riverfront route to be planned as a landscape, but never questioned development. economic development. The expansion of Bach Dang Wharf is a favorable opportunity for the city to combine and reorganize the space on both sides of the Saigon River with a unique and smooth landscape from beginning to end, associated with urban development thinking.

Engineer Tran Van Tuong analyzed that the Saigon River has unique features such as a large dragon winding and weaving in the heart of the city, passing through many districts. The two banks have a large strip of land in "geodetic" positions that are very convenient for expanding space, beautifying the landscape, solving traffic and drainage... Since the 20th century, Saigon has been a commercial leading port in the Far East, exporting 75% of goods to Indochina. Connecting many localities, the Saigon River is also the gateway to the world. Saigon at that time was planned with many outstanding connecting works that still exist to this day such as ports, Ben Thanh market, Opera House, Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace... Many points entertainment, economic development towards the Saigon River. Lon Canal (now Nguyen Hue pedestrian street), Xang canal (now Ham Nghi street) has commercial markets and organizes international events. Along the banks of the Saigon River, there are parks at Bach Dang Wharf, Nha Rong Wharf, Ba Son Port, Tan Cang… Activities of building and repairing boats, freight forwarding and freight forwarding services, and commercial activities. on the wharf under the boat” made a cultural and economic pillar hundreds of years ago for Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City. Today, it is more convenient in traffic when we have a series of bridges Binh Phuoc, Binh Loi, Binh Trieu, Saigon, Thu Thiem...; Waterway bus route from District 1 to Linh Dong Ward (Thu Duc City); Thu Thiem Bridge 2 is about to be completed… There are also historical imprints connecting many relics with cultural places such as pagodas, churches, Thu Thiem urban area, Me Linh square.

According to Mr. Tuong, first, the East bank from Thu Duc City and the West bank from Binh Thanh District to District 4 will be smooth, with a strip of green parks and places for community activities. In addition, it is advisable to arrange places to organize events, weekend programs, art performances... Create more highlights for both sides of the river, diverse types of impressive activities with the main traffic function. is walking combined with public transport. In addition, it is necessary to dedicate a part of the space to create the city's brand symbol, and have a museum displaying documents related to the history of exploration and development of the land of Saigon - Gia Dinh.

"Seoul (Korea) when its economic development was outstanding, the world media called "the miracle of the Han River". Shanghai (China) plans on East Street (similar to the model of Ho Chi Minh City developing Thu Thiem on the Saigon River on the side of Thu Duc City) to become the world's leading economic and financial center, called "the period of time" area of Huangpu River”. We need to plan in the direction of converging what belongs to the past, present, and future together with natural times and geographical advantages for Ho Chi Minh City to create a "miracle of the Saigon River", emphasized engineer Tuong.

Large land bank, comfortable exploiting services

According to architect Ngo Anh Vu, Institute of Construction Planning, with a distance of 100 - 200 m from the high edge of the bank inward, along the length of about 80 km of the Saigon River, if planning on both sides of the river, it will about 3,100 - 5,000 ha, of which the river surface area is about 2,000 ha.

Thus, the area of ​​land on both sides of the river embankment is equivalent to the area of ​​​​Tan Phu or District 7, ensuring enough to plan any use function. If the ratio of area for green parks is 60% of the above land fund, the city has an additional 1,800 - 3,000 ha, equivalent to the target of 0.6 - 1.8 m2 of green trees/person (calculated with population size). about 10 million people), higher than the group's target of green park land according to Vietnam's construction standards and 1.22-3.67 times higher than the current actual green tree target of the city. With the remaining area spent about 20% for traffic and 20% for services and public open space, we will have 220 - 600 ha to build museums, food courts, clubs. , sports ground, children's play area, cultural house, retail store, outdoor exhibition, visitor center, performance, festival activities...

Architect Nguyen Ngoc Dung noted that the Saigon riverside planning must be based on the whole river basin, fully visualize the terrain and integrate not only construction but also economy, traffic, culture, and history. history… In the world, countries that are located next to the sea will develop very quickly thanks to sea trade. Although Ho Chi Minh City is located inside, it has the advantage of the Saigon River running in the direction of Can Gio, to the sea. Besides, the Saigon River not only flows through Ho Chi Minh City but also through the Be River (Binh Duong), Dong Nai River… But we often do planning according to administrative boundaries, each place is different, can be different. good for one region but not good for another. At times, rivers are seen as a giant sewer. In fact, the river is fenced, encroached, torn by a series of subdivision projects for sale. The park on both sides of the river is almost empty because shops and warehouses have sprung up indiscriminately. In the upstream of the river, there are a series of industrial parks and residential areas that carelessly discharge waste... inadvertently pushing all the pollution back to the Saigon River.

Therefore, the landscape on both sides of the river needs to be designed and planned on the overall picture from upstream to downstream, on the principle that there are two parallel roads on both sides of the river, both for walking and for pedestrians. motorized vehicles move, in the middle is a park. The riverside road is regulated flexibly, ranging from a place of at least 50 m to a place where 200 m will decide how to clear it, which areas to invest in what... Along the Saigon River, there are not only parks. , culture and history that must include the marine economy, connecting waterways with roads, railways, metro... Integrated planning, space for each department and industry to make each item and then reassemble it As it is now," said Mr. Dung, emphasizing that once the project has been approved by the top management, it must become a law, subject to copyright, unchanged and unmodified. With that, businesses and people can trust to invest and join hands to break through the city's economy from the potential of the Saigon River.

The concept of "compensation for clearance" should be abolished.

Architect Nguyen Ngoc Dung proposed: "When the city publicizes a good plan with a specific boundary, there will be a clean land fund around the two riverbanks for reinvestment and land auction for participating investors. family. Should remove the concept of "compensation for clearance", instead, people with land along the river corridor will become "shareholders" for projects, primary investors contribute capital with their own land. . Along the two riverbanks, there will be a very fast development speed without waiting for compensation, clearance and lawsuits like so long.

By: Thanhnien

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