GOLDEN SIDE: Attraction from the unique location of Grand Marina, Saigon District 1

Located in the central core of District 1, along the Saigon River, Grand Marina, Saigon owns an ideal location in all aspects, rare for any comparable project.

On September 24 and 25, 2022, Grand Marina, Saigon successfully held an event to introduce the project to Singaporean customers, attracting hundreds of investors.

With many successful launches in Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore, this branded real estate project has been proving its global appeal to both residential buyers and property investors.

According to international business experts, one of the factors creating the attraction is the project's prime location, from the perspective of connectivity, vision and feng shui.

Optimal transport connections

Located at the corner of the key Ton Duc Thang and Nguyen Huu Canh streets, Grand Marina, Saigon possesses outstanding connectivity advantages. Residents at the project can easily move to the most important places in the city such as Saigon Trade Center, City Opera House, Ben Thanh Market, Bitexco Tower, and many hospitals or schools. domestic head.

GOLDEN SIDE: Attraction from the unique location of Grand Marina, Saigon District 1

The strategic location of Grand Marina, Saigon makes it easy for residents to connect to important places in the city

Grand Marina, Saigon is only a few minutes away from Thu Thiem 1 bridge, Thu Thiem 2 bridge and Thu Thiem new urban area by car.

In addition, the project also benefits from metro line 1 with Ba Son station located on the premises, allowing future residents to easily move throughout the city. This is also the project that owns the only marina in District 1, providing a rare waterway connection.

This location will be the anchorage of residents' private yachts and the Ocean Master superyacht branded Azimut Grande 25M, crafted by Azimut - a legend in the world famous yacht manufacturing field. to the privileges of unique and different riverside branded lifestyle experiences for customers.

River view "millions of dollars"

There is nothing more attractive than waking up every day starting with a beautiful view, a wide open view filled with light, facing the calm flow of the river. At Grand Marina, Saigon, residents will enjoy a beautiful, spacious, open view of the Saigon River, bringing a feeling of relaxation and energy every day.

Grand Marina Saigon 5

The "million dollar" vision of the project

The riverside view brings not only spiritual value but also economic value. It's no coincidence that people call it the "million dollar" vision.

According to a report by Knight Frank published at the end of 2020, waterfront properties globally are priced 40% higher on average than products of the same size, utilities, and construction quality.

CBRE Vietnam's survey at the Symposium "The Future of Luxury Real Estate in Vietnam's Urban Area" in 2021 shows that river view can make a difference of 24% - 81% in the selling price of real estate. movables.

Feng shui terrain to accumulate fortune

Feng shui is considered by many clients to be an important aspect of real estate projects. According to feng shui expert and international architect Michael Chiang, Grand Marina, Saigon possesses a favorable feng shui terrain, promising to bring a lot of fortune to the future owner.


International feng shui expert and architect Michael Chiang shared with clients Grand Marina, Saigon during an exclusive consultation

The project is located in the land that receives 2 flows from the north, the Saigon River and Nhieu Loc - Thi Nghe canal and connects to Ton Duc Thang street in the south.

According to Mr. Michael Chiang, this is an extremely favorable terrain in the period of luck 9, corresponding to the year 2024 to 2043, according to the 180-year cycle of Tam Nguyen Cuu Yun and the Luo Shu (Lo Shu) chart. Abundant fortunes are brought by the flow of the Saigon River and accumulated at the project thanks to the block Thu Thiem 2 bridge.

This is considered the "way of gathering water" or the Vietnamese often call it flowing water - an ideal location in feng shui to store money.

The marina of Grand Marina, Saigon acts as a "pump", sucking fortune into the project. At the same time, the fact that many yachts are anchored here, from a feng shui perspective, is like "a good land where birds land".

GOLDEN SIDE: Attraction from the unique location of Grand Marina, Saigon District 1

Grand Marina, Saigon owns "a way of gathering water" to accumulate wealth for homeowners

The luxury apartment towers of Grand Marina, Saigon are located between a series of high-rise buildings, according to experts, "left Thanh Long, right Bach Ho", a solid position for development and promotion. of future residents.

The shape of the land where Grand Marina is built, Saigon resembles a legendary creature called "clam dragon" half dragon, half fish. Mr. Michael called it the terrain "clam dragons out of sea".

This feng shui image represents the great opportunities that await future residents of Grand Marina, Saigon, like clams going to the big sea to wave, affirming their strength and talent to achieve success, as well as affirming their strength and talent for success. like the image of a carp turning into a dragon in Vietnamese culture. That is also the position of the future owners of Grand Marina, Saigon, taking advantage of opportunities, asserting themselves, thereby reaping a lot of money, fame and status.

With 3 elements ideal, project real estate Grand Marina brand, Saigon owns a unique position, attracting a large number of domestic and international buyers.


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