Positive signal in the real estate market at the end of 2022, entering 2023

With a series of positive signals such as the strong recovery of the economy, public investment activities, timely adjustment... the real estate market is forecasted to be optimistic in the late 2022 period, entering 2023. The market showed signs of slowing down, but experts said that this is a timely correction after a period of many fluctuations.

Positive signal in the real estate market at the end of 2022, entering 2023

Experts share,

Mr. Tran Khanh Quang, General Director of Viet An Hoa Real Estate Company analyzed, if according to normal developments, by 2023, the market will have adjustments. But now, the market has problems such as Tan Hoang Minh bonds, real estate auctions, stock price jobs or real estate bond squeezes... Unintentionally real estate is being self-adjusted from are from.

“In the bad there is such a good thing. It is true that next year the real estate market is in trouble. But inadvertently, the above phenomenon appeared, so the real estate market will be adjusted sooner in the near future, "said Mr. Quang.

According to this expert, thanks to the early adjustment, the real estate market will also quickly recover and grow again in the near future.

Assessing the current developments of the real estate market, Dr. Can Van Luc pointed out that, despite facing many challenges, the positive signal is still great.

Specifically, according to Mr. Luc, this year Vietnam's economy will recover better. This expert said that people will find it difficult to buy houses when the economy is growing negatively, losing jobs and reducing incomes. Mr. Luc said that last year, Vietnam's economy grew slower than the world's due to drastic focus on epidemic prevention with delta variation in the second and third quarters.

In the third quarter of 2021, the growth rate was negative 6%, by the fourth quarter the Government had to adjust its strategy with Resolution 128, so the economy recovered. The scenario this year Vietnam's economy grows by 6.8-7.1%, so 7% is feasible.

Dr. Luc also pointed to a number of other positive signals contributing to promoting the real estate market such as the Socio-economic Development and Recovery Program, information on planning, infrastructure investment, and public investment being promoted. ; The Housing Development Strategy for the 2021-2030 period sets a target of building 1 million social housing…

In addition, the real estate market also welcomes abundant capital flows. Only in the first 7 months of the year, capital into real estate is about 420,000 billion VND and it is forecasted that by the end of the year, this number will reach 800,000 billion VND. This capital inflow is considered an important "lifeblood" to help the real estate market recover and grow.

Another optimistic indicator that Dr. That expected force is the resolution of legal problems. If this is done, thousands of real estate projects will be cleared, billions of dollars will be contributed to socio-economic development, and several hundred thousand jobs will be added.

Mr. David Jackson - General Director of Colliers Vietnam also commented that there are many factors that keep us optimistic about the market.

According to Mr. David Jackson, in terms of policy, how the authorities make specific next decisions with the tightening of real estate credit will have the most important impact on developments in the residential segment. households, townhouses and resort real estate. Policies to regulate capital "flow" more into the manufacturing industries and towards people with real housing needs to help them get a place to live are very important and necessary. Such policies will gradually make the real estate market as well as the economy in general develop more stably and sustainably.

These adjustment policies will also ensure a balance between maintaining the dynamism of the real estate market, preventing the risk of "bubbles" forming and meeting real demand, which is of great significance in stabilizing the real estate market. determine the macro market to continue towards common goals for the whole society.

Sharing the same view on the optimistic signal about the real estate market, Assoc. Dr. Dinh Trong Thinh, an economist, said that in 2022-2023, along with the growth and development of the economy, public investment, etc., it is clear that the supply of real estate products will increase. Investment enterprises should be prepared to have a quality supply to the market. Enterprises also need to be supported in terms of investment and construction procedures to remove bottlenecks and accelerate the progress of projects.

The planning in each region and locality should be public and transparent to minimize speculation and price inflation. The construction of archives on planning as well as the stability of the planning is very important. So if the planning is public from the beginning, the stability will increase, there is no longer a matter of asking - giving, leading to a bluff adjustment of the plan.

It is necessary to have a data base on the real estate market so that market participants can understand it, the market will always be in its real value, there will be no price manipulation or price blowing. mix.

This series of positive signals will help the real estate market move in a healthy and transparent manner.

From the perspective of businesses directly participating in the market, Mr. Nguyen Tho Tuyen, Chairman of BHS Group pointed out there are 4 factors that positively affect the market. These factors include: good macroeconomic growth in the first 6 months, high increase in FDI; epidemics are controlled, people are able to move easily, access and market participation is easier; recovery tourism; public investment is promoted.

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