Real estate market in the time of Covid-19: In the "risk" for investors?

The epidemic is shaking the market, but the reality has proven that the global health crisis has brought many great opportunities for investors.

Real estate investment during the pandemic: In danger

The outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020 caused many securities investors to flee the market, causing the VN-Index to fall to the 600 point mark. Those investors who were brave enough to collect shares at that time and sell them at the end of 2020 made a big profit.

Many financial experts believe that if an investor enters the market at that point, but the asset does not increase by at least 70%, it is temporarily called a loss because the VN-Index in 2020 has increased by nearly 70%.

Similarly, in the real estate market, those who buy apartments in Ho Chi Minh City in early 2020, can now increase their assets by an average of 9%, according to experts. “Although the market is standing still due to the epidemic, compared to 10 years ago, any type of real estate has increased in value quite high. And 10 years later, the value of real estate will also continue to increase, "the experts said.

Most economic crises have great opportunities. Only investors who are knowledgeable and truly professional can seize the opportunity.

Masteri Center Point attracts attention with the solution 'house-changing house'

New opportunities from the real estate market

Vietnam is being affected by the fourth outbreak, also the most severe because new strains of the virus spread faster. Although the pandemic lasted for a long time and had a significant impact on some segments, the real estate market in general showed positive signs.

According to the latest survey results of Colliers Vietnam, the high-end real estate segment is being absorbed well with more than 80% of sold apartments, and buyers are mainly individual investors. Apartment prices in Thu Duc City are increasing. The limited land fund in Ho Chi Minh City is also contributing to the increase in apartment prices in all segments.

It can be seen that in this 4th outbreak, many investors are still looking to buy properties with high profit potential. However, besides the optimistic investment sentiment during the epidemic season, there are also many doubtful opinions. “Should I take advantage of buying a house or should I wait for the epidemic to subside?” This is the question of many investors, and even those who are in need of buying a house at this time.

Answering this question, Mr. Vo Huynh Tuan Kiet, Director of CBRE Vietnam's housing division said: "For the secondary market, due to the epidemic situation, many people want to liquidate their apartments. creating opportunities for investors to buy houses at a lower price than before by 5% - 10%. As for the primary market, according to CBRE Vietnam's report, apartment prices have continued to increase during the recent epidemic and will also tend to increase in the near future, due to investment costs and expenses. raw materials, loan interest, financial expenses... all increased and are included in the selling price of the product. Therefore, if there is really a need to buy a house, it is better to buy a house at this time."

"House changing house" with Win-Win-Win formula- a new direction for the real estate market

"House changing house" with Win-Win-Win formula- a new direction for the real estate market

New home buying solutions to increase assets during the epidemic season

Although the opening for sale and business are facing many difficulties due to the epidemic, the market has also been quite active recently with innovative home buying solutions, allowing investors to "buy first - pay later" and optimize the number of customers. its capital. Specifically, this model supports a loan package of 100% of the apartment value with 0% interest, with the condition that the current real estate is used as collateral.

In it, the policy “Home for Home – House changing house” is one of the policies that attract a lot of attention from home buyers and investors. Compared with the traditional method of 30-70 loan packages (30% of the house value is required, the remaining 70% are installment loans), investors participating in Home for Home can buy a house right away at the current price. current point, but interest and principal payments are graced up to 24 months. This is a price advantage for investors when they do not have to pay an advance but can still buy a new real estate.

In addition, if the old apartment is used as a mortgage for 30% of the first payment, during the period before starting to pay interest and principal, investors can continue to use, rent or sell when they get the rate. expected price.

According to Mr. Vo Huynh Tuan Kiet, one of the advantages of Home for Home is that the valuation of the old house as well as the loan procedures will be coordinated by the investor and the associated bank to assist customers in handling. "This will help reduce the time you have to spend when you have to process the relevant documents yourself," said Mr. Kiet.

Buying a home first and paying later is considered a smart investment during the pandemic. However, to be eligible to take advantage of this solution package, investors need to have a clear financial plan and understand the liquidity value of the old house. Participating clients need to have a financial planning consultant.

Home for Home - What is the strategy of Masterise Homes when it comes to announcing the 'house-for-home' solution?

Home for Home is an outstanding housing solution developed by Masterise Homes and Techcombank, bringing smart investment values:

  • Support 100% capital, 0% interest
  • Pay only after receiving the house
  • There are 18-24 months of optimizing investment cash flow
  • Increase profits without capital

Increase profits See more info: capital


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