Love Bay with the largest water music festival in Southeast Asia

In order to have a vibrant life rhythm similar to the old downtown of the city, The Global City is being planned and designed with many attractive highlights.

The Global City - The largest water music festival in Southeast Asia

The Global City – The largest water music festival in Southeast Asia in early September 2022

Today, when it comes to Ho Chi Minh City, the Nguyen Hue - Le Loi area is still considered the downtown area of the city, the first choice for entertainment, shopping and culinary activities of a large number of customers. But with the formation of The Global City in An Phu Ward, City. Thu Duc, the city is expected to have a second "downtown" area in the next 4 years.


The Global City - water music festival



No need to go to Singapore or Dubai, right in Vietnam, for the first time, residents and visitors of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City will be able to see first-hand a world-class water music performance, with a series of the most advanced technologies in sound, light, sprinkler system and brilliant laser effects, all bringing a eye-catching art party. It is expected that by the end of 2022, when the entire 2km canal is put into operation, the Water Music Park will be 5 times larger than the current scale and the largest in Southeast Asia.

HCMC - Large-scale water music area at The Global City at the end of this year.


Love Bay with the leading large water music area in Southeast Asia

A classic example of how to create a new downtown for a city is Singapore. If 15 years ago the Orchard Road area was considered the top destination for tourists when staying, shopping and having fun in Singapore, today the new downtown of the lion island nation is the Marina Bay area, where the concentration of tourist attractions is located. economic and cultural activities of the highest caliber. Masterise Homes' vision when developing The Global City urban area is to create a "miracle" similar to Marina Bay, with similar highlights.

Among them, one of the success factors - also the advantage of Marina Bay is taking advantage of the water surface. Marina Bay area has an advantage that since 2002, the Merlion statue has been moved to the bay, becoming a magnet to attract tourists to this area. Recreational activities, relaxation, and shopping are also concentrated around the bay, such as One Fullerton Shopping Center, Marina Bay Sands complex, Art Science Museum, floating stores of Louis Vuitton and Apple...

With one side adjacent to the Rach Chiec River, The Global City in Ho Chi Minh City also makes use of and even expands the water surface in the project with an artificial canal system with a total length of up to 2km called "The Canal of Love" ” – Bay of Love. The highlight of the bay is the modern and leading-scale water music system in Southeast Asia, which is a magnet to attract tourists of The Global City. Besides, the water surface area throughout the project also brings a breath of nature, a fresh and fresh space for residents of The Global City.


HCMC - Large-scale water music area at The Global City at the end of this year.


It is expected that Love Bay and water music area will be completed and put into operation in Q4/2022.

Nearly 13 hectares of trees

Surrounding the Bay of Love area is a large green park, bringing a poetic scene, attracting a large number of tourists to come and enjoy every weekend. The total green area of The Global City is up to nearly 13 hectares, equivalent to 11% of the project area. According to the project developer, the entire landscape and public utilities of the project are being prioritized for construction to be completed in the first quarter of 2023, bringing vitality to the entire metropolis.

The green area is also a highlight of the Marina Bay area, with the 101-hectare Gardens by the Bay, which has welcomed more than 50 million visitors as of 2018. The annual revenue of Gardens by the Bay is estimated at over $100 million. These figures show that green space not only brings sustainable value to urban living space but also has great economic value.

Grade A shopping mall is 123,000 m2 wide

If the Marina Bay area has the highlight of the Marina Bay Sands complex, similarly The Global City has a Grade A shopping mall in the center of the project, bringing the bustling bustle of a downtown area of the city.

In the case of Marina Bay Sands, this resort, commercial and casino complex has a total investment cost of up to $5.6 billion. Since opening in 2010, the project has attracted more than 380 million customers to visit and stay here, and more than 1,000 events, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, events, awards of companies. company.


Perspective of The Global City District 2


Trong trường hợp của The Global City, đó là một TTTM quy mô hàng đầu TP. Thủ Đức với diện tích 123.000 m2, nơi dự kiến sẽ quy tụ những thương hiệu thời trang cao cấp, những nhà hàng sang trọng cùng các tiện ích giải trí tân tiến. Trong tương lai, đây cũng sẽ là địa điểm tổ chức các sự kiện trong nhà quy mô lớn của TP.HCM. Sự sôi động nhộn nhịp đó không chỉ thu hút các hoạt động thương mại tại TTTM mà còn lan tỏa đến các hoạt động kinh doanh, mua sắm tại các dãy nhà phố trong The Global City.


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The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

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Lumiere Boulevard: Comprehensive utility apartments right at the project

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