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Có thể nói năm 2023 là năm của bất động sản quận 9, Thành phố Thủ Đức. Với sự phát triển của quận 2, đồng thời là sự xuất hiện của các trường đại học, khu công nghệ cao Samsung. Bất động sản quận 9 đang Hot hơn bao giờ hết. Và thật là thiếu sót nếu nhắc bất động sản quận 9 mà không nhắc đến dự án đình đám dự án The Emeria.

Nhà phố, Biệt thự The Emeria với vị trí đắc địa, thiết kế cao cấp và sang trọng cùng với những tiện ích VIP đẳng cấp sẽ mang đến một không gian sống hoàn hảo, phục vụ tối đa nhu cầu của cư dân nơi đây, mang lại một không gian sống thư giãn yên bình và êm ấm cho các gia đình ở đây. The Emeria sẽ là nơi an cư lý tưởng trong mơ của nhiều người.


Since the launch of The Emeria Khang Dien project, which has been evaluated by experts, it will create a real estate as a royal garden exclusively for city residents, which will bring a feeling of regal living in a modern style. The most modern and luxurious resort with international standards compared to other projects in the same segment.

Name of project: The Emeria
Location: Ngay Vòng Xoay Phú Hữu, Đường Võ Chí Công, Phú Hữu, Quận 9, Tp. HCM
Investment unit: Công ty Đầu tư và Kinh Doanh Nhà Khang Điền
Construction general: Coteccons
Distributor: Thuan Hung Group
Management & Operation Unit: Updating...
Scale: 6ha với 2 mặt giáp sông
Product Type: Nhà phố, biệt thự
Area types: 90 – 210 m²
Commencement - Handover: Năm 2023 – Năm 2026
Project Legal: Pink book long-term ownership
50 years with foreigners
Utilities: Công viên cây xanh lớn chạy dọc 2 mặt sông , Hồ bơi thác nước, Đài phun nước, Hồ cảnh quan, Khu vui chơi trẻ em, siêu thị 24h, Sân đa năng, phòng Gym, khu BBQ, …


Located right in front of Vanh Dai Trong Street, in Phu Huu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City is adjacent to District 2. Some neighboring projects are already inhabited, the location of Updating helps residents live. Living here saves a lot of time when moving into District 1, District 7, the distance is closer to Dong Nai and Vung Tau provinces when following the ring road to the highway.

Moving will become a lot easier when choosing Khang Dien Updating Townhouse District 9 as a stopover. Residents will feel the convenience and convenience in connecting traffic to areas that only take 15-20 minutes, specifically as follows:

From the project to District 1, it only takes 10 minutes to move if you go in the direction of Long Thanh Dau Giay highway and Thu Thiem tunnel. It takes 15 minutes to get to Phu My Hung along the East Ring route and Phu My bridge. 5 minutes to schools, shopping areas, supermarkets, hospitals, markets and high-tech zones in District 9. And 7 minutes can reach the center of District 2 along the 150m wide Hanoi Highway.

Finally, residents here can move quickly to Dong Nai and Vung Tau provinces when following the ring road to the highway.

Dự án The Emeria Khang Điền


Chủ đầu tư là ông lớn trong giới bất động sản luôn đảm bảo được uy tín và chất lượng.

The investor of the project of townhouses and villas Updating is Khang Dien Housing Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company. This is a reputable and professional big man in the real estate industry who always ensures the quality of the handover works, which is reflected in the chain of projects Khang Dien deployed, which is always loved and warmly welcomed by the market. , especially villa and townhouse projects such as Lucasta villa, Rosita project, Jamila apartment, safira apartment, Lovera Park townhouse project, Venica luxury villa, The Classic and many other projects of the owner private .

This is considered a guideline for the company to take steps to dedicate and build ideal places for residents of the City. Particularly for the Melosa Garden townhouse project, Khang Dien wishes to bring a complete, modern and quality house, helping customers confidently build their dream home in the most ideal space in the city. District 9.



The Emeria Khang Dien project in District 9 has a large scale with a total area of 6 hectares. However, the construction density only accounts for low density, the rest is the density of trees, utilities, central park, lake and park running along the two sides of the river.

The project is designed with design ideas from model houses in Singapore, with modern, nature-friendly architecture and integrates many high-class amenities while still aiming for the best living environment for guests. row. Therefore, Khang Dien designs adjacent townhouses, creating closeness.

In the apartment space will follow the airy and large design style. Modern luxury interior architecture. From here giving residents the best possible life.

Overview Dat Xanh Homes Riverside is a riverfront land with 12 towers built flexibly to help circulate air and ventilation. With a wide viewing angle, the towers are arranged in accordance with construction standards, the front tower does not cover each other's views, ensuring that from every position of the project, residents can see the green landscape of the city. park and surrounding river landscape.

In modern design, the elements of space are always maximized so that residents can enjoy the advantage of ventilation and panoramic views from above. At DatXanhHomes Riverside, the overhead garden area is cleverly and delicately arranged, an ideal place for residents to rest, enjoy the fanciful colors of the sky at night and the purity and clarity when the light is shining. dawn emerges.

Thiết kế The Emeria


Ngoại khu

Around The Emeria project, there are all necessary facilities such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, sports centers, administration..., with a distance of less than 2 km such as:

    • Nguyen Van Troi Primary and Secondary School is 0.5km . away
    • Australian International School AIS on Mai Chi Tho Street, 1.5km . away
    • BIS British International School is 1.7 km . away
    • There is also a supermarket COOP.MART District 9 4km away and District 2 General Hospital 1km

Nội khu

  • Swimming pool - overflowing lake: Inspired by the image of an artificial waterfall in Singapore's high-class residential areas, the swimming pool and overflowing pool are prioritized to become the main highlight for the whole project. Here, residents of The Emeria can practice sports, play and entertain in the fresh water.
  • Landscape lake: this is a perfect green and fresh living space with two sides bordering the river and a large landscaped lake located in the center of the project to help air-condition the whole area.
  • Green space: In order to create a green and clean living environment for residents of green parks, soft grass was born, suitable for organizing short-term picnics or team-building for the whole family.
  • Children's play area: At The Emeria Khang Dien, a safe play area dedicated to children is invested with healthy games, helping children have appropriate activities, enjoy playing and exercising after hours. pressure learning.
  • Gym: fully equipped with modern machines and tools that will effectively support your training process.
  • Tennis court: super wide, airy international standard.
  • Mini Mart: A convenient minimart that ensures the most essential needs for you and your family just a few steps away.


Trên đây là những thông tin tổng quan về dự án The Emeria Khang Điền mà phòng kinh doanh muốn gửi đến bạn đọc. Hy vọng qua bài viết trên có thể trả lời được cho bạn đọc biết rằng tại sao chủ đầu tư tự tin khẳng định được như vậy là do dự án biệt thự The Emeria sở hữu được tất cả.

Mọi chi tiết về dự án The Emeria quý khách vui lòng liên hệ hotline phòng kinh doanh Khang Điền 0911525454 hoặc đăng ký form tư vấn bên dưới, trân trọng cảm ơn !

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