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The East City" in general and the District 9 area in particular is receiving a lot of attention from the government and is expected to become a new "bright spot" of real estate in Ho Chi Minh City.

The 9 Stellars - perspective
The 9 Stellars – perspective

The 9 Stellars – Merger of three districts creates economic breakthrough in District 9

Ho Chi Minh City is cherishing the development of an innovative urban area that is merged from three districts to create a vibrant East City, which includes the High-Tech Park in District 9, Thu Duc National University and the Center. Thu Thiem Finance, District 2. With special attention from the government, the formation of an innovative urban area will create breakthroughs for the real estate market of the three districts, which is the driving force to promote. economy and improve people's living standards. It is expected that the "East area" will form a key economic area of 21,000 hectares, with one million people accounting for 10% of the city's population but estimated to contribute about 30% GDP of HCMC.

The 9 Stellars
The 9 Stellars

Dang Phuong Hang – CEO of CBRE Vietnam said: “2020 is a difficult year for the housing market as the Covid-19 pandemic affects everyone in the market. However, the market showed positive signs of recovery at the end of Q2. Investors are urgently planning to deploy projects and buyers are actively looking for suitable products at reasonable prices. . This will be the driving force for a more exciting second half of the year.”

According to CBRE's Q2 report, the supply for the second half of 2020 will gradually improve and reach about 18,000 units for the whole year, although down 32% compared to 2019, mid-end products will continue to account for a high proportion. besides a moderate amount of supply from the luxury and high-end segments. In particular, the East will continue to be the hot spot of the market, with many new projects in District 2 and District 9.

The 9 Stellars - Land Fund
The 9 Stellars – Land Fund

Gateway to traffic connection

One of the factors that helps District 9 become the focus of domestic and international investors is that the area's infrastructure is invested and developed, and real estate projects are conveniently located near the highway. .

According to experts, the attraction of real estate in District 9 is largely thanks to the promoted transport infrastructure planning policy. In fact, 70% is equivalent to 245,000 billion VND of the total investment capital in infrastructure connecting to the East. In which, the most prominent is the parallel highway Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay with a total investment of up to 808 billion VND. Major roads such as Ring Road 2 (Inner Ring Road) are also widened with 6 lanes to reduce traffic jams at peak hours. In addition, the Metro 1, Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien lines that will soon come into operation will quickly connect District 9 with central districts.

The 9 Stellars - Location
The 9 Stellars – Location

In particular, the district 9 area also benefits from convenient connectivity via Hanoi Highway. With many advantages in traffic infrastructure and the potential of the East, high-end real estate projects in District 9 will be home to a community of experts, intellectuals, engineers, doctors, lecturers, etc. students from prestigious universities in the region.

The 9 Stellars – New international mark in District 9

According to the city's plan from now to 2025, District 9 is becoming a new urban area with improved infrastructure, focused public utilities and improved people's living standards. JLL noted that real estate investors are tending to move away from the center, where there is a large land bank and a diverse ecosystem to develop green projects aimed at the buyer segment. This is considered one of the advantages that makes the district 9 area attract the attention of investors such as Jamila Khang Dien, Saigon Gateway, Thu Thiem Garden, Park Riverside...

The 9 Stellars - Design
The 9 Stellars – Design

Currently, many "big guys" have considered District 9 as a golden land to build large-scale projects, including Vinhomes Grand Park - a megacity located in the center of District 9 with a total scale of up to 271. ,8 hectares. Adjacent to the most "central" location of Vinhomes Grand Park urban area, there is also The 9 Stellars project, by experienced developer Son Kim Land.

The 9 Stellars - premises
The 9 Stellars – premises

The 9 Stellars with 16.5ha, designed by the world's leading units with high-class international quality, promises to bring a new standard of living for high-class residents in District 9. In the future, when the land fund of the central districts is increasingly limited, along with the escalating real estate prices in District 2, projects in District 9 will become more and more attractive in the eyes of investors and investors. Buyer to stay.

The 9 Stellars - Design1
The 9 Stellars – Design1

Scale of The 9 Stellars luxury apartment project in District 9

Name of project: THE 9 STELLARS
Building location Front of Hoang Huu Nam Street, Long Binh Ward, District 9, HCMC
Investment unit: Ngan Thanh Joint Stock Company
Construction unit: Updating
Development unit: Son Kim Land
Expected distributor: Thuan Hung Real Estate Trading Joint Stock Company
Total planned area 16.5ha
Building density Updating
Number of Blocks: Logging in
Building floor height Updating
Total number of products 159 villas & townhouses and 3000 apartments.
Phase 1 deploys 4.5ha: 191 apartments and 80 Premium Villas
Product Type: Commercial apartments, Officetel and Penhouse
Townhouses, villas and Premium Villas
Design of the apartment 1PN – 2PN – 3BR
Local amenities Internal Utilities More than 50 facilities are created for a high-class life such as Trade Center, commercial ground floor - Shophouse, school, overflowing swimming pool, cinema, kindergarten, children's play area, gym, internal walkway, …
Ownership: Castle

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