Thu Duc city according to the planning of Sasaki Associates Inc includes 6 important centers

The Government Office recently announced the conclusion to agree to the policy of Thu Duc City on the basis of merging District 2, District 9 and Thu Duc District in the East of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, is expected to be the nucleus, promoting the economy of Ho Chi Minh City and the whole southern region in the future.


Thu Duc city according to the plan of Sasaki Associates Inc. includes 6 important centers, City People's Committee


With an estimated area of 210km2, about one million people, it is expected to contribute 30% of the gross regional product (GRDP) of Ho Chi Minh City, equal to 4% - 5% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP).

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong, Chairman of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, has also directed the Department of Planning and Architecture of the city to coordinate with the consulting unit to complete the draft of the project of forming and developing an innovative and interactive urban area. East High (Thu Duc City) based on the opinions of departments and branches.

The agreed budget is 100,000 USD, completed in August. The Department of Planning and Architecture will also give priority to inviting bids to conduct research with Sasaki Company.

Thu Duc city in the future includes 6 important centers and will make great contributions to the socio-economic picture of the country.

According to the planning idea of Sasaki, Thu Duc city in the future will have 6 important centers including: Thu Thiem International Financial Center; Rach Chiec Sports and Health Area; Saigon Hi-Tech Center; Education Technology Center (National University of Ho Chi Minh City); Tam Da Eco-Tech Park and Truong Tho Future Urban Area.

The establishment of Thu Duc City not only has great significance in the socio-economic development of Ho Chi Minh City, but also serves as a basis for promoting investment calls in Ho Chi Minh City. Recently, to promote investment, Ho Chi Minh City has proposed to re-plan 3 areas in this area, Linh Trung, Truong Tho and Tam Da to attract investment projects.

According to Sasaki's plan, Thu Duc new city will have 6 important centers:

Thành phố Thủ Đức theo quy hoạch của Sasaki Associates Inc gồm 6 trung tâm quan trọng, UBND TP-compressed (2)


Firstly, Thu Thiem Financial - Technology Center

Thu Thiem master plan covers an area of 647ha, is a new, modern and expanded center of Ho Chi Minh City, with the main functions of being the financial, commercial and high-class service center of the city. , regional and international position, is the center of culture, rest and entertainment.

Thu Thiem new urban area is divided into 8 functional areas. Each functional area has its own characteristics in terms of mixed use, separate construction density, public spaces and highlight works.

Thu Thiem is planned to become a Technology-Finance center, which is considered the heart of the central core area of Thu Duc city.

For many years now, Thu Thiem has been planning and developing a modern urban system thanks to the advantage of its location along the Saigon River, adjacent to the central core urban area of Ho Chi Minh City, and connected to the city. Many bridges cross the Saigon River.

Second, Sports and health area – Rach Chiec

This area is planned as a sports and healthcare business in Southeast Asia. An area that emphasizes the potential of Ho Chi Minh City as an international destination in sports medicine, sports professions, etc.

Convenient inter-regional transport connection infrastructure, including airports, highways, ring roads, metro... has become an innovative destination in the areas of health care and sports and entertainment in the region.

The nearby multi-purpose, integrated developments further enhance the opportunity to develop the site into a well-rounded community that enhances quality of life.


Thu Duc city according to the plan of Sasaki Associates Inc. includes 6 important centers, City People's Committee


Third, High-tech Park (SHTP) – Automation production center

Building on existing production capacity, the Ho Chi Minh City Hi-Tech Park is envisioned to promote the future of innovative manufacturing and design. Up to now, after 17 years of establishment and development, the district 9 hi-tech park has 156 projects with a total investment value of up to 7.1 billion USD.

Currently, HCM City's high-tech industrial zone has many big investors coming to invest such as Nidec (Japan) with a capital of 296 million USD, Samsung (Korea) with a capital of 2 billion USD, Intel (USA) 1.04 billion USD. …Samsung Electronics factory complex is located on Vo Chi Cong street, Tang Nhon Phu B ward, with an area of 92 hectares, built in 2015.

Recently, Ho Chi Minh City proposed to re-plan Linh Trung area. This area is currently mostly public land managed by Nong Lam University and City Water Supply Company (Sawaco).

Thành phố Thủ Đức theo quy hoạch của Sasaki Associates Inc gồm 6 trung tâm quan trọng, UBND TP-compressed (3)


According to the idea of re-planning the Linh Trung area, it will be conveniently connected to the National University of Ho Chi Minh City (more than 643ha), aiming to become the center of educational technology and the High-Tech Park of Ho Chi Minh City (Production Center). automatic output). It is expected to partially adjust 4 street blocks in Linh Trung ward, with a total area of ​​about 28 hectares.

After adjustment, this area has the function of connecting and supporting the two central areas of the highly interactive Creative Urban Area, which can form an innovation center and support startups.

Fourth, Center for information technology and education technology – National University

The National University of Ho Chi Minh City has an area of more than 643 hectares in Thu Duc District (HCMC) and Di An town (Binh Duong), where a population of education and training is concentrated, especially the technology industry. information, and a hub for creative entrepreneurship, thereby expanding research and creativity through increased collaboration and exposure to a variety of creative industries.

Center for Information Technology, Education Technology of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City is an important center in Thu Duc City

Currently, VNU-HCM has 7 member units: University of Science and Technology, University of Natural Sciences, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, International University, University of Information Technology, University of Economics and Law and Institute of Environment. field - resource.

There are also 26 affiliated units, with about 55,000 students enrolled. In the National University of Ho Chi Minh City, there is currently a University of Physical Education and Sports in the middle and the University of Security is adjacent.


Thu Duc city according to the plan of Sasaki Associates Inc. includes 6 important centers, City People's Committee


Development projects near the National University can support the university's educational goals while harnessing research resources for economic development.

In the future, the Hi-Tech Park and the National University of Ho Chi Minh City, as well as other creative areas, will be closely connected to form a creative and effective urban area with scientific research functions and training of qualified human resources. application of science and technology to production and services.

Fifth, Eco-technology Center – Tam Da

The area is oriented to develop into an ecological technology center to support the development of culinary industries, high-tech agriculture, etc.

This is also one of three areas recently proposed by Ho Chi Minh City to re-plan to attract investment. The total area of the proposed re-planning area is 25ha. The current land area is a military security land fund belonging to the planning project of Tam Da residential area, Truong Tho and Truong Thanh wards in District 9, approved by the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City in 2015. This land has location adjacent to existing canals, rivers and Tam Da road.

After adjusting the planning, it will become a key regional center Eco-technology center.

The city has allocated more than 18.2 hectares of land to the City Command to invest in a new soldier training center - Battalion 2; now moved to the area of Coi islet (in Long Phuoc ward, district 9), so it is also convenient for planning adjustment. This area is expected to be a place to create development opportunities for the whole Creative Urban Area.

Friday, Future City – Truong Tho

With the aim of becoming the Eastern technology city of Ho Chi Minh City with the most unique and revolutionary idea in technology. Integrate technology into everyday life and the urban showroom of the future. This cluster promotes the redevelopment of an obsolete riverside port (Truong Tho port) as an ideal site for a smart city project.

Truong Tro urban area adjacent to Thanh Da peninsula will be the driving force for the development of Thu Duc new city

Responsive and resilient infrastructure, new forms of mobility and communication, adaptive building technology, and the data-driven public sector with a focus on innovation in the arts and entertainment are prominent features. turn of the county.

Towards the future creative city, Truong Tho recently has been proposed by Ho Chi Minh City to re-plan 3 plots of land A1, A2 and A5 with an area of ​​about 8 hectares. This is the land belonging to Thu Duc steel factory.


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