Masterise Homes Group awakens the potential of prime projects

Despite being a rookie in the real estate market, Masterise has shown its international capabilities by continuously launching outstanding projects in strategic and central locations along with cooperation with real estate partners. international reputation.

Square along the Saigon River

The complex center of Saigon - Ba Son with a total area of ​​25.29 hectares located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, along the Saigon River, was divided into many lots before handing Masterise. After the transfer deals, in January 2021, Masterise Homes introduced to the market the Grand Marina project, Saigon. This is a luxury real estate complex associated with the Marriott International brand - a brand with a large network of high-end hotels, leading resorts in the world and leading in terms of real estate portfolio. global brands.

Grand Marina Saigon

Grand Marina Saigon

Grand Marina, Saigon branded real estate complex along the Saigon River

Grand Marina, Saigon not only marks the first luxury real estate project of Marriott International in Vietnam but also the world's largest project in this group's portfolio with more than 4,000 luxury apartments.

Legendary brand in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter

On the track of success with the branded real estate product line, in October 2021 Masterise Homes continues to launch the Ritz-Carlton, Hanoi branded apartment project at the golden land at the intersection of Hai Ba Trung - Hang Bai (Hanoi).

This 4,000 square meter site has a great location just a few minutes from Sword Lake. However, after dozens of years, this project has not been able to implement as originally expected. It was not until March 2021 that the project was unexpectedly started, gradually revealing the participation of Masterise Homes and the Ritz-Carlton brand.

October 23 - All Ritz-Carlton, Hanoi luxury apartments in the first sale have owners

Ritz-Carlton branded apartment area, Hanoi in the heart of the old town

This is the first Ritz-Carlton branded real estate project in Vietnam and the 5th branded real estate product of this legendary brand in the Asia-Pacific region (after Singapore, the capital city of Bangkok). – Thailand, the capital Colombo – Sri Lanka and Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia). With a limited number of 104 exquisitely designed luxury apartments, this will be Hanoi's luxury and unique Ritz-Carlton branded real estate project for a small number of high-class customers.

Thu Duc city metropolitan area

The latest project in the Masterise Homes portfolio - The Global City is also a popular super project that has been "sleeping" for more than 20 years, known by its former name, Saigon Binh An urban area. This land area is up to 117 hectares wide, located next to the arterial highway Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay.

Since August 2021, the project has been rumored to be in the hands of Masterise. But it was not until January 2022 that this developer officially spoke up and launched the project with a new name. According to Masterise Homes, the project is oriented to become a global city with many subdivisions: apartments, low-rise buildings, villas, social housing, schools, hospitals, commercial... Design partner of the area This urban area is Foster and Partners - a leading British architectural and design group founded by architect Norman Foster. This is also the design unit of many world architectural icons such as The Gherkin (London), Hearst Tower (New York), Apple Park (USA), Beijing International Airport (China). …

The Global City - Soho . townhouse subdivision

The overall perspective of The Global City urban area

With the advantage of a large land fund and a relatively complete transport infrastructure system, The Global City is expected to be the highlight of a modern, well-planned urban area of Ho Chi Minh City, a downtown (central area). new city. The project is currently launching in the first phase – the Soho townhouse subdivision is located in the most vibrant center of The Global City, similar to Soho of London and New York, reminiscent of a bustling and bustling space. shopping rhythm.

Masterise Homes creates The Global City into the new 'downtown' of HCMC.

Positioned in a high-class position with design and construction in compliance with international standards, Soho townhouse products are expected to have the highest market price in Thu Duc city. However, given the limited supply of townhouses in HCMC in 2022, it is expected that Soho subdivision of span style="text-decoration: underline;">The Global City will still be noticed and sought after.


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