Suntec City


High-class ecological complex in West Saigon area developed by Novaland

Suntec City is the first hostage of Novaland Group in Thu Thua Long An, adjacent to large industrial zones and located in the center of Thu Thua town. Legal is complete. At the end of 2022, the Ecological and Entertainment Urban Area West of Ho Chi Minh City named - Suntec City is introduced to customers near and far.

Suntec City Thu Thua has an estimated price of around 5 billion VND / 1 ground floor 4 floor townhouse with extremely flexible payment methods, developed by potential developer Novaland, distributed by a reputable corporation is Thuan Hung, the project has been approved 1/500 and is planned Synchronous promises to be an ideal investment and residence place for residents of Long An and Ho Chi Minh City.

Prime location, land belonging to ODT (urban): located in the administrative center of Thu Thua District & adjacent to Suntec City Thu Thua Industrial Park, surrounded by a system of green rivers & canals, adjacent to National Highway 1A blood vessels and the city. Ho Chi Minh City is only 30 minutes away.

General information

Thu Thua is blessed by nature when it is located between two rivers Vam Co Dong and Vam Co Tay with many interwoven canals creating a peaceful, charming, fertile alluvial landscape with traditional craft villages such as flower villages and villages. pineapple, sugarcane village… very suitable for developing eco-tourism.

According to the Regional Plan of Long An Province to 2030, with a vision to 2050 on the organization of landscape space, an international eco-tourism area in Dong Thap Muoi, the cities of Tan An - Ben Luc - Thu Thua were built into cities. shopping center, high-class entertainment, riverside areas Vam Co Dong, Vam Co Tay built into landscape tourism, convalescence, cultural and historical tourism ... Thu Thua has enough intrinsic strength to develop. become a bustling economic area, a vibrant and attractive real estate market in the near future.

Name of project: Suntec City
Local project: National Highway N2, Tan Lap, Thu Thua, Long An (Google Maps)
Product area: 120 - 400 m
Investment unit: Novaland Group - member of Novagroup
Scale: Total area 1825 ha. With 625 hectares of Suntec City urban area and 1200 hectares of green industrial park.
Investment type: Townhouses, villas, shophouses
Commencement - Handover: Quarter 1/2023 – Quarter 1/2025
Project Legal: Updating
Price: Updating
Consulting hotline: 0911 525 454
Suntec City Long An project

Suntec City with sustainable investment value

  • The first-class ecological and entertainment urban area in the region, when spending 80 hectares as a green campus;

  • Prime location: located in the administrative center of Thu Thua District & adjacent to Thu Thua Industrial Park, surrounded by a system of rivers & green canals, adjacent to the arterial National Road 1A and far from Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is only 30 minutes away;

  • Located right in the residential community and key industrial economic zone of Long An;

  • Lifeline trade connecting key economic regions through Trung Luong - Ho Chi Minh City highway. Ho Chi Minh City, National Highway 1A & Ben Luc - Trung Luong Expressway;

  • Owning 3 canal systems and located between 2 large river systems Vam Co Dong & Vam Co Tay. The environment is completely green, creating a different class space;

  • The project is implemented by Novaland - the largest & most prestigious investor in Vietnam. The project owns all legal documents when it is introduced to the market;

  • The infrastructure is designed delicately, synchronously, and of high quality, which can be constructed immediately & delivered the red book in the fastest time;

  • The product is fully planned, high-class facilities, fully meeting the needs of not only residents of the area but also customers from Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.
Suntec City Thu Thua

Strategic location to promote development of Western area

Thu Thua has a strategic location, located in the southern key economic region (VKTTDPN) adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, is a traffic hub connecting the Southwest and the Southeast.

It is possible to trade by both road and waterway through Thu Thua canal, Vam Co Dong river, Vam Co Tay river, National highway 1A, Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong expressway, route N2... Thu Thua becomes a transport hub, logistics center, goods circulation between the Southwest and Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Thua has a developed light industry with industries such as electronics, telecommunications, textiles, dyeing... is the axis of the national - international urban economic corridor, attracting waves of immigrants and migrants from another place to go

Possessing a perfect multi-regional connection location is considered "rare" at the western gateway of Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, Suntec City has shortened the distance of the project to major urban areas and key economic centers in the South.

  • 5 minutes to Thu Thua District Administrative Center, Thu Thua Market, Thu Thua General Hospital, Thu Thua High School;
  • 10 minutes to connect to Trung Luong - Ho Chi Minh highway;
  • 20 minutes to Ho Chi Minh City Center;
  • 25 minutes to Tan Son Nhat.
Location of Suntec City project
Investor Suntec City

Novaland is the developer of Suntec City

Novaland is the name of Novaland Group, which is a joint stock company in Vietnam. The company ranks 2nd on Vietnam's stock market.

Born on September 18, 1992, with the initial precursor of Thanh Nhon Company, during more than 24 years of development, Novaland has increasingly asserted its position, name and become one of the TOP operating companies. in the real estate sector in Vietnam. With a total charter capital of more than 5,200 billion VND (2016 statistics).

Novaland holds more than 30 real estate projects, all of which are located in prime locations, convenient for travel. Spread throughout the districts in the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are currently 7 projects being traded on the real estate market. Products that Novaland offers to the market are quite diverse including offices, apartments, garden houses, villas, etc. So buyers and investors can easily choose for themselves the most satisfactory product.

The staff at the group is up to 2500, whose novaland is growing strongly with 15 real estate trading floors in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi are under construction. Besides, Novaland also won many noble titles such as: Honoring the best real estate brand in 2015; Being a famous real estate brand in ASEAN 2013; Received strong Vietnamese brand in 2012; is one of the 10 largest investors in Asia,…

Novaland's outstanding projects have been implemented

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Frequently asked questions

Roadmap to deploy Suntec City project?

It is expected that the Suntec City project will be opened for sale for the first time at the end of the fourth quarter of 2022. The next sales will be announced by Novaland soon.

Why should you buy Suntec City Novaland?

Novaland Group is the real estate unit highly appreciated by Tran Van Toan Real Estate. This is the most prestigious investor in Vietnam's real estate market.

The projects handed over by Novaland are all very beautiful, and customers are highly appreciated. The project management services in the process work extremely well, with many new and attractive utilities even though it has been operating for many years. Overall assessment: Novaland's project is worth BUYING and INVESTING.

Besides, there are many organizations INVEST in Novaland's projects. The highlight of the Novaland project is that the price increase is quite high when starting at the time of house delivery. For example: Currently, there are quite a few apartments in District 7 of Novaland being sold at high prices.

Very favorable customer policy. So whenever someone's novaland has a new project, most of the old customers will buy it first. This has implicitly confirmed that customers highly appreciate this brand.