The allure of Lumiere Boulevard apartments at Grand Park

Many customers in search of luxurious and convenient living spaces are expressing interest in Lumiere Boulevard - the prime location within the heart of Grand Park.

Luxury apartments in the commercial center attract customers in Thu Duc City

Modern living at the heart of bustling commerce

Over the past month, the number of consultation calls for Mr. Tran Duc Minh, a real estate broker in Thu Duc City (Ho Chi Minh City), has more than doubled compared to before. A significant portion of these calls express interest in the Lumiere Boulevard district within Grand Park. Lumiere Boulevard.

"Many customers have already finalized their bookings and are eagerly awaiting the official market entry of the Lumiere Boulevard district," Mr. Minh shared.

The allure of Lumiere Boulevard is derived from its prime location within the bustling commercial hub, catering to various essential needs of everyday life with 5-star standards.

Just at the foot of the tower lies the Rodeo commercial street, spanning over 500 meters and offering a diverse range of services, including supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, fashion boutiques, and beauty salons. Residents stepping onto this shopping boulevard will experience a sense of wandering along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California, where the affluent of Los Angeles often gather.

Connect with Lumiere Boulevard 1

Lumiere Boulevard is currently the center of attention in the real estate market in eastern Ho Chi Minh City.

Opposite Lumiere Boulevard is the upcoming Vincom Mega Mall - Life Design Mall, the largest in the Vincom South system. Planned with 5 floors and spanning over 50,000 square meters, residents will find a wide range of renowned domestic and international brands from various sectors, including household appliances, furniture, accessories, cosmetics, fashion, as well as cinemas and fitness centers. It will also be a paradise of entertainment for young residents, with multiple play areas featuring both local and international brands.

For an additional captivating experience, residents can visit the Grand Park Night Market - a culinary street, just a few minutes away. Open from 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM the following day, residents and tourists can indulge in shopping for beautiful items and savor delicious dishes at over 130 mobile stalls and food trucks. Alongside this, there are opportunities to enjoy shows, take selfies in the vibrant light-filled atmosphere, and immerse in cultural and artistic activities such as magic performances, street music, and regular cultural events.

Nha mau Lumiere Boulevard

Lumiere Boulevard boasts a prime location at the heart of a bustling commercial hub.

The central location of Lumiere Boulevard enables residents to easily access the most developed areas of Thu Duc City and Ho Chi Minh City via the nearby Phuoc Thien Road to the north and Nguyen Xien Road to the south.

In addition, with the VinBus depot located adjacent to the district, residents can easily commute to and from the center of Ho Chi Minh City using major routes such as National Highway 1A, Mai Chi Tho Boulevard, the 2nd Ring Road, and the upcoming 3rd Ring Road under construction...

The allure of Lumiere Boulevard apartments at Grand Park

Experience a year-round resort lifestyle

The distinctive factors that set Lumiere Boulevard apart Masterise Homes Noticed for its "dual-standard" approach: providing both vibrant and convenient amenities while also offering a sense of tranquility and serenity for a year-round resort-like living experience.

Young residents also have the opportunity to explore the first-ever dinosaur park in the city. As soon as they step foot into the building, children will be transported into the Jurassic world, where the largest reptiles that ever existed once roamed.

Residents of Lumiere Boulevard also enjoy the privilege of accessing the entire range of premium amenities within the entire urban area upon moving to their new homes. One notable feature is the 36-hectare park, the leading scale in Southeast Asia, located opposite the district. It is built with the concept of a "park within a park," integrating 15 different themes.

Residents can enjoy a serene and healthy lifestyle every day with over 800 fitness machines and 150 diverse sports playgrounds (badminton, table tennis, basketball), along with walking and biking trails along the lake. Furthermore, there are more than 13 outdoor swimming pools designed in a luxurious "5-star resort" style...

Lumiere Boulevard

A resort-style vacation living standard at Lumiere Boulevard

Adjacent to Lumiere Boulevard is the Golden Eagle Square, a convergence of unique architecture and magnificent landscapes inspired by the western United States. This allows residents not only to enjoy the expansive view from their balconies overlooking the square but also to take a few steps and admire the majestic eagle sculpture, representing the spirit of America, the unique water landscape, or the sparkling palm light garden...

For families with young children, Lumiere Boulevard earns a "5-star" rating due to its vast green spaces, exceptional amenities, and close proximity to the Vinschool and Brighton College Vietnam educational systems. This provides a comprehensive educational environment for the holistic development of young residents, nurturing their physical and intellectual growth.

Nha mau Lumiere Boulevard

With its luxurious and comprehensive ecosystem of amenities, Lumiere Boulevard is expected to become a catalyst for a vibrant real estate market in the southern region in the second half of this year.

Contact Lumiere Boulevard via:

Hotline/Zalo: 0911 525 454

Project website: https://


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