Global Marriott standard "branded" lifestyle

Associated with the high-end brands of Marriott International - the world's leading hotel group, Grand Marina, Saigon inherits global resort standard utility services.

Grand Marina, Saigon: Global Marriott standard "branded" lifestyle

"Shoes tailoring" service from a team of professional "butlers"

Butler is a concept with a long history, associated with the image of people who manage properly, respect dignity and traditional values ​​in the rich families of the West. Over time, the concept gradually decreased in popularity, but the upper class around the world still wanted someone to serve them with dedication, thoughtfulness and understanding of their own preferences and personalities. day.

Perhaps that is why Coco Chanel lived in the hotel for the last years of her life and the concept of daily living in the hotel became the pinnacle of luxury and luxury lifestyle. That is the origin of the branded real estate model - where the team of 5-star hotel brands always give the highest attention and dedication to customer satisfaction like modern "butlers". .

With Marriott International - a global leader in luxury hotels and real estate, this team of "butlers" directly manage and operate their residential projects. With more than 150 hours of training per year, the team of “butlers” at the projects are qualified in customer service and lifestyle knowledgable to meet the needs, tastes and preferences of the customer of the century. 21.

Grand Marina, Saigon: Global Marriott standard "branded" lifestyle

Marriott International's comprehensive service gives residents the privilege of "lazy"

At Grand Marina, Saigon, residents will enjoy the same privileges as Marriott's branded apartments around the world. From the smallest jobs such as delivering newspapers to the door to À La Carte work items such as airline ticketing services, babysitting arrangements, even, with tasks that require skills and experience to operate. Organized as a party or event, all are handled by a team of professional Marriott-standard "butlers" with the highest quality. If you are away for a long time, residents can rest assured about their home because the housekeepers at Grand Marina, Saigon will check and take care of the apartment.

Not stopping at the variety of services, what makes the 5-star level of Marriott International is the devotion of the “butlers” – the “mean” people shoemaking” those services according to the needs and preferences of each resident. They warmly welcome you by name in the lobby, they don't forget to choose your favorite fruit when shopping for food for your family or they always know how to play with your baby when babysitting. That level of service with understanding and dedication can only come from the "butlers" of the 21st century.


Exclusive global Marriott standard utility system

Wake up to the sunrise by the wide open window embracing the breathtaking beauty of the Saigon River, you will feel the magical connection between past and present, heritage and contemporary. Interwoven in the magnificence of modern buildings is still the silhouette and shape of the old values in the architectural design of Grand Marina.

Utilities Grand Marina Saigon 2

Sunrise at the riverside park of Grand Marina, Saigon

Sipping a cup of Italian latte in the luxurious, quiet space of the lounge, you will feel like time is standing still, even though outside the gate of the apartment complex is the endless flow of an entire city. vibrant and full of life. Just a few walking steps, shopaholics can enjoy shopping experience at luxury boutiques, luxury restaurants and cafes; while well-dressed businessmen in high-end tailored suits are ready for an exciting working day at the 60-storey commercial office complex.


Marina of Grand Marina, Saigon in the sunset

The infinity pool, high-class gym is an ideal space for businessmen to relax and re-energize after a busy day at work. The green park and riverside promenade are for the elderly to take a leisurely stroll to see the beauty of the sky, the clouds and the river. The luxury restaurant system in the project site is where residents enjoy a warm dinner with family or friends and partners. Meanwhile, the children's play area, the cinema are always favorite places of the young residents, helping them develop their physical health and foster their spiritual values.

Grand Marina, Saigon: Global Marriott standard "branded" lifestyle

Cinema for private screenings of residents at Sping (JW Marriott)

The "brand name" quality of life at Grand Marina, Saigon is not only limited to high-class facilities, but also unique events with exclusive dinners prepared by world-renowned chefs, to special events. Beauty consultations with high-end stylists or lavish parties. The harmony of Marriott standard space, Marriott standard services and facilities operated by professional team are the factors that make Marriott standard space. Exclusive Marriott lifestyle at Grand Marina, Saigon.

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