The commercial benefits of The Sun Tower

The iconic building of the Grand Marina, Saigon luxury real estate complex is not only awaited by the office and retail market, but is expected to bring many benefits to the owners of the Marriott branded apartments. and JW Marriott.


Office building - The Sun Tower shopping mall in the Grand Marina branded real estate complex, Saigon.

There are few projects in the center of District 1, along the Saigon River, that have the advantages of a large-scale complex like Grand Marina, Saigon. Next to the 8 luxury apartment towers Marriott and JW Marriott is an office tower combined with a high-class shopping center The Sun Tower, a riverside park with a marina, creating a 25.29-hectare master plan. in the middle of the city center.

That scale reminds us of iconic waterfront complexes in Southeast Asian cities like Singapore's Marina Bay Sands or Bangkok's Icon Siam. These two waterfront squares are both a magnet for domestic and international tourists to visit, shop and travel, becoming an economic and lifestyle symbol. the upmarket and vibrant life of the city.

When The Sun Tower building in the branded real estate complex Grand Marina, Saigon started construction is also a milestone to bring the project closer to the position of the city's new square, a destination for business activities. economy, commerce and culture and a "brand name" lifestyle for the first time in Vietnam.

Grand Marina Saigon

Completing the utility system for residents of Grand Marina, Saigon

Residents of luxury apartment towers Apartment Grand Marina, Saigon not only enjoys the exclusive facilities of Marriott International standards, but also enjoys the facilities extending from The Sun Tower, resonating into a whole system of utilities. level and level. With the advantage of location and iconic design, The Sun Tower is expected to become the convergence of the world's leading multinational companies and corporations, the most luxurious retail brands. , is the ideal model for a high-class modern office project combined with a commercial center in Vietnam.

What could be more convenient than when the distance from the luxury apartment where you live to where you work is just a few steps across the city square? Or are all your favorite high-end brands or restaurants right in the shopping mall at your feet? The living space of Grand Marina, Saigon becomes even more ideal with the bustling bustle of The Sun Tower, while enjoying the convenience without losing the privileged privacy of the branded apartment towers.

Potential for renting branded apartments

Along with the emergence of multinational companies, the world's leading corporations at The Sun Tower are a large number of professionals, foreign businessmen, looking for short-term or long-term accommodation in the area. working in Vietnam. This will be a potential source of tenants for Marriott and JW Marriott branded apartments in Grand Marina, Saigon, with global Marriott International standard services and facilities. Located right in the middle of District 1, with an expensive river view, the luxury apartments at Grand Marina, Saigon have a distinct advantage over other hotel and serviced apartment projects in Ho Chi Minh City.

Beautiful river view of Grand Marina, Saigon branded apartments.

The central tower of the Grand Marina project, Saigon with a panoramic view

The office component - The Sun Tower and the branded apartment component of the Grand Marina complex, Saigon has a perfect resonance: on the one hand, it increases the attractiveness of the office building to tenants, on the other hand promises potential attractive rental capacity of branded apartments for future owners.

Business investment potential

Located on the Saigon River at the corner of Ton Duc Thang - Nguyen Huu Canh Street, The Sun Tower inherits all the advantages of traffic when key projects are completed. According to the plan, there will be 2 out of 5 entrances to Ba Son station located within the Grand Marina complex, directly connecting the building The Sun Tower with metro line 1.

This convenient connection brings attractive business potential for the high-end shopping center at The Sun Tower. With nearly 20,000m2 of floor space spread over 5 floors, this place is expected to attract the world's leading brands and luxury shopping, entertainment and dining facilities, serving office blocks as well as residential buildings. Branded apartments of Grand Marina, Saigon. The busy business activities of the shopping center will also resonate and stimulate the business activities of stores in the podium of luxury apartment towers, increasing investment potential.

Commercial benefits of Grand Marina, Saigon from The Sun Tower commercial office building

Shopping facilities in The Sun Tower Shopping Center.

The shopping mall at The Sun Tower is also one of the few high-end shopping malls in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. It has been 6 years since the center of Saigon has a new shopping mall, so The Sun Tower will surely attract not only tenants but also a large number of customers to shop and experience. High-end fashion, car or culinary brands will also want to reach out to successful residents and enjoy the “branded” lifestyle from more than 4,000 luxury apartments in Grand Marina, Saigon, through The Sun Tower.

Source: https://masterisesaigon. com/masterise-group/


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