The demand for real estate ownership is increasing in Vietnam

Thanks to the scarcity, real estate in the center of District 1 (HCMC) attracts investors because of its potential for stable price increases.

Demand for luxury real estate is on the rise

Along with the increasing crowding of urban areas, the land fund in big cities is forecasted by experts to continue to be scarce, in the context that no new projects will be licensed in the near future according to the planning policy. of the City.

The central tower of the Grand Marina project, Saigon with a panoramic view

Thanks to its scarcity, the central real estate in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, attracts investors because of its potential for stable price increases.

The further into the downtown core, the greater the degree of scarcity, due to the privileges of unique location, the nucleus of economic and financial flows of the whole city. Central real estate, especially in District 1, has almost run out of land.

Although the supply is decreasing, the demand for luxury real estate in District 1 is still extremely high, stemming from the rapid increase of the upper class. According to data from market research firm Statista (Germany), in 2013, Vietnam owned 10,000 million USD and only 4 years later, by 2017, this number had increased to more than 11,000 people, in 2018 more than 11,000 people. 12,000 people. It is expected that in 2023, Vietnam will reach more than 15,000 million USD. According to Knight Frank's Prosperity Report 2021, Vietnam has 19,491 rich people and 390 super rich people and is expected to increase by over 30% in the next 5 years.

In terms of socio-cultural aspects, the central real estate in District 1 is also attractive to buyers because it is located right in a land rich in cultural traditions, where the intersection of East-West unique cultures, imbued with identity. Saigon culture through the aspects of culture - architecture - history - people here.

"Dual benefits" when investing in real estate in the center of District 1

The real attractiveness of central real estate in District 1 lies in the fact that this property can bring high double profits to investors. First of all, the rental yield is very attractive, when the demand for comfortable living in the center of District 1 of the domestic elite is increasing, the demand for short-term and long-term rentals of businessmen and politicians. , diplomat, senior expert in the economic center of the country is very large.

The demand for high-class real estate ownership is increasing in Vietnam

The rental price of central real estate increased continuously and was not affected much by the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic

In addition to attractive rental yields, the potential for sustainable price increases throughout history has always been appreciated by investors, many luxury projects, recently launched central brands have continuously peaked in terms of sales. prices up to more than 300-400 million/m², and is expected to continue to increase in the near future because the actual demand increases when the supply is scarce.

Most recently, according to CBRE Vietnam's Q2/2021 report, the luxury segment is recording the highest price increase of all segments, reaching a growth of 9.2% over the same period last year.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in the market, there are many groups of investors who set the criteria to invest only in the central area, aiming to benefit from "double" from attractive rental yields and potential for growth. sustainable prices.

Quickly grasp this trend, as soon as the long social distancing period ends, Masterise Corporation has reopened the shopping basket of the Grand Marina, Saigon luxury apartment complex project to solve the problem. quench the thirst for central real estate investment.

Grand Marina Saigon

Grand Marina Saigon

Perspective of the Grand Marina, Saigon branded apartment complex project in the center of District 1

Located on the front of the expensive Ton Duc Thang and Nguyen Huu Canh streets, Grand Marina Saigon is a project attracting domestic and foreign investors when fully converging the advantages of the central area "CBD" (Central Business District) on the golden land as a central location, close to the headquarters, consulates, high-class commercial centers, office buildings and a chain of Grade A hotels and attractive cultural attractions. …

Grand Marina Saigon satisfies the luxury lifestyle of elites, successful businessmen, foreign experts... by possessing international standard elements such as a luxurious lobby, modern shopping space, and a swimming pool. overflowing swimming pool, 5-layer security system… and especially prominent is the world's largest customer group brand – Marriott International 5-star standard right at the project podium, full of 5-star standard amenities such as an all-day restaurant dining, spa, swimming pool, meeting room service, shuttle service… ready to serve 24/7.

Marriott International and Ritz-Carlton - Headquarters

Along with the return of the real estate market, Grand Marina Saigon is considered a potential investment property, providing investors with high interest rates. dual, in the context that the central land fund is scarce but the demand is still very high.


The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

Lumiere Boulevard: Comprehensive utility apartments right at the project

Lumiere Boulevard: Comprehensive utility apartments right at the project

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