2023 – How do investors choose real estate during the “tight cash flow” period?

2023 – Investors of the period of "difficult cash flow" pursue the trend of value investing, hunting for really quality products to save money.

The new context has caused investors to change to a more certain strategy, to cope with the ups and downs of the "hard money" period.


The fluctuations of the real estate market since 2022 have formed a "long-term" investment trend to cope with the period of "difficult cash flow". Investors now, even with strong financial potential, will be very careful, careful and follow the trend of value investing. They look for quality products from really reputable project developers to save money.

Value investing strategy in the period of “difficult cash flow”

The face of the real estate market will reverse in 2022 when the State Bank of Vietnam has a move to control credit, putting an end to the era of "cheap money", leading to the decline of the "surfing" class of investors. wave".

The new context has caused investors to change to a more certain strategy, to cope with the ups and downs of the "hard money" period. They are careful, careful and always prepare a cash structure as counterpart capital, not convert all into assets as in the past. When the market decelerates, potential investors are active again. They hunt for opportunities with the expectation of buying good products at good prices to catch the recovery wave.

2023 - How investors choose real estate in the period of _tightening cash flow”_

The "hunting" of the "old wolves"

One afternoon at the end of April, at a luxury cafe in Thu Duc city (HCMC), investor Le Quang Nam excitedly discussed with a real estate broker about a project that is about to be officially launched. in the area. The two phones of the U50 man kept ringing. Mr. Nam was not relaxed when the market was quiet, but on the contrary, was busy with market meetings and field trips. He made many people think of the famous quote of billionaire Warren Buffett: "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful".

The "greed" actually has a basis because this veteran investor considers the current market to be a "decade opportunity" that only comes once every 10 years. “For me, the real estate market, like the evolution of human life, has ups and downs. The nature of real estate investment is long-term, growing according to the parallel values of the economy and infrastructure. Those who are persistent with sustainable values and overcome the great waves will reap the sweet fruits. Each market phase has its own story,” said Mr. Nam.

Investor Le Quang Nam is interested in the luxury apartment of Maserise Homes investor in Thu Duc city (HCMC) – Lumiere Boulevard

The separate story he mentioned of the current market is the real value investment story: real estate products must satisfy the criteria of liquidity, price and cash flow. “Liquidity is the meeting of market supply and demand. In addition, the selling price must be reasonable, with the support of flexible financial options. The product is geared towards real housing needs and generates passive cash flow, which means it can be rented out," said Mr. Lam.

In that afternoon, Mr. Nam discussed with a consultant about the high-class apartment project Lumiere Boulevard of Masterise Homes, which is about to be launched in May (previously, Mr. Bcons Polaris and Phu Dong SkyOne in Di An city). It was an exciting discussion, because after a long search, he found a satisfactory investment product. The project fully meets the criteria that Mr. Nam is looking for in terms of type and area.

Lumiere Boulevard is a high-end apartment complex project developed by Masterise Homes, the most famous real estate developer in Vietnam, famous for its high-end to luxury apartment projects. Living the most in Vietnam such as Masteri Thao Dien, Lumiere Riverside, Masteri Center Point, Urban Area The Global City, especially the branded apartment area Grand Marina Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) or The Grand Hanoi branded apartment complex (Hanoi). The project is located in a strategic location of Thu Duc city, adjacent to the High-Tech Park of Ho Chi Minh City, an area that is having the greatest strength and growth potential in the city market.


The Lumiere Boulevard project attracts customers by the prestige of the investor and the rare preeminent sales policy.

Lumiere Boulevard

In addition to the reputation of Masterise Homes, the strong attraction of Lumiere Boulevard to professional investors like Mr. Nam lies in its bold sales policy, which has been pre-built and announced by the investor before the opening date. The payment progress of the project is very superior in terms of both time and cash flow.

One-of-a-kind policy on the market, only 30 units

  • First 3 years per year 10%
  • 4th year per month 5%

2 bedroom apartment price 4.5 billion including VAT

  • May 2023 – 450 million VND
  • May 2024 – 450 million VND
  • May 2025 – 450 million (receiving house)
  • Jun 2025 - Jul 2026 per month 225 million VND

But if Mr. Nam wants to receive the house early in December of this year, 2023, he will have to pay 30% in full, until 2025, he will have to make another payment.

Lumiere Boulevard - Belt 3

Mr. Nam said that with such a payment schedule, homebuyers have both "lightened" finance, and have the added advantage of witnessing the completion of not only the project but also the surrounding infrastructure system, especially especially the Ring Road 3 passing through the project is accelerating towards the finish line.

The price increase of Lumiere Boulevard will be stimulated by the above factors,

Buyers in the early stages can sell for the benefit or rent out at a high price compared to the area's level due to the advantages of the product's quality and unique utility.

With the current market situation, this is considered one of the top attractive sales policies, only available to investors with large capital, ready to accompany customers to offer financial solutions. the most effective. This policy also partly demonstrates the strong financial internal strength of the leading real estate enterprise in Vietnam. As an FDI enterprise, Masterise Homes has the advantage of proactive cash flow, stable capital source, the project development process is completely based on equity.

Customers can contact the Lumiere Boulevard project above via:

Hotline: 0911 525 454
Official website: https://masterisesaigon.com/lumiere-boulevard/


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