2022 – Urban projects in Ho Chi Minh City restarted

While The Global City, Van Phuc City, and Vinhomes Grand Park are rushing for construction, Saigon Sports City has remained "frozen" for nearly 3 years.

The Global City - Soho . townhouse subdivision

The Global City (formerly known as Saigon Binh An Urban Area) is one of the major urban projects that is attracting attention recently because the expected selling price for the first phase is up to nearly 400 million VND. VND/m2 commercial townhouse. The project is located in the North Rach Chiec area (An Phu ward, Thu Duc city), located along the Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway.

After more than 20 years of "sleeping", this 117.4-hectare project has been rebuilt after returning Masterise Homes in January. According to the new plan, The Global City will have 20 large-scale high-rise apartment towers more than 10,000 apartments and about 2,000 townhouses and villas.

Up to now, many items of internal infrastructure have been completed. The main route of the project, the extension of Lien Phuong, has also been formed.

From Do Xuan Hop street, there are 3 construction gates for vehicles to transport materials and workers in and out of the project. The investor is promoting construction of townhouses, villas and apartments with the goal of completing the entire project within 48 months.

Van Phuc City

Bustling construction site was also recorded in the Van Phuc City project (National Highway 13, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc City) of Dai Phuc Group. This is considered the largest city along the Saigon River today in Ho Chi Minh City, with a total investment of about 3 billion USD.

The second phase of the project is currently under construction. Besides the subdivisions of townhouses, villas, commercial streets, hospital items, parks, etc. are also being urgently completed to be put into operation this year.

Recently, the investor opened for sale villas Van Phuc Mansion and Parkview Shop Villas located in this urban area with the price of 59-160 billion VND each.

Vinhomes Grand Park

Meanwhile, Vinhomes Grand Park (Long Thanh My Ward, Thu Duc City) has just launched the most luxurious apartment subdivision - The Beverly. The selling price is fluctuating around 50-80 million VND/m2.

The subdivisions of apartments, townhouses and villas handed over from last year have attracted a large number of residents with high occupancy rates.

The prices of products at Vinhomes Grand Park are equivalent to projects in the area but come with a variety of utilities. Up to now, the park and landscape items have been completed.

Currently, contractors have mobilized many machines and workers to carry out the construction of the remaining subdivisions of the project.

Saigon Sports City

Contrary to the above projects, the complex sports urban area of ​​Saigon Sports City of Keppel Land investor is "immovable" after nearly 3 years of construction. Zing's record in mid-March shows that the investor has not shown any signs of continuing construction.

On a total area of 64 hectares in Rach Chiec area, Saigon Sports City project is expected to provide Ho Chi Minh City real estate market with 4,300 luxury apartments, besides sports complexes, entertainment centers... with total capital. investment up to 500 million USD.

However, up to now, the investor has only completed the model house and the bridge connecting the Northern subdivision and the Southern subdivision of the project.


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