International-standard development environment at Lumiere Boulevard scores with young families

Featuring the enchanting Jura Park, cascading pool system, jacuzzi whirlpools, vast green pathways, along with a network of 24 surrounding schools... are the highlights that make Lumiere Boulevard project grab the attention of intellectual families with young children.

International-standard development environment at Lumiere Boulevard scores with young families

Comprehensive development amidst various layers of nature

Mr. and Mrs. My Truong from Thu Duc city have recently placed a deposit for a condominium at Lumiere Boulevard, a project by Masterise Homes (Grand Park). According to Mrs. Truong, the crucial factor for choosing this project is the lush green natural environment coupled with well-developed amenities that cater to the needs of their children.

"Glory Heights offers both luxurious amenities for parents and comprehensive developmental facilities for young children. As soon as we saw the information about the landscape here, my husband and I were immediately convinced," shared Mrs. My Truong.

Similar to Mrs. My, many families also emphasize the need for an ideal living space for the development of young children. The top priority is given to projects with innovative design concepts, a balance between amenities and nature for children to have diverse experiences.

In reality, scientific research has revealed the relationship between green spaces and the cognitive development of young children. According to researchers from Hasselt University (Belgium), increasing green space density by just 3% can lead to an average increase of 2.6 IQ points in children's intelligence quotient.

Lumiere Boulevard

Another study from Spain has also shown the relationship of green spaces indoors, on the way to school, and within school premises in enhancing children's memory and concentration. This is because children living in green spaces experience lower levels of stress, are less affected by noise, and have more opportunities for play.

Hence, it's easy to understand why Lumiere Boulevard project has captured the hearts of young, intellectual families. With the captivating Jura Park dinosaur park right within the community, young residents at Lumiere Boulevard will have daily exposure to a pristine natural environment and an array of breathtaking landscapes like tropical palm gardens, sand exploration zones, active play areas, and more. Amidst this fascinating paradise, children can freely explore nature, fly kites, run and jump, create outdoor art, engage in stimulating play, and nurture their creative minds. Furthermore, this environment provides a platform for children to showcase their latent talents, enabling parents to nurture and guide their future endeavors in a timely manner.

Lumiere Boulevard project boasts intriguing amenities that allow children to indulge in exciting activities that stimulate their creativity.

Lumiere Boulevard is also the first project within the Grand Park Urban Area to possess a series of gigantic swimming pools spanning thousands of square meters. Thanks to this, parents can rest assured as their children engage in sports activities right within the premises without the need to travel far.

Lumiere Boulevard

Another highlight of Lumiere Boulevard lies in its 100% units featuring spacious balconies and a panoramic glass system, which enhances the openness of the space, increases the intake of natural breeze and sunlight, and creates an ideal living and development environment for children.

A friendly and well-connected educational city

One of the indispensable pillars when mentioning Grand Park is its comprehensive education system, which gathers 24 schools within the project area. Prominent among them are the Vinschool inter-level system and the Brighton College system from the UK, which has a history of over 200 years and is located right next to Lumiere Boulevard.

The elementary and middle school campuses of this prestigious British institution possess a diverse range of facilities, including libraries, indoor and outdoor sports fields, professional music and performing arts studios, science laboratories, modern design and technology centers... This impressive educational foundation equips children with both knowledge and practical experiences, enabling them to be well-prepared for global integration and conquering the world.

Lumiere Boulevard

Lumiere Boulevard is situated along the Rodeo shopping boulevard, opposite Vincom Mega Mall shopping center and the Golden Eagle Square. Just a few steps away, you'll find the expansive 36-hectare Light Park.

At the same time, within a radius of 5km around Grand Park, there are also more than 47 schools from kindergarten to university that are convenient for studying. Walking to school under the green canopy, or cycling to school with classmates, without worrying about traffic jams are Lumiere Boulevard's gifts to young owners, nurturing young spiritual life with the same body. healthy substance.

With a series of outstanding advantages and European-inspired design ideas, the Lumiere Boulevard project is attracting a large number of intellectual customers and international experts in Ho Chi Minh City. In the future, this high-quality residential community will be an ideal environment for children at Lumiere Boulevard to confidently communicate and learn. This is also the perfect piece for the dreamlike bright childhood picture of the young residents in Lumiere Boulevard.


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