Masterise Homes opens for sale the most beautiful high-rise project

Masterise Homes held the opening ceremony of Lumiere Boulevard on June 26, 2022, the most luxurious resort-style high-rise project in Vinhomes Grand Park (HCMC), promising to become a new "super product" in the real estate market. Southern products at the end of the year.

Rare vision

Located in the Vinhomes Grand Park urban area, Lumiere Boulevard is the only high-rise project directly representing the 36-hectare park with the leading scale in Southeast Asia, opening up an infinity stretch of view, facing the Dong Nai River on all sides. The iconic works of Vinhomes Grand Park such as the Park of Lights, the Park of Picnics, etc., captured in sight, are distinct values ​​for Lumiere Boulevard.

Lumiere Boulevard is also invested in a series of internal parks inspired by the famous Beverly Hills of the United States. The parks are meticulously designed, with many layers creating different heights, bringing a sense of authenticity and relaxation to residents.

In particular, The Resort park is designed as a resort with saltwater swimming pool, Hawaiian sand beach, misty stream, water music stage... The Star Park is a symbol of prosperous and successful life with the square. lighting, water music stage, tropical hanging garden, three-layer swimming pool…

In addition, the apartment buildings at Lumiere Boulevard are cleverly designed, making the area for apartment windows, views, and open space to be maximized, creating invaluable privileges for owners.

Prime location

Located at the gateway of Vinhomes Grand Park, Lumiere Boulevard is also a high-rise project with the most perfect location in the city. From here, residents can connect directly to Long Phuoc Street, leading directly to Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway, making it easy to move to District 1, District 3 and other areas, moving to Long Thanh Airport. and Dong Nai, Vung Tau, and Phan Thiet provinces.

This location also helps Lumiere Boulevard residents connect to important areas such as Hi-Tech Park in 5 minutes, the new Eastern bus station in 8 minutes, Suoi Tien tourist area in 10 minutes, and Rach Golf Course in 15 minutes. The…

Lumiere Boulevard also enjoys the full benefits of being located next to the largest Vincom Mega Mall in the South and trendy Manhattan Avenue. Just stepping down from the house, residents were greeted by a vibrant living space.

Open sale Lumiere Boulevard – Vinhomes Grand Park- Good price within reach on June 26, 2022

Living class in the "all in one" resort city

Living in a piece of Vinhomes Grand Park, Lumiere Boulevard residents enjoy resort living in an ecosystem that meets all needs created by Vingroup. It is a high-class education system with 3 Vinschool schools, a large-scale Vinmec International General Hospital and the adjacent Vincom Mega Mall. The appearance of the eco-friendly electric bus VinBus will satisfy the needs of green mobility and connectivity of residents both inside and outside the project area.

Vinhomes Grand Park is also a pioneer in applying technology in operation management with 4 main pillars including: Smart security, smart operation, smart community, smart apartment. Modern and advanced technologies will bring convenient, safe and worthy life to Lumiere Boulevard residents.

Life at home is more complete when Lumiere Boulevard residents experience unprecedented facilities such as a 36-hectare grand park; Manhattan Glory luxury marina and Avenue of Lights.

With different living privileges, Lumiere Boulevard promises to bring customers a high-class experience and open up new investment opportunities in the southern real estate market.

Lumiere Boulevard is the most luxurious high-rise project in Vinhomes Grand Park, including 5 subdivisions. Lumiere Boulevard is located right next to the 36ha Grand Park with a view that embraces two icons: the Light Park inspired by Garden by the bay (Singapore) and the river strip surrounding the project. The apartments are diversely designed from shop, studio, 1 bedroom + 1, 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms.

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Currently, we have about 30 apartment products directly from the Owner Masterise Homes with beautiful view and very good prices from 1 - 2 - 3 bedroom designs, especially Duplex for customers near and far. .

Project website: https://

Hotline/Zalo: 0911 525 454


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