Masterise Homes, a real estate business that stands firm in Covid-19

Despite the impact of the epidemic, new products of Masterise Homes are still well received by the market thanks to their brand reputation and flexible financial incentives.

Meeting the need to buy a home during Covid-19

With a young population structure, rapid urbanization and a culture of "settlement and occupation" of the majority of people, Vietnam's real estate market has always been attractive to investors. However, according to some experts, before the impacts of Covid-19, people's consumer psychology has changed, and the "taste" of investment and real estate purchase is also biased towards projects invested by investors. Investment, reputable real estate developer created.

Regardless of the segment, real estate is always a commodity of great value. Many people often choose to borrow from a bank for many years to reduce their financial burden. Therefore, the product must make them feel secure in terms of quality, legal transparency, and the house has the ability to increase in value over time. “Investors are more careful when deciding to put down money in a potential project. Because if they don't look carefully at real estate products, their long-term investment cash flow into that product will have the risk of negative growth," an expert assessed.

In the context that the demand to buy real estate is still increasing, the psychology of customers becomes more cautious, many real estate giants continue to sell with many significant changes to adapt to the epidemic context.

In the last 6 months of 2020, after Vietnam overcomes the first Covid-19 epidemic, Masterise Homes has launched new products to the market: Masteri Center Point (Thu Duc new city), Lumière Boulevard (HCMC), Masteri Waterfront (Hanoi).

Entering 2021, this business continues to launch other products such as Grand Marina, Saigon – branded real estate project named Marriott International (HCMC), Masteri West Height (Hanoi), The Grand, Hanoi – the first Ritz-Carlton branded real estate project in Vietnam.

Grand Marina Bason

Grand Marina Bason

Digital transformation and flexible sales policy

During the Covid-19 wave, Masterise Homes promoted the application of digital technology in business activities, optimized customer experience, and created online transactions. Flexible digital transformation solutions both save time and operating costs of businesses and contribute to promoting a more vibrant market in the quiet context of the epidemic.

Along with digital transformation solutions, Masterise Homes also made a mark on the market with preferential sales policies. For example, with Masteri Center Point in Thu Duc new city, this business applies financial support policies and packages such as "Home for Home" (financial support solution up to 100% apartment value) and program. “Living with dignity – securing the future” (gratitude to customers with the exclusive Manulife insurance package) is jointly implemented by Masterise Homes and Techcombank.

Masterise Homes launched a preferential program for home buyers.

If “Home for Home” attracts homebuyers as a housing solution to help Vietnamese families raise the bar from their current accommodation to high-end projects in Vietnam, then the program “Decent Living – Sustainable Living” future" is a form of gratitude, not only helping customers to feel secure to improve their lives during the epidemic period, but also a valuable investment in the health, finance and future life of the whole family.

Besides the preferential sales policy, Masteri Center Point also impresses the market with its international standard quality of life. It is a fully functional living environment with entertainment, commercial, transportation, educational and medical facilities conveniently accessible within a few steps.

Many high-class facilities such as: 36ha central park, artificial white sand lake, basketball, tennis, football sports complex, Olympic standard gym; BBQ area with special features such as marina, aquarium-themed children's area and many other facilities, also designed according to 5-star hotel style standards, 24/7 security. …

Thanks to those solutions, Masterise Homes has just been honored in the "Top 10 Vietnamese strong brands 2021" at the annual event organized by Vietnam Economic Review. According to the organizers, this year's ranking highlights the adaptability, sustainability and growth of businesses, while meeting the criteria of innovation in the midst of the pandemic.

Representative of Masterise Homes (recorded vest) in the ceremony to announce and honor the Top 10 Vietnamese strong brands in 2021 in the first year of being nominated.

Masterise Homes entered the Top 10 Vietnam Strong Brands 2021

The business representative said that becoming one of the 10 strongest brands in Vietnam proves the recognition of experts and the market with the efforts of Masterise Homes.

“We will continue to accompany Vietnam in upgrading the infrastructure and appearance of cities in the country with modern designs, while preserving historical and cultural values and working towards a common economic goal. This is also Masterise Homes' commitment in the Vietnamese market," said a business representative.

According to: https://masterisesaigon. com/masterise-group/


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