Masteri Center Point is brought world-class by Masterise Homes into the District 9 project

In the last months of the year, the real estate market in the East of Ho Chi Minh City will "heat up" with the presence of a high-class project developed by Masterise Homes, called Masteri Center Point.

The project located at the "central core" position in the Vinhomes Grand Park urban area promises to become a symbol of international standard lifestyle for the high-end residential community in the District 9 area.

Mr. Jason Turnbull, Deputy General Director and CFO of Masterise Homes

Mr. Jason Turnbull, Deputy General Director and CFO of Masterise Homes

Guarantees from reputable developers and leading partners in the world

Masteri Center Point is developed by Masterise Homes, a member of the Masterise Group. As a well-known developer with many high-end real estate brands that have been confirmed in the market such as Millennium, Masteri Thao Dien, Masteri An Phu, etc., Masterise Homes is strongly investing in projects in areas where potential in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a strategic move, bringing Masterise Homes products to the next level, offering more choices for customers who are looking for quality living space.

With a broad vision and a business philosophy of "Customer-centric", Masterise Homes has clearly defined its mission to bring experiences and lifestyles in accordance with international standards, through building a team of developed with internal resources and experience from countries such as Australia, UK, Canada, Dubai, and at the same time embarked on strategic cooperation with the world's leading partners in architecture, construction and real estate management such as Tange Associates (Japan), Studio HBA (USA), Mace (UK) or LandScupltor (Thailand).

Creating a new standard of living for residents of District 9

In order to name and recognize a residential real estate project in accordance with world-class standards, it is necessary to have a combination of fundamental factors, including sustainable construction, innovative architectural design, and sustainable construction. icons, unique interior design or novel landscapes with lots of green space. The concept of international standards is applied synchronously to all of the above factors, creating an ideal "home" for residents, but still aiming to create a new outstanding lifestyle for future generations. .

Understanding the essence of the problem, from the early days of cherishing the idea for Masteri Center Point, Masterise Homes is not only interested in aesthetic design elements, prime location, exclusive "dual" utilities only for exclusively for residents, but also choose to build the project in the form of a compound (closed) apartment area with a private space, really upholding the living needs and experiences beyond the expectations of ordinary residential areas. . With 5,000 impressively designed apartments in resort style of international standards, the Masteri Center Point project promises to awaken the potential for the district 9 area, bringing a quality residence, creating a beautiful atmosphere. standard lifestyle for high-class residents in the area.

Mr. Jason Turnbull – Deputy General Director and CFO of Masterise Homes shared: “We are constantly applying world-class international standards to our real estate products to bring new energy to the market. Dynamic, youthful with a lifestyle raised to a new standard. And Masteri Center Point will soon become a stopover for elite residents.”

Masteri Center Point - Masterise Homes luxury apartment project in District 9-compressed

Masteri Center Point – Masterise Homes luxury apartment project in District 9

Bringing in a mind to embrace a superior lifestyle, the Masteri Center Point project is built on the basis of freshness, youth, modernity, but no less comfort and class. Always keeping the core value when building a real estate product: the customer is the focus, Masterise Homes understands each level of living experience worthy of class, from contemporary lifestyle to full amenities. luxury amenities to experience a completely new lifestyle according to international standards. With all the resonating factors to create a product of lasting value, Masteri Center Point will definitely become a bright spot in the heart of the urban center of District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.

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