Satisfied with luxury apartments at Masteri Center Point of Masterise Homes District 9

Masteri Center Point – a luxury project in the heart of District 9 not only stands out with its prime location, unique twin tower architecture and a series of exclusive utilities, but also impresses with its luxurious interior design. importance in every detail.

Masteri Center Point - Masterise Homes District 9

Masteri Center Point – Masterise Homes District 9

Exquisite interior design in iconic towers at Vinhomes Grand Park Urban Area

Prominent as an architectural mark in the center of District 9, Masteri Center Point owns a prime location right on the front of Nguyen Xien Street, with spectacular views with three sides facing the river, adjacent to District 1,2 and other nearby cities. center District.

Targeting high-income customers, the investor Masteri Center Point has created a new standard of living with worthy utilities and services, especially designed in apartments that are strongly impressed by refined elegance.

Modern apartment color trends use trendy pastel tones such as moss green, light pink, cream, harmoniously combined with luxurious white, gray, and gold colors. The mysterious black color from the decorative details creates impressive accents.

Luxurious and elegant interior style at Masteri Center Point

Stepping into the luxurious space of the apartment, the owner will feel comfortable and light. The level of luxury here is reflected in the elegant and sophisticated layout.

The handover equipment is selected from famous brands such as Duravit, Hafele, Hansgrohe... to ensure international standards.

The variety of apartment areas from 1 to 4 bedrooms at Masteri Center Point has fully met all the needs of customers. In particular, the impressive design, in harmony with nature, the open spaces are arranged flexibly to help the apartment full of sunshine and natural wind. The number of apartments is reasonably arranged to create absolute privacy. All are meticulously prepared by the enthusiastic investor, helping the community to enjoy a full and comfortable life in the new home.

Apartment at Masteri Center Point is fully handed over with leading sanitary equipment in Germany – Duravit brand

Masterise Group donates green garden design at logia

The green area in the apartment loggias has great significance in beautifying the living space, bringing health benefits as well as creating a relaxing space at home.

The apartments at Masteri Center Point all have a green designed loggia with inspiration from tropical gardens, forming a miniature resort space right in the heart of the inner city district. Areas covered with trees, in addition to creating a cool and pleasant atmosphere, reducing the temperature inside, also help owners limit the use of air conditioners by 25 - 30%, thereby saving maximum electricity. .

The investor offers a green garden design at the loggia of each apartment, creating a green space, close to nature

Each Masteri Center Point apartment will be donated by the investor to design and construct a green garden at the loggia. The spacious loggia design will easily be creatively customized to your liking, helping homeowners enjoy a life filled with positive energy every day, good for physical and mental health.

For customers who love a life close to nature, the gift of "greening loggia" will be a big plus when deciding to choose a long-term settlement at Masteri Center Point - the iconic tower of District 9.



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