Factors that help real estate "immune" through the quiet period

According to DKRA Vietnam's report on Ho Chi Minh City's residential real estate market in the second quarter of 2020, the eastern part of the city continues to lead the Ho Chi Minh City housing market, accounting for 42% of supply and 45% of consumption. The most prominent is still District 2 - the center of attraction for both homebuyers to live in or for investment. Where does this attraction come from?

Why is money still pouring into District 2 real estate?

With high housing demand, District 2 is always an attractive rental market. According to a report by CBRE Vietnam, this is also an area that recorded an impressive price increase. During the period 2015–2020, the selling price of luxury apartments on the primary market in District 2 increased by an average of 7.3% per year. Since 2018, the price has increased significantly as the metro line is gradually completed, with the asking price 25%-75% higher than the starting price. These figures show the attractive investment potential of the apartment market in District 2. Real estate will continue to increase in value, especially when the metro line in Ho Chi Minh City officially comes into operation in 2021.

Besides, according to experts, luxury real estate in the location has high "immunity" to short-term fluctuations of the market. Therefore, projects in strategic locations did not drop in price during the time of COVID-19, even benefiting from the positive impact of the post-pandemic recovery of the economy. The expensive location is the main factor stretching the price increase of luxury real estate in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This shows the attractive investment potential of luxury apartments in strategic locations, such as Thao Dien area, District 2.

LUMIÈRE project in District 2, HCMC

LUMIÈRE project in District 2, HCMC

Great potential from an expensive location

In terms of location, District 2 is the gateway connecting the center of Ho Chi Minh City and the new Thu Duc city in the East, from which it is easy to connect to the administrative center thanks to the Thu Thiem tunnel system, the bridge over the Saigon River as well as the Saigon River. such as connecting with the High-Tech Park in District 9 and some neighboring provinces such as Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Vung Tau through the expressway and highway system.

The appearance of District 2 real estate has changed rapidly in recent years thanks to a series of large traffic projects being invested. In addition to the Hanoi highway axis, East-West Highway, Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway, metro line 1 Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien is about to be put into operation in 2021, which will contribute to completing the transport infrastructure of the area. area and add convenience to District 2 residents.

District 2 is also home to an ideal living environment with low population density and fresh space. In particular, Thao Dien area always attracts foreign experts to settle down because of its location facing the river and large green area. This is also home to a system of high-class modern facilities such as schools, hospitals, restaurants with many rich cultural and entertainment activities.

Mr. Gibran Bukhari - Business Unit Manager of Masterise Homes, a real estate expert with more than 20 years of international experience commented: "For real estate investors in Vietnam as well as anywhere in the world, a factor of concern position is always first. That explains the attractiveness of District 2, especially the Thao Dien area, to both domestic and international visitors.”

New bright spot in Thao Dien area, District 2

Understanding the needs of customers, many high-end apartment projects have been formed in District 2, especially along the metro line on Hanoi Highway in Thao Dien, An Phu. Among them, LUMIÈRE riverside by Masterise Homes is attracting a lot of interest. Dubbed the “last pearl” of Thao Dien area, LUMIÈRE riverside is located on two fronts of Hanoi Highway and Vo Truong Toan, with a “million dollar” view towards the Saigon River and the city center.

In addition to its rare and expensive location, LUMIÈRE riverside is also a pioneer project to bring the concept of living to international standards into Vietnam, with a unique design inspired by an organic lifestyle, in harmony between nature and convenience. luxury, luxury. “Located between the community of foreign experts and the civilized residents of Thao Dien, we want to create a unique LUMIÈRE riverside international standard and commensurate with the project's diamond location, and at the same time meet the needs of luxury living of customers in this area,” shared Mr. Gibran Bukhari. “Masterise Homes has joined hands with leading partners in the world to bring LUMIÈRE riverside a luxurious and classy living experience not inferior to high-end real estate projects in Hong Kong and Singapore. This will definitely be a project that strongly attracts domestic and international customers in the near future.”

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LUMIÈRE riverside chính thức bàn giao, đây là dự án thứ 4 của Masterise Homes trong năm 2023

LUMIÈRE riverside chính thức bàn giao, đây là dự án thứ 4 của Masterise Homes trong năm 2023

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