Masterise Homes brings the LUMIÈRE brand to Hanoi

Lumiere Evergreen – Continuing the success of two LUMIÈRE projects in Ho Chi Minh City, Masterise Homes has just unveiled a new architectural masterpiece in the collection called LUMIÈRE Evergreen, located in the Smart City urban area (Hanoi).

Masterise Homes is set to introduce the "LUMIÈRE brand" from Ho Chi Minh City to the Hanoi market with the project named – Lumiere Evergreen. Actual photos of the first LUMIÈRE project in Thao Dien (Ho Chi Minh City) slated for handover in 2023.

Lumiere Riverside - tiến độ nhận bàn giao nhà cao cấp

The LUMIÈRE Collection and its success in Ho Chi Minh City

With two projects, LUMIÈRE Riverside and LUMIÈRE Boulevard, in the Ho Chi Minh City market, Masterise Homes has successfully redefined urban living with a distinctive touch and superior quality. Launched in 2021, LUMIÈRE Riverside became the most attractive project in the Thao Dien area (Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City), with over 1,000 premium apartments finding owners rapidly in the first days of its opening. Designed with a unique leafscape architecture inspired by leaf veins, Lumière Riverside also earned the title of the Best High-Rise Architecture Design in Vietnam at the Asia Property Awards 2020.

All opening events for LUMIÈRE Riverside in 2020 and 2021 were 100% sold-out, showcasing the allure of the premium LUMIÈRE brand. Therefore, the remarkable success of Lumiere Evergreen at the end of 2023 and throughout 2024 comes as no surprise.

Following the success of LUMIÈRE Riverside, Masterise Homes is now developing its second project in the Grand Park urban area. At its launch, LUMIÈRE Boulevard created a significant impact in the eastern part of Ho Chi Minh City with the largest 3D green architecture in Vietnam, impeccable interior space, and an "all-in-one" utility system. For the first time in the Grand Park urban area, a living space that caters to every need, from education to healthcare, shopping, and office buildings, all within a 5-minute radius, has emerged. The on-site amenities include a kite flying area, swimming pool, gym, and a virtual reality center.

money can be lumiere boulevard

The design of a 65m long spaceship pool exceeds Olympic standards – one of the impressive internal utilities of the LUMIÈRE Boulevard project.

The project's elevator lobby at LUMIÈRE Boulevard in the Ho Chi Minh City market is considered 'more beautiful than the scenery.' The project also scores with an ideal elevator ratio of 2 – 2.6 units per floor, facilitating swift movement for residents. It is expected that Lumiere Evergreen project will also be designed similarly.

Both projects in the LUMIÈRE collection adhere to international standards, emphasizing values such as sustainable space design prioritizing health, prime locations, and notably, quality assured by international partners and experts. Beyond leaving an impression with project quality, Masterise Homes' reputation stands strong as they uphold commitments to timelines. Both LUMIÈRE projects in Ho Chi Minh City are approaching completion in 2023. Therefore, with Masterise Homes revealing a LUMIÈRE project in the Smart City urban area (Hanoi), many investors and homebuyers in the capital are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a distinctive new architectural presence in West Hanoi.

Lumiere Evergreen

The 'masterpiece' LUMIÈRE Evergreen is soon to be revealed in the western part of the capital

In reality, rapidly developing urban centers that attract a large population concentration, such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, have formed numerous international communities. The demand for an elevated quality of life now comes not only from foreign communities but also from Vietnamese customers and the expatriate community, all seeking upscale residences for living and investment. Since 2020, the LUMIÈRE riverside project has become an iconic tower in the international community center in Ho Chi Minh City, shaping a new lifestyle in Vietnam and setting new standards for the development of luxury real estate projects according to international standards.

Building on that success and recognizing the demand and potential of the northern market, Masterise Homes has decided to expand the LUMIÈRE Collection to the Hanoi market with the Lumiere Evergreen project. This aims to create a new international community right in the heart of the Smart City urban area in Từ Liêm, bringing a living space marked by aesthetics and superior quality. It endeavors to shape a sustainable living value for the residents of the capital.

Lumiere Evergreen thông tin

The location of the LUMIÈRE Evergreen project is in Smart City, Hanoi.

As part of the Lumière Collection, the LUMIÈRE Evergreen project, developed by Masterise Homes in Hanoi, is situated in a unique location, a focal point within Smart City. It is inspired by distinctive architecture and design, crafted by world-renowned masters. The project is expected to establish and elevate international quality standards, creating enduring value that transcends time. Additionally, it is a hub for first-of-its-kind amenities and services in the 'Western City.

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