Lumiere Boulevard: Comprehensive utility apartments right at the project

In recent years, the real estate investment trends in the market have witnessed significant changes. While previously, investors were primarily focused on brand and proximity to the city center, now factors such as infrastructure, landscape aesthetics, comprehensive multi-utility systems that cater to diverse living needs, and a variety of living experiences are being prioritized by many.

Lumiere Boulevard: Comprehensive utility apartments right at the project

Buyers prefer comprehensive amenities within a close radius

According to a report by Cushman & Wakefield Vietnam, urban developments aimed at attracting buyers now not only focus on green living spaces but also concentrate on creating destinations such as parks, pedestrian areas, squares, or enhancing riverfronts. The expectation is to build a new gathering point that attracts tourists, residents, and investors, enhancing the quality of life.

The consumer psychology report on real estate by also highlights several changes in the criteria for choosing real estate in the modern era. Specifically, 58% of survey participants desire to purchase real estate in projects or urban areas with dedicated playgrounds and learning spaces for children; 50% wish to buy homes close to shopping centers and dining establishments. Additionally, 61% of homebuyers aspire to have green spaces, gardens, and proximity to water bodies in their homes.

This indicates that comprehensive amenities such as shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants, parks, and playgrounds within close proximity, maximizing connectivity, are the preferred choice for modern families living in major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Accordingly, property developers are also embracing this trend by planning integrated urban areas with modern amenities to enhance the living experience for residents.

The allure of Lumiere Boulevard apartments at Grand Park

Comprehensive amenities right at the doorstep are setting new standards in real estate investment.

Most recently, Lumiere Boulevard project by Masterise Homes in the Grand Park urban area (Thu Duc City) has set a record with an impressive sales force of 500 apartments booked in just one month. This number vividly reflects the increasing demand for owning apartments with diverse amenities in major urban areas, as Lumiere Boulevard creates a space and standard of living that is unparalleled and rare in Thu Duc City. Currently, the project is introducing 'the finest products' in a 'prime' location with a series of unique in-house amenities, raising high expectations for a record-breaking success.

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Winning over discerning customers with a distinctive level of excellence.

When discussing the potential to captivate a wide range of Lumiere Boulevard customers, one must first mention the location of the towers at the core of the 'center of the center' in Grand Park, offering a trio of extraordinary views. Firstly, there is the direct view of the iconic Golden Eagle Square, spanning 2,000 square meters, reimagining the free-spirited lifestyle of the American West with a central water body and an infinity cascade, Beverly Hill, palm gardens, rows of coconut trees, tiered waterfalls, bringing a touch of tropical nature and tranquility to every apartment's balcony.

With apartments on higher floors, Lumiere Boulevard residents are treated to a captivating view of the Dong Nai River, which inspires emotions and rejuvenates their energy every day. They also have a sweeping view of the 36-hectare light park, providing a seamless connection to nature.

The privileges of residents at LUMIÈRE Boulevard apartments, rare projects have.

Lumiere Boulevard offers an ecosystem of health and wellness amenities, including separate sauna, steam, and jacuzzi rooms for both men and women. The duo also caters to young families with modern and luxurious private karaoke rooms located within the Lumiere Boulevard buildings. On weekends, families and friends can come together to enjoy and immerse themselves in a myriad of endless recreational and entertainment activities right at home.

At the base of the project lies a series of on-site amenities, including a nearly 1000-square-meter swimming pool inspired by the beauty of seaside cities, a cascading landscape waterfall, a tropical palm garden, a multifunctional grass field, outdoor yoga and gym areas, and a dinosaur-themed park. All meticulously planned to provide residents with countless enjoyable experiences and top-notch recreational opportunities without the need to venture far.

Benefiting to the fullest from its 'prime' location,

Lumiere Boulevard captures the vibrant yet serene heartbeat amidst the bustling urban landscape, with the bustling Rodeo shopping boulevard, the lively atmosphere of the entire urban area, Vincom Mega Mall - the largest 'Life-Design Mall' in the South, and the 36-hectare park - an integrated green space offering all fitness and lifestyle amenities.

Lumiere Boulevard

The living value of Lumiere Boulevard is elevated further by the presence of the 'Vin family' international-standard amenities surrounding the Grand Park, including the Vinmec International General Hospital, Vinschool education system, Brighton College, VinBus Depot, and more. These amenities create a new standard of convenience and sophistication for the future community of residents.

Currently, Masterise Homes has officially introduced groundbreaking policies for Lumiere Boulevard, setting new records.

Lumiere Boulevard

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The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

The living space at Lumiere Boulevard helps bridge the generation gap

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