Interest rates fall, fear of rising prices, many people take advantage of buying real estate

Interest rates continued to fall after the holiday, demand increased, and supply was weak, so many projects that had not yet been "on the shelf" were sought and sought. Lumiere Boulevard in the Grand Park urban area of Masterise Homes Group, is also not out of the "sight" of real investors and buyers, breakthroughs that meet the high-class living standards towards the ideal customer file. enjoyment, aesthetics and the desire to find inspiration in life.

Worried about rising prices, many buyers look to buy real estate

Notary offices in the city area. Thu Duc about a month ago began to bustle again with the number of documents for transfer procedures skyrocketing. As revealed by some employees, the number of visitors to check-in increased 2-3 times compared to the time before the Lunar New Year. In particular, within the past 2 weeks, the number of transfer documents has increased sharply, in both the apartment and land segments.

Broker Le Van Son said that in the past week alone, he had done up to 4 sets of deposit documents at a notary office on Luong Dinh Cua Street. According to Mr. Son, real estate lending interest rates have actually decreased slightly and tended to be stable, so both buyers and investors have "stirred" the market again.

Worried about rising prices, falling interest rates, many people take advantage of buying real estate

The real estate notary office is crowded again because the number of customers buying real estate is increasing rapidly recently

"Many people have finance and are always ready to buy a house, but new products are not many, good quality products are less so people tend to buy early to avoid price increases in the near future" - Mr. Son speak.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Real Estate Association, in fact, the demand in the real estate market is still very large, especially for products that meet real needs, while there are many The project has legal problems so it cannot be opened for sale. In addition, input costs such as construction materials, labor, equipment, etc. are still high, which is likely to lead to a sharp increase in house prices.

CBRE's forecast in 2023 also shows that primary prices will increase by 4-7% per year in the next 3 years thanks to upgrading the positioning of urban projects and the planned opening of high-end and high-class projects. in prime locations.

Products that are about to hit the shelves are welcome

The increasingly scarce supply has pushed up the demand of people and investors, so new products "on the shelves" are immediately sought after by the market, and buyers race to find them. Last week's market recorded "super products" Lumiere Boulevard with a huge amount of "reservation" even though it has not been officially opened for sale.

Mr. Tan Dat, Director of the transaction floor on Nguyen Huu Canh Street (District 1) said, this is a project in the high-end segment in Grand Park, designed with its own standards. The property fund at Lumiere Boulevard has a unique artistic direction, marking the owner's own mark, so it is not surprising that buyers and long-time investors are rushing to "vie for seats".

Lumiere Boulevard apartment is designed with a panoramic glass balcony with luxurious beauty and open space.

The upper class of the homeowner is created as soon as they arrive at the apartment building with a different, meticulous and luxurious design lobby and reception area. In addition, the interior of each apartment also emphasizes convenience, sophistication and flexibility in choice, ensuring satisfaction for all residents.

In particular, the balcony of each apartment is equipped with a panoramic glass overflow system that offers the opportunity to fully admire the exclusive view. The residents of Lumiere Boulevard have the privilege of enjoying the full picture of the brilliant sunset in the space of trees and immense rivers at eye level. A poetic, subtle and artistic experiential life, inspiring to enjoy the peak with all senses.

Lumiere Boulevard March 2023 progress 1

"Lumiere Boulevard is like a picture that perfectly balances nature and art with rivers, trees, and bustling urban vitality that few places can match," said Mr. Tan Dat.

With the purpose of creating a different quality of life for private enjoyment - a measure of luxury standards, the project owns a series of breakthrough utilities, first appearing in Grand Park such as Jacuzzi lake, separate Sauna room, residential area, etc. Family Karaoke area.

Internal utilities of Lumiere Boulevard 4

Lumiere Boulevard prioritizes recreating the tropical lifestyle, with a chain of high-class swimming pools with a total area of nearly 1,000m2 including an adult pool, a children's pool and an infinity waterfall, to reinforce the experience of living far away. flowers and great relaxation at home.

More specifically, the Lumiere Boulevard tower block is also bright, full of pride with the LED lighting system that covers the entire building. With a "golden" coordinate position located in the heart of the prosperous metropolis of Grand Park, with different standards of high-class living, Lumiere Boulevard is expected by experts and connoisseurs to be a "jewel" “Preserving value, just waiting for the opening day to break through.

Currently, customers who deposit apartments at Lumiere Boulevard project will receive many attractive incentives as follows:

Lumiere Boulevard
  • Payment from 460 million/year in the first 3 payments.
  • Pay 30% to receive the house and move in immediately.
  • The rest pay 5%/month or according to the support loan package.

Official dealer contact details of Masterise Homes:

(*) Deposit policy is applied at the time of publication according to information of the investor and the bank

Hotline/Zalo: 0911 525 454


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